20 April 2011

Playtime In The Kitchen!

Oh! The list of cakes that I'm dying to 'experiment' on is endless! It's been awhile since I last whip up new cake recipes and my hands are already itching to try make some :-P As I had some free time recently, I thought what better time than to play around in the kitchen & have fun with my friends - Ms. Flour, Mr. Butter, Ms. Eggs...yada...yada... :-P

Butter cake is one cake recipe that I've been wanting to tweak with...I was checking my pantry when I saw a jar of my treasured vanilla beans...That's when my mind went 'Eureka!' :-) Plain old butter cake recipe can be soooooo boring, rite? Why not bake some using vanilla beans I was thinking...

While I was in the midst of preparing my cake batter, another crazy idea struck me ...Why not whip up new frosting flavor to go with it as well! Something vanillaish ( is there such words? ha..ha..) or creamy/cheesy...Vanilla Beans Icing & Lemon Cream Cheese frostings was top on my list but I couldn't make up my mind as which frosting flavors goes well with my Vanilla Beans Butter Cake. In the end, I split my batter into two pans. When in doubt, make both!

Vanilla Beans Butter Cake With Vanilla Beans Icing

Loving The Effect Of The Vanilla Beans On The Icing :-P

Vanilla Beans Butter Cake With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

The Combo Is Scrumptious :-)

The conclusion I gathered from my baking 'experiment' - I do love how the Vanilla Beans Butter Cake turned out :-) It's light & fluffy and those vanilla beans added a pretty black speckled look to the cake. As for the frostings, honestly, I STILL couldn't decide which frosting goes well with the cake! Both have their own distinct taste and added a different twist to the cake's taste :-) While the Vanilla Beans Icing had the sweetest aroma of vanilla and added a more authentic vanilla taste to the cake, the Lemon Cream Cheese frosting is just the opposite! The cream cheese is just so silky smooth & left a nice lemonish taste in your mouth. I guess it's a choice of either you like it sweet & vanillaish or creamy & lemonish :-P I'm game for both!

My 'Experiment' - Vanilla Beans Butter Cake

Thanks for sharing my passion & till my next 'experiment', head to the kitchen & whip up something! You'll be surprise to see the joy that awaits you in the kitchen ;-)

15 April 2011

Do You Have The Time?

I just can't resist naming this post with such title :-P I've been wanting to try my hands on making watch/clock theme cupcakes for the longest time & finally I got the chance!

These cupcakes was made specially for Maz, who wish to present it to her hubby on his birthday...Her plan was to surprise her hubby at his office on his special day with an armful of cupcakes :-) So sweet!

Maz initially requested for a simple mix of fondant & buttercream 'manly' deco cupcakes & I was wrecking my brains for ideas. Mind you but it's not easy making cupcakes with a 'manly' theme as we are so used with cupcakes being cute and all, with all those flower decorations, teddy bears and stuffs :-P So when Maz told me at the 11th hour that she had presented her hubby with a Tissot watch, the idea of making a watch/clock face cupcakes just pops up in my mind! Even Maz wasn't aware of my plan :-P All she requested was if I could possibly add some 'Mr. Tissot' & 'Mr. Fandy' into her cupcakes deco and the rest is all up to me...What better time then to try my watch/clock decoration ;-)

Tissot Watch/Clock Themed Cupcakes

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache & Rich Chocolate Buttercream Frostings
And Fondant Deco

The Special Man Of The Hour - Mr. Fandy :-)

All Packed & Ready To Be Delivered :-)

I've never made this before and as you all already know, I'm soooooo very new with fondant decoration but I have to admit that I had so much fun making this. Practically smiled all to myself the whole time making these! Very therapeutic indeed, if you minus the panic attack that is! Ha..ha...

To my dear Maz, thank you so much for choosing Ritz Passion to grace your hubby's special day. Your continuous support is very much appreciated! I hope that you've managed to surprise your hubby & stopped him in his track with the cupcakes :-P

Last but not least, to 'Mr. Tissot' a.k.a Mr. Fandy, a sincere birthday wish from Ritz Passion! Hope you had a blast on your special day :-)

14 April 2011

Friendship, Birthday & Cupcakes...

Meeting people & making new friends is something I love...and dear Ms. Halifah is no exception ;-) It was by 'magic' that I got to know her - the magic of Facebook! :-P The things technology can do for us these days! *glee*

Thanks to the wonder of Facebook ( ha..ha...I sound like a Facebook promoter, ehh? ), I had the pleasure of meeting Halifah's acquaintance when she contacted me to arrange for a birthday cupcakes order. A surprise Halifah intended to present to her dear friend, Dat. I could gather that Dat is one special person to Halifah as even from the beginning, Halifah was all excited in planning the cupcakes order :-)

Halifah had some difficulty in choosing the right theme / decoration initially and admitted that she couldn't make up her mind in choosing as according to her, there's so many to choose from my collection...Really? I don't remember making that many :-P It was really sweet though hearing nice comments from her :-) Thanks dear!

