26 December 2013

Thank YOU!

Baking has always been my passion...It used to be simply a hobby of mine but thanks to the support of family, friends & some sweet strangers I met via the online cake & bake community ( who are now my dearest of online friends ), my passion is now a lil home-based goodies business :-)

I remember when I got my first order...I was practically a nervous wreck! And yes, I still am one till now *blush* I somehow can never get rid of the nervousness :-P I guess my nervousness is a good thing in a funny way as it will serve as a reminder to myself to do the very best for each of my goodies :-) 

I am obviously new in this venture of mine and yes, I do still have tonnes to learn but receiving orders from around my local community really help boost my confidence in creating my goodies. So when I started to get orders outside of my local area, I'm beyond speechless! 

Honestly, I wouldn't be where I am now without your support my dear goodies lovers :-) From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU! I hope I will be blessed with more support & love from each & every one of YOU ✗o✗o

I end this post with some cupcakes photos - an order I received from my dear sweet friend Ree, who's all the way in Australia. She requested that I bake this cupcakes for her best friend here in Ampang :-) Thank you so much Ree for giving me the opportunity to bake for you. I am truly grateful for your friendship & support. Hugs!

Simple Red Velvet Cupcakes

Going Naked!

Whoaaa! Don't let the title of this post freak you out :-P I promise, it's nothing vulgar! Just read on & you'll see ;-)

A simple cake with a slight touch of frosting - some call it naked cake...Some call it bare cake...Some even call it rustic cake. Yes, I call it naked cake, hence the title of this post :-) See, I told you it's nothing vulgar ;-)

Whatever you call it, I just have to try it - again! I've actually done something similar before for my previous order. That's where dear sweet Ms. Shafaleena saw it & requested that I make one for her engagement day. Always the romantic fool, of course I jumped up with joy for the opportunity :-)

To my sweet friend, Shafaleena, I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyy too late, but I just want to wish you all the best in your future. May you find tonnes of happiness & joy in your new life's journey :-) You're such a wonderful person & I know deep in my heart that you'll be blessed always ✗o✗o 

Naked Style Red Velvet Cake

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