22 December 2015

Warm Fuzzy Feeling

I don't know why but it ALWAYS warms my heart each time I receive goodies orders from sons or daughters that wish to present their parents/moms/dads with a specially-made-to-order goodies :-) Just the thought of being able to make goodies for their beloved parents/moms/dads fills my heart with so much joy. A warm fuzzy feeling that fills my whole body...A feeling that I can't describe in words. Yeah, I guess I'm such a family oriented kind of gal. Family means the world to me :-)

Here's a cupcake set which I made especially for Liana's dad. She wanted to celebrate her dad's birthday & requested that I make some cupcakes with a Tiffany Blue color theme. Cupcake flavor was Orange Poppy Seeds With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.

Liana, it was an honor being able to bake for you & your loved ones. I hope you've enjoyed the goodies :-) Thanks so much for the opportunity & for choosing my goodies!

Thanks all for dropping by & read my short post. Don't forget to make time for your family, no matter how busy you are cause we'll never know how much time we'll have with them. Enjoy every moment & cherish one another :-)

Take care & much love! ✗o✗o

13 October 2015

Doraemon Fancy Cookies

Hhmmm...Not sure if every one out there knows this character 'Doraemon', so I thought I'll take some time to introduce you to it :-)

Doraemon is actually a character in one of Japan's famous manga series. It is a robotic cat which practically have solutions to all kind of problems. It's sort of Japan's version of Inspector Gadget ( owhhh! you know Inspector Gadget, don't you? ), only that it's a robot :-P

To be honest, Doraemon is extremely famous in my country...For years the show has been playing on our local television. Heck! Even I watched the show when I was little :-P I just love how Doraemon simply managed to solve all sort of problems by taking out magic things from his pocket. He...he...Cute character indeed! 

Now that I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much older, Doraemon seemed to be a distant childhood memory to me. I totally forgot about it until Ms. Farida called me up & requested a Doraemon theme fancy cookies. Suddenly I was transported back to my childhood time! :-)

Farida's request was for some chocolate butter cookies with Doraemon theme & as her order was a short noticed order, I decided to create Farida's cookies with some edible image of Doraemon. Here's how it turned out :-)

The look from Farida's face as she came to collect her cookies was truly priceless to me :-) She practically squealed with joy & even did a little happy dance! Ha...ha...It's the best feeling indeed to see how much joy your goodies could bring to someone. Best feeling EVERRRRRRR! *doing my own happy dance* :-)

To Farida, my sincerest of thanks for your order & for giving me the freedom to create your goodies :-) I had such a wonderful time making it! Thank YOU!

Well, that's all for now dearies. I still have a few post that I need to update so you'll be seeing me real soon ;-) In the meantime, a lovely day to all! Hugs! ✗o✗o

08 October 2015

Button Fun Cupcakes

How do you create a birthday cupcakes for someone who's happy-go-lucky, jovial, fun & above all, a sweet kind of person? 

I was actually wrecking my brain trying to find the best design to truly reflect this sweet little lady when suddenly it hit me! Why not go for something that's sweet & fun, just like Ms. Haley herself :-) So I decided to come up with these button crazy cupcakes for her :-)

Sincere thanks to Ms. Syikin for giving me total freedom in creating the goodies design & for allowing me to go crazy :-P It meant a lot to me that you trusted me enough to come up with your special order. Thanks so much for your continuous support dear *flying kisses*

To Ms. Haley, I hope you've enjoyed your cupcakes, which I've specifically designed for you :-) Big hugs to you sweetie! ✗o✗o

Owhhh! Here's some photo of her birthday celebration which Haley graciously share with us :-) Thanks for sharing dear!

Hope you've enjoyed my post & till the next one ( soon I hope! ), sending loads of love to all! ✗o✗o

19 September 2015

Hens Party Cake

*Naughty mode activated!*

Yup, that was exactly what I did upon receiving Ms. Haley & Ms. Roe's order request for a hens party cake, which they are hosting for their dear friend, Ms. Mal :-P Making naughty cakes can be so much fun...but it can also bring out the devil in me, which is a big NO-NO! Ha...ha...Like seriously, my imagination can go wayyyyyyyyyyy wild! :-P

Honestly, I was all geared up to create some XXX hens party theme cake but luckily Haley & Roe 'warned' me in advance that they wanted something 'tame' :-P I guess they know how 'crazy' I can be! *chuckles*

Anyway, after days of figuring out the 'safest' theme for the cake, I finally decided to go with a simple yet sexy bikini set ;-) Haley & Roe had earlier on requested for a shocking pink color cake with zebra's print on it so I did my best to incorporate that onto the cake :-) Here's the final outcome...

