24 May 2012

Angry Birds Cupcakes

I've always loved it when any of my BFFs calls me up & request that I do special goodies for them :-) Not only do I get to make goodies for my loved ones but it's usually my excuse to try my hands on certain deco that I dare not try on my other customer's goodies :-P I mean, with my BFFs, I know they'll forgive me should I make a beginner's boo-boo :-P ( Note to my BFFs - I love you gals so much! )

So when one of my BFFs, Mona, called me up & requested for some goodies, obviously I was excited about making some for her...that is until I heard what she had in mind! Being one of my closest friend, Mona had always supported me with this passion of mine. One of her way to show me her support is by always challenging me to come up with various design on all her goodies order ( much to my dismay! ). Oh yes! She does love to challenge me! I still remember how my legs practically wobbled when she requested for a Dibo cake. Yup! That was my very first try at making figurines. My very first time ever!

Now she's giving me another challenge! A set of Angry Birds cupcakes...Erkkkkk! Seriously, when I heard what Mona had in mind for her order, it was like a bomb exploded in my brain! Oh no! I'm not being a drama queen...I'm being serious! :-P It may not seem like a biggie for most of the professional bakers out there, but for novice me ( who's still struggling with fondant deco, especially! ),  it IS a biggie! *nail biting*

After my last feat at making an Angry Birds cake, I wasn't too sure if I'm really ready to make a whole set of Angry Birds cupcakes. I mean, making two or three Angry Birds might be something I could brave through, but to make 25 pieces of Angry Birds cupcakes?!! Oh dear! Oh dear!

As usual, being the supportive friend ever, Mona urged me on & thanks to her, I finally managed to find a 'lil bit of courage & agreed to take her order :-P

Here's my version of the Angry Birds cupcakes...Errr, don't laugh when you're looking through the photos 'kay *blush* The Angry Birds faces are all based on the research I did on the internet :-P Yup! Till now I didn't manage to play the game! Can you believe that? *chuckles*

Angry Birds Cupcakes :-)

Orange Poppy Seeds Cupcakes & Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting
With Angry Birds Theme

Red Bird

Blue Bird

Black Bird

Yellow Bird

White Bird

The Angry Birds Nicely Tucked In A Box Ready For Delivery :-)

Together with her Angry Birds cupcakes, Mona also ordered her favorite cake - Oreo Cheesecake :-)

Oreo Cheesecake

As tense as I was when I first received Mona's order, I really have to admit that I actually enjoyed every part of creating her goodies. Truthfully, I even find it quite therapeutic making those Angry Birds faces :-)

Mona dear, thank you so much for the opportunity you've given me...For the confidence you seemed to always have in me...I definitely wouldn't be where I am now if not for the love & support ( and of course all those challenges! ) that you've given me :-) Thank you sweetie!

To the rest, I hope you've enjoyed looking at my creations :-) Thank you for dropping by & much love to you 

18 May 2012

♥ Spreading Love With A Giveaway ♥

Didn't you already know?!! Yes, I love YOU! I loveeeeeeeeee all my goodies lovers :-) I love YOU so much that I want to share & spread my love with a giveaway! Yeayyyyyy! *doing my happy dance moves*

♥ Spreading My Love With A Giveaway Worth RM125 ♥

Honestly, I've planned this giveaway for the longest time & to those following me on my Facebook page, I'm sure you know what I mean...Initially I've planned to run this giveaway contest via my Facebook page but after much checking around & reading Facebook's terms & conditions about running a contest, I found out that I'm not allowed to do so! What a bummer! I was really upset over it as I was sooooo looking forward to share my love with my goodies lovers...

Luckily, all is not lost! After much thought & planning on how to go about it, I finally decided to run my giveaway contest here...Yes! I still want to share some love with YOU! No doubt! *smooches*

Here's a little something on my reason for a giveaway...It is the best way I could think of to say 'THANK YOU' to all my goodies lovers for their love & support towards me all this while. Without your love & support, I wouldn't be where I am now - enjoying my time creating goodies...Being 'lil novice baker me who started out not knowing anything about cake baking & decorating, your love & support is what I relied on in pursuing this passion of mine. Thanks to the continuous support, encouragement & not to mention tonnes of patience from YOU, slowly I'm gaining more knowledge & confidence to come up with a much better looking goodies :-) Oh yes! You really should see my initial cakes/goodies! You'll laugh your brains out! *super blush*

Anyway, as a token of appreciation & wanting to share my love for baking with my goodies lovers, I've decided to share with you some of my favorite baking stuffs :-) What better way to spread my love for baking, rite?

Here are some of my favorite items that you'll be able to win ;-)

♥ From My Ultimate & All Time Favourite Store a.k.a My 2nd Home, Ikea - A Set Of Whisk & Spatula 

♥ From My Favourite Book Store, MPH - Easy Baking Cookbook 

♥ From My Favourite Supermarket, Cold Storage - Fackelmann Brand Muffin Pan 

♥ Mix Of Colorful Sprinkles To 'Bling' Your Cupcakes/Cakes 

♥ Four ( 4 ) Glass Jars From Ikea To Store Your Sprinkles 

♥ A Set Of Colorful Cupcake Cups, Nicely Packed In A Can Jar 

Interested to win the goodies & wondering how to go about it? Easy peasy! All you need to do is just tell me in your own words why you love Ritz Passion ( be it for it's goodies or it's page ). Apart from sending me a line or two ( or more ) of your entry, you are also free to let your creativity flow with each entry, say, by adding photos of your favorite Ritz Passion's goodies, a photo of yourself with my goodies or even a video...Anything goes! Easy, right? :-)

Now for some official & boring part - contest details, how to enter and the terms & regulations of the giveaway contest *yawn*...


 There will be only ONE winner for the giveaway contest

 The giveaway starts on 19th May 2012 ( Saturday ) and runs through 16th June 2012 ( Saturday )

 There will be a maximum of two entries per person & entries can be submitted either by posting on the comment box of this post or email it to ritzpassion@yahoo.com

 The best entry will be selected as the winner and he/she will be notified via the email address provided with the entry. After the announcement of the winner, winner will have one week to claim his/her prize or another winner will be selected

 The winner of the giveaway contest will be announced on 23rd June 2012 ( Saturday ) on my blog's post :-)


Rule #1
Please make sure you “Like” Ritz Passion on Facebook

Rule #2
Send in your entries with the heading 'I love Ritz Passion...' @ 'Saya suka Ritz Passion...' ( Yes, your entry can be in English or Bahasa Malaysia ) by either posting it on the comment box below or email it to ritzpassion@yahoo.com. To those posting their entry in the comment box below, be sure to include an e-mail address in each comment, so I can contact you if you win! :-)


✿ This giveaway is open to legal Malaysian residents only & who are 18 years of age or older at time of entry. My sincere apology to my International goodies lovers *sad face*  As much as I would love to share the goodies with you, I found out that the taxes & paperwork for shipping overseas is just wayyyyyyy too costly ( it's much more than the price of the goodies basket itself ) *chuckles* Am truly sorry for this & hope you'll understand. But you are most welcome to join in the fun if you so wish ;-) It would indeed be an honor to have your participation :-) 

✿ Prize is to be claim & self collect from Ritz Passion. No deliveries or postage service will be provided. After the announcement, winner will be given one week to collect the prize or another winner will be selected

Okay goodies lovers, now that all the details are made clear, let the contest begin! :-) I'm looking forward to all your entries :-)

Good luck to all and again, my utmost thanks for your support! ✗o✗o

This giveaway is in NO WAY sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.  Winner will NOT be notified via Facebook, but through a blog post and an email. By entering this giveaway contest, you are doing so by choice and are providing information to Ritz Passion and not to Facebook.  There will be no returns or exchanges on any of the items.  Best entry will be picked as the winner of the giveaway contest.

16 May 2012

Love-Hate Pink Affair

Here's a little something you might not know about me...I HATE pink! Yes, the color pink! I honestly have no idea why so but something about the color pink just irked me :-P It's just too girly girl for me...Ha! ha! Maybe it's due to me being a slightly tomboyish kind of person when I was younger :-P

Just the thought of pink makes me squirm *drama queen moment* Honestly! I just can't stand it! My little sister always find it amusing that I hate the color pink. Unlike me, she's just sooooooooo crazy, yes, I really mean CRAZYYYYYYYYYY about the color pink & anything to do with it - pink color dresses...pink color shoes...pink color mobile phone casing...pink color flip flops...Gosh! As long as it's in pink, she'll love it all! Everything is all about pink with her :-P Imagine me going shopping with her...My eyes practically roll over & over again each time she's choosing something, which of course have to be PINK! :-P

