28 October 2009

The Joy Of Baking

It's 4:12am & you guys must be wondering what I'm doing up at this hour....Yup! My crazy urge to bake simply hit me AGAIN! This urge of mine sure come at such odd hours!!

As I'm typing this, I can actually smell the aroma of my carrot cake baking in the oven...The sweet smell of cinnamon, vanilla & walnut really fill my heart with joy...I can already imagine the fun I'm going to have icing it with my lemonish cream cheese topping...Hhmmmm, maybe I can use my new basket weave icing tip when I decorate my cake later. Yeay! Time to upgrade my cake decorating skill ;-)

Honestly, it has been quite some time since I last baked my carrot cake. So, last Sunday, for my dad's birthday, I thought what better way to show my love for him other than baking my own homemade birthday cake...And since it was a Sunday & I have all the time in the world, I baked another cake for my office mates - a 'pep-me-up' for those usual Monday blues.

The result? Boy oh boy! To see that surprised look on my dad's face when he found out that the cake he's eating really came from my kitchen is priceless! He actually thought I bought the cake! What I get in the end from my dad? Showers of kisses & hugs...That's the best thing a daughter could ask for! Thanks Daddy! I love you....

As for my office mates, the cake ( which is around 1.5kg ) was gone in less than half hour!! It's so fulfilling seeing your friends enjoying the food that you prepared for them...The best feeling in the world for me ;-) The result? Believe it or not, I received two orders for my carrot cake!!

Oppss! my cake is about ready...I better attend to it before it burns!!! Owhhh! By the way, here's a pix of my cake which I made for my office mates...Don't mind the simple decoration as I actually did the icing at 2am ( after my dad's birthday dinner )!!! I still need my beauty sleep okay...He..he..he...

I hope to be able to show you my basket weave cake decoration in my next post...Gotta go!! My oven timer just went off!! Ciao!!

22 October 2009

Restoran Rose 911, Kampung Pandan (Ritz Rating : 6/10)

It was 1:00 pm & a bunch of us are so hungry!!! After all those hard work at the office, I was sooooooooooo looking forward to our group's lunch date...You see, one of my colleague just bought a car, so it's tradition that whoever got one have to bring us out for lunch...It was sort of an unwritten rule ;-) So here we are, six gals being cramped into a smoky gray colour MyVi...

Destination? Restoran Rose 911, Kampung Pandan. From Jalan Ampang, it took us less than 10 minutes to reach the restaurant...Like myself, I'm sure you must be thinking what a weird name for a restaurant...Well, I have yet to ask the owner what's d secret behind the number 911...Maybe the name comes from the International Emergency No. 911 as the food there is really spicy!!! The specialty of this place is their authentic 'masak lemak cili padi', a well known dish that originates from Negeri Sembilan. You'll definitely be spoiled with choices here as there's masak lemak daging salai ( grilled beef ), masak lemak ayam ( chicken ), masak lemak ketam ( crab ), just name it & you'll find it there! They do have other kind of dishes like masak asam pedas, but my all time favorite is without a doubt their rendang pegaga( pennywort leaves ). Gosh! Just mentioning it makes me drool!!! Take note this is coming from someone who simply hates vegetables ;-)

Really, to those who yearns a traditional cooking & the ecstasy of eating rice with their hands, this is the place to head to...Imagine, hot steaming rice complemented by masak lemak of your choice ( mine would be prawns!! ) and those super duper yummylicious rendang pegaga...Oh dear! I think I might just head there again tomorrow...Yum...Yum...

Do head there and give it a try...You might just fall in love...Owhh! By the way, FH, nice car!! Thanks for the ride...

Restoran Rose 911
Jalan Satu, Kampung Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-92812996

Business hour
Monday - Saturday ( 11:00am - 4:00pm )


18 October 2009

A Food Weekend!

OMG!!! With all the food I've consumed this weekend, I wouldn't be surprised if I gained another 5kg!!! Really, time for me to head to the gym before I turn into Blue Hypo's twin!!!

To my friends who welcomed me to their house for a wonderful raya gathering, my sincere thank you! And for those whose house I've missed, my sincere apologies...I'll make it up for missing it, kay...

I just have to tell you all, I've enjoyed my weekend tremendously!! A whole weekend of cooking & eating!!! In my last post, I told you about my caramel pudding rite?...Believe it or not, I end up making 3 puddings! A nice thank you gift to my friends who invited me to their raya open houses...I just hope they enjoy eating it as much as I enjoyed baking it ;-)

Gosh!! My tummy's so full rite now...I actually just got back from another friend's open house...The food was yummylicious!!! I didn't know what to bring for them actually, so I ended up cooking my favorite dish - fried macaroni...Hope they'll like it! To my friend ( you know who u are! ), your butter prawn was excellent!!! So proud of you! I'll definitely pass you more recipes to try next time....

To my friend, FH, great food last night! I've always enjoyed spending time with you & your sisters, Y & D. Btw, your dad's lemang is the best! I've never liked lemang but your dad's was an exception!!! I simply love it! Can't wait to eat it again...

Opps! I got to cut this short...Need to rush to Shah Alam to send my chicken & beef rendang to my Aunty...Till next time, happiness is to see your friend enjoying the food you cooked for them...

16 October 2009


My pc clock is showing 2:19am & I'm being hit with a sudden pang of craving...Believe it or not but I'm craving to bake caramel pudding!!!

Hmmm...Let see, a quick mental checklist on the ingredients...Eggs...Milk...Sugar...Vanilla pods...Yup! I'm all set...

Pssst! Will let u guys know how it turns out in my next post ;-)

15 October 2009

The Birth Of "Ritz Passion" Blog

Whooaaaa!!! To those who might be thinking weird things about my blog's name, let me assure you that "Ritz Passion" has nothing to do with anything kinky @ silly @ naughty @ whatever that might cross your mind (?!!! Naughty...Naughty...) The fact of the matter is, "Ritz Passion" is all about my one & only true passion - FOOD!!!

Some might say, what can I possibly talk about with such topic...Tonnessssssss!! I bet my friends can vouch for that, as I can really talk about food 24-7!! Just the mere mention of food, my "food antenna" will be blinking like crazy!!!

You must be wondering why this blog, rite?...Hhmmm, honestly, I just feel like sharing my passion with you guys out there...Lately, my heart is pounding so hard just thinking of the things I wanna do with this blog. I tell you, I am such a dumb-dumb when it comes to IT stuffs, but....For the sake of my passion, here I am, doing my own blog, on my own!!! So, please forgive me if my blog is the lousiest looking blog you'll ever see...I promise I'll improve on my IT knowledge ;-)

Geez, when I start talking about this passion of mine, I can really go on...and on...and on like the Energizer battery!!! Let me cut it short then, what you will find in this blog of mine will be anything & everything about food - where I eat, what I cooked, new recipes that I've tried, restaurants @ places to eat that I would recommend and many more...You can even purchase food item from me such like brownies, cookies etc...

I better stop yapping for now...Will update you guys as often as I could...Just be sure to visit me here, okay. In the meantime, my quote of the day "Happy food brings happy thoughts" ( at least to me...wink...wink...)
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