Hens Party Cake :-) 

Fudge Cake With Vanilla Buttercream
& Full Fondant Deco

It was really fun making this cake actually...Extra fun as it's my first time trying out the zebra pattern. Hope I nailed the design! :-P

My sincere thanks goes out to Haley & Roe for giving me the opportunity to create their special cake. It is always a pleasure baking for you dearies! *flying kisses* In case I haven't told you before, thank you so much for your continuous support!

Owhhh! Haley was also kind enough to share photos that was taken during the party :-) Boy! Looks like they had sooooooo much fun! Million thanks Haley for sharing with us your photos :-)

The Girls Having Fun :-)

That's it for now & I hope you've enjoyed my post :-) Till next time, big hugs to all! ✗o✗o

07 September 2015

Sweet Flowery Cupcakes

Greetings & hello there everyone! How are you? I hope this post will find you in the pinkest of health & happiness :-) 

Gosh! I have to admit that I was pretty excited to be able to find some time to stop by here & say 'hello' to YOU! I have been wanting to interact with my goodies lovers & to update my blog but despite my best of intention, I just couldn't find any free time to sit a while & type my ramblings! Yup, life was terribly hectic! Like, super duper crazy hectic! You know the drill - baking, cooking, running errands...yada...yada...And to top it all, my hard disk have been giving me problems - AGAIN! Seriously, I think I'm just jinx when it comes to all these techy things :-( Blurghhhh! Other than that, I'm all good :-) I guess, hectic means good, right? At least that means I'm alive & kicking :-)

Any way, I sincerely wanted to just stop by here to greet each & every one of YOU :-) Wanted to let you know that I've been thinking of my goodies lovers :-) *flying kisses* 

Now that I've done that...I guess it's back to my busy schedules ( and sorting out my hard disk issue & hoping that I'll be able to retrieve my lost data! ) :'(

I'll end this post with some sweet flowery cupcakes which I made for Ms. Roe :-) It's a mix of Orange Poppy Seed & Chocolate Moist cupcakes with pastel color decorations :-)

Sweet Flowery Cupcakes

Hope the photo will brighten up your day :-) Take care & big hugs to all! ✗o✗o

P/S : Thank you so much Ms. Roe for your order :-) I know this post is wayyyyyyy overdue :-P Sincere apology for taking such a long time to upload this to my blog :-P *blush*

13 April 2015

Challenging Myself

Being somewhat of a self taught cake maker, I have to admit that I still lack lots of cake skills & knowledge *blush* Hence why each time I receive some special project cake requests, I couldn't help but to cringe & head to the nearest cupboard to hide myself! Ha...ha...ha...Yes, that's how much of a scaredy cat I am about making fancy cakes :-P I mean, I'm still okay with creating simple cakes but fancy cakes are not really my specialty as I feel I still have loads to learn before I'm good enough to create such cakes.

Imagine then my reaction when dear Ms. CKN called me up requesting for a Canon EOS 7D cake! Yup, I literally whimpered with fright! *chuckles* I have to admit that this is not the first time CKN dropped me a bomb with her fancy cake requests. She did in the past requested a few fancy cakes such like her dinosaur & her Princess Ariel theme cakes but this camera cake is by far the 'fanciest' one she ever requested! I initially wasn't too sure about accepting her order as I honestly feel that I won't be able to pull it off! But just as her previous orders, CKN urges me on to just give it a try & gave me her 101% support. She even told me that she'll accept whatever the outcome of the cake will be, just as long as I give it a go & push myself to at least try making it! How great is she?!! My goodies lovers are simply the best! They are indeed the wind beneath my wings! 

After some sleepless night ( out of fear! ) & a few insecure moments, I finally finished CKN's camera cake...This is the end result of it :-P

CKN's Birthday Gift For Her Beloved Hubby :-)

To my dear CKN, there are just no words to describe how much I value your support & friendship. You've always believed in me & my cake journey. My sincerest thank YOU to you my dear. Hugs!

To my goodies lovers, here's one thing I learn from this experience of mine...No matter how insecure you feel, never let your insecurities hold you down. Just tell yourself to 'Just Do It'! It doesn't matter how bad the outcome might be, the important thing is that at least you've tried :-) And from there on wards, you can always improve yourself :-) That's what I did ;-) My cakes might not be the prettiest or perfect but at least I've tried...and that's the best gift I can ever give myself :-)

Simple Red Velvet Cake

It is always a pleasure baking for my goodies lovers, especially when it's for one of my biggest supporter & true goodies lover, Ms. Anim :-) This time her order was for a simple deco Red Velvet Cake With Lemon Cream Cheese Frostings...