In the end, here's what Halifah had chosen...A pink & blue themed Vanilla Bean & Jam Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting...I've even made a lovey dovey 'name tag' for Dat ;-) 

Pink & Blue Themed Birthday Cupcakes

Vanilla Bean & Jam Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frostings

Lovey Dovey 'Name Tag' For The Birthday Girl :-)

The Birthday Girl!

Halifah & Friends With Their Cupcakes :-P

To dear Halifah, it gives me great pleasure that you've chosen my goodies to grace Dat's birthday celebration. My sincere thank you :-) It's really nice knowing bubbly you and I do hope you & your friends had enjoyed the cupcakes :-)

To the birthday girl, Dat, happy birthday dear! Hope you had a blast being surrounded with great friends on your special day :-)

12 April 2011

Baby Shower Cake

Wow! Time sure flies when you're having so much fun - in my case, my fun time in the kitchen :-) Yup! Yours truly had been a busy bee this few weeks & she's loving every moment of it ;-) On top of the usual 'rushing' out orders, I've been busy 'experimenting' with lots of stuffs :-P From whipping up new cake recipes, to 'playing dough' with fondants and much more...Was so into it that I totally miss out on updating my blog! Bad...bad girl! Err, more like forgetful! Sigh! The sign of aging!

Here's a baby shower cake which I did for Eenaz a few weeks back...A last minute job I might say as I was given less than 24 hours notice to make it. Imagine my panic! I was hyper-ventilating through out the process...Ha...ha...Luckily Eenaz had some idea in mind how she wants her cake to look like so I've saved time on cramping my brains for ideas :-P As a novice, every seconds counts! And I'm sure am a NOVICE when it comes to cake decoration! He..he...Thank god Eenaz helped me out by sending a few cake photos :-) Thanks dear!

My initial plan was to make a two tiers cake with a teddy sitting on top of the cake...Was really looking forward to make teddy bear figurines. Unfortunately, my plan didn't come true as while making the cake, I was informed that the cake will be collected earlier than planned :-( 

2 Tiers Chocolate Moist & Jam Cake With Buttercream Fillings & Fondant Deco

To dear Eenaz, thank you so much for choosing Ritz Passion goodies to grace your friend's baby shower. I hope you & your friend had enjoyed the cake. Most of all, I hope the cake turns out as how you had imagined it to be ;-)

To dear Sheena ( Eenaz's sister ), big hugs for you dear! Thank you so much for your recommendation :-x Will be baking some goodies for you to show you my appreciation *wink*

Till my next post, have a great day all!

05 April 2011

Engagement Gift Cupcakes

As all of you know, I loveeeeeeeeee 'playing dough' - a term I use when I'm trying my hands doing fondant decorations :-P Since I've no basic in doing/making sugar deco, 'play dough' is something I always look forward to. It's a time where I get to experiment & figure out what my little fat fingers can do with fondant :-P It's also a time where I let my mind & imagination runs wild :-)

When Iza called me up requesting for a set of fondant deco cupcakes which she would like to include as her engagement's gift, I naturally look forward to creating something special for her. She loves the set I did for Tengku & wanted something similar. I usually try my best to make each of my cupcake decoration a 'one of a kind' for each customer. It's my way of showing them that each & every one of them are special to me. With that in mind and taking note on Iza's order request, I decided to 'play dough' & make a new flower design for Iza's special day...Something I came up on a spur of the moment ;-)

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache Toppings & Fondant Deco

Trying My Hands On A New Flower Deco

Iza's Engagement Gift Cupcakes

I have to admit that creating Iza's engagement cupcakes was truly an enjoyable time & I loveeeeeeeeed every moment of it. Hopefully Iza and her fiancée liked it as much as I did baking it for them :-) Sincere thanks to Iza for allowing my goodies to be a part of her special day. Thanks so much!

Last but not least, to Iza & fiancée, my heartiest congratulations on your engagement and I wish the two of you much love & happiness!

Order By Trio

Not only are trio gals, SHAR, CT & Puteri, my good friends, but I could honestly say that they're one of my biggest cupcake fan as well :-P Thanks dears! It's really gratifying baking for your friends & to know that they enjoy every bite of it...Such a priceless feeling I might add ;-)

I've had the honor of baking cupcakes for several of their special occasions before, from birthdays, weddings and also for their eating pleasures. This time around the gals ordered another batch for their eating pleasure...

CT's Order Of Red Velvet With Cream Cheese Frosting ( Size L )

SHAR's Order Of Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting ( Size S )

Puteri & SHAR's Order Of Red Velvet With Cream Cheese Frosting
( Size S )

My Token Of Appreciