18 August 2014

A Cake For That Special Someone

Hello there goodies lovers!

As one might have noticed, I've been absent from blogging for quite some time :-P And yes, I've been receiving some inquiries and even some complaints ( my bad! ) on why I have been away too long :-P Sincerest apology for the longggggg hiatus my dears. Yours truly have been quite tight up rushing out orders & attending to the never ending tasks of living *sigh*

Any ways, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyy behind on my post, so in order for me to catch up to my recent goodies post, I think I will have to resort to a 'quickie' or maybe I should call it a 'drive-by' kind of post for my coming blog's post ;-) Hoping by doing this I will be able to clear my 'draft box', which is sadly collecting dust :-P

So here goes my first 'drive-by' post...

This Red Velvet Cake was ordered by dear Miss Yaya to celebrate her special someone's birthday :-) Yaya especially requested for a simple deco kind of cake & here's what I came up with ;-)

Ahemmm...Please do pardon my not so fancy photos ya :-P I had to make do with these two photos as my photo master folder has been 'swallowed up' by my laptop, which crashed some time ago :-( 

Red Velvet Cake

Yaya my dear, my sincerest of thanks to you for choosing my goodies to grace your special occasion. I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue & I truly apologize for this *bad...bad girl I am!* Much love to you dear ✗o✗o 

Till my next 'drive-by' post, toodle-loo my dearies! Yours truly need to go bake & settle some M&M's Chocolate Chips Cookies orders! Much love always! ✗o✗o

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