Red Velvet Cake With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

Sincere thanks to you Anim for always supporting me :-) Sending you big hugs & lots of love my dear! ✗o✗o

Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies

My goodies lovers are indeed the best! Not only are they always in my corner supporting me, they also never stop encouraging me in my work...So much so that at times they are even willing to order & try out my new products without any hesitation :-) I am indeed very lucky to have such great supporters. Thank you, you lovely bunch! *flying kisses to each & every one of YOU!*

One of my strongest supporter & goodies lover is my dear sweet Ms. Anim. I honestly wouldn't have made it this far if not for her constant support, feedbacks & never ending encouragements all these years. Yes, years! When I'm insecure about my goodies, she'll be the one urging me to simply do my best & just enjoy my baking journey...When I feel my goodies are never good enough compared to other bakers, she'll be the one telling me to never compare my goodies to others but rather create my own kind of goodies. And best of all, she never fails to order my goodies for all her family's event, from birthdays to weddings or even for her family's eating pleasure :-) 

This time around she wanted to try a different kind of brownies so I whipped up this Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies for her :-) A chocolaty brownie with loads of peanuts & gooey marshmallow on the inside, topped with more marshmallows & chocolate chips :-)

To my dear Anim, thank you for always being there for me & for ALWAYS believing in me & my goodies :-) Big hugs to you dear! ✗o✗o

Lots of love & my forever thanks to YOU, my goodies lovers! ✗o✗o 

Another Experience Gained

Most of you who have been following me will know that I am just a simple baker who baked simply based on my passion :-) No knowledge in cake baking, never been to any classes/courses & definitely never had any basic skill where cake making/decorating is concerned :-P What I have been doing all this while is truly based on my passion & what I call my 'play dough' sessions. Sessions where I simply put on my apron & whip up cakes or play with my fondant :-P

So you can imagine my surprise when a dear friend of mine, Ms. Dilla & her fiancee, Rexxa, requested that I make their wedding cake! I was actually beyond surprised! More like super scared really! Here I am, a little home baker & am being asked to bake a wedding cake! I was mortified! Plus, the fact that Rexxa is a chef, really didn't help ease my insecurity! *ha! ha!*

To be frank, I really did say 'no' to them as I was THAT insecure with my skills...but thanks to the non-stop peep talk & encouragements from Dilla & Rexxa, I finally gave in & agreed to create their cake ( but not without warning them that the cake might be a disaster! ). 

One thing I do love about this lovely couple is how hands on they are & how they 'held my hands' throughout the process :-) Knowing that I'm quite new with wedding cakes, they went out of their way to assist me in any way they possibly could, from providing me with various sample designs & meeting me up over coffee to discuss about the cake. I could never thank them enough for their support & for believing in me *sappy moment*

The moment finally came & this is what I've created for their special day...A novice work to some but a HUGE stepping stone for me :-)

Black & White Themed Wedding Cake

The Lovely Couple & Their Wedding Cake :-)

To my dear Dilla & Rexxa, I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue but believe me when I say that never a day passed by without me sending you a silent prayer. Prayers of gratitude & of happiness for the both of you :-) From the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in me & for trusting me enough to create your wedding cake. I pray that your days will always be filled with endless love & happiness :-)

To my readers, thank you for visiting my blog & for always showering me with your encouragements. Much love to each & every one of YOU ✗o✗o

09 January 2015

Not The Usual Birdie

Being someone from the 'Jurassic Era' ( yup! I'm really THAT old! ), I have to admit that I'm totally behind on all these computer/online games. People around me would be squealing with excitement over games of Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Farm Heroes, Clash Of Clans & all those fancy games but lil old me would just be contended playing Scrabble :-P Yes, I'm really an old-school kind of gal *blush*

Imagine then the blank look on my face when dear Ms. Hamiza called me up requesting for an Ice Bird theme birthday cake :-P I was like "What? Say it again? What bird? Sorry but I'm not familiar with that type of bird but do tell me details so that I can Google it" :-P I can still remember Hamiza giggling out loud over the phone. Ha...ha...I must have sounded like a silly hag asking all the weird questions about THIS bird but I really have no idea what Ice Bird was! *chuckles*

Luckily Hamiza took the time to explain to me that Ice Bird is a character from one of those online games - Angry Birds. No wonder I've never heard of it! *face palm* Hamiza requested that I work out a cake design around this Ice Bird character for her son's birthday & this was what I came up with ;-)

It's Ice Bird!

Chocolate Moist Cake With Chocolate Cream Cheese Filling & Frosting

Though I'm not familiar with the character, I really did my best to do justice to Ice Bird :-) Hamiza, I sincerely hope that you & your son are happy with the outcome of my creation :-) It was an honor indeed baking it for you & I thank you for giving me the opportunity to create your son's special cake :-)

Thank you all for reading my post & I hope you enjoy looking at my cake photos :-) Till next time, much love to all! ✗o✗o

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