Okay, by this paragraph, I think I've established the fact of just how much I hate the color pink :-P Now for the funny part - as much as I HATE the color pink, most of my customers LOVE it! Seriously, I find it just soooooooo funny *chuckles* Never fail to make me laugh each time I receive a call or an order request from my customers, requesting for a pink theme goodies :-P And there are just sooooooooo many of it! By now, I've lost count of the number of times I've to make pink color theme deco on my goodies :-P Don't believe me? Just have a look at my other posts or visit my Facebook page & check out the photo albums there. You'll see that practically 90% of my goodies are in PINK! *chuckles*

Nevertheless, as much as I hate the color pink, I've never let my personal taste/preference affected my work, especially when fulfilling pink color theme order request from my customers :-) Don't ask me how but somehow I'll always manage to put my 'hatred' for pink aside each time I make goodies of that theme *thankfully!* In fact, most of the time ( a fact I'm pretty embarrass to admit! ), I find myself quite enjoying it :-)

Here's one of the occasion where I had so much fun creating pink theme goodies, a 2-in-1 order from Hasnita, who requested a set of pink themed cupcakes for an engagement gift & a simple pink themed cake for her family's eating pleasure :-)

For the cupcakes, Hasnita's request was for a set of Chocolate Moist Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache Topping...

Pink Themed Engagement Cupcakes

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache & Fondant Deco

And for her family's eating pleasure, her favorite cake, one that she'll never fail to order each time she'd place an order with me - Red Velvet Cake :-)

Simple Pink Themed Red Velvet Cake

To my dear Hasnita, your continuous support towards Ritz Passion is greatly appreciated...It is always a pleasure being able to bake my little goodies for you :-) Thank you so much for your purchase, but most of all for your friendship ♥ *pink hearts*

Okay, time for me to excuse myself...Just received an order from one of my customer & I need to attend to it. You wouldn't believe the color theme requested for the goodies...Yup! Pink! I kid you not! :-P

Till my next post, have a good day everyone! Much love to you ✗o✗o

15 May 2012


My oh my! Seriously, I mean, SERIOUSLY ( !!! ), it's already the third week of May?!!! Oh dear! What ever happened to all my days? Where's my first week of May??!! Hhhmmm...I must be inhaling wayyyyyyyy too much baking powder/soda these last few days as I now found myself a little forgetful ( yea, always blame it on the baking ingredients - never your age! ) :-P I keep messing up my days & dates! I honestly thought it was only the first week of May when my honey bunny kicked ( literally! ) me back to reality & mentioned it's already the third week of May. Geez, seriously, what ever happened to my days? *face palm*

Okay, no time to waste with my chit chat...I'll figure out what happened to all my days later :-P For now, I just need to update my blog as I've loadsssssssssss of goodies news waiting to be published *guilty!* Somehow I could visualize many of my pending posts collecting layers of dust in my draft box. Erkkkkkk!

This little goodies was made for one of my regular customer, Zanti, whom would always order her favorite goodies, cupcakes, from me each time she visit her family in Kelantan ( some eight hours drive from Kuala Lumpur ). Only this time, her order was a bit special as it's a 2-in-1 birthday celebration cupcakes for her niece & nephew...and it was a very last minute order! I honestly didn't have much time to come up with a proper design as I was seriously deprived from my 'artistic' time :-P Luckily Zanti was okay with a simple design, one that I could come up with in time before her road trip back to Kelantan...

A 2-in-1 Birthday Cupcakes :-)

Red Velvet Cupcakes With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

I even made some extra cupcakes to pass to her family, whom I had the opportunity to get to know through-out my friendship with Zanti :-) A very nice & humble family indeed and I honestly loveeeeeeeeeee her parents :-) Her dear dad is an ardent fan of my cupcakes so what better gift to give Zanti's family, right? :-)

It Always Warms My Heart When I Get To Bake For Others :-)

To my dear Zanti, as always, it was a pleasure baking my goodies for you :-) I truly hope you & your family had enjoyed every bite of it. Thanks so much for your love & continuous support! *big hugs*

Okay dears...I need to go & really figure out where my time had gone :-P A thought just crossed my mind - was it me who's moving through so slowly or the world is just moving wayyyyyyyyy to fast nowadays? Something I need to ponder :-P

Alrighty, night night all & sweet dreams! I hope I won't be dreaming of myself turning into a zombie walking around with my arms stretched out in front while chanting 'Need more time...Need more time' :-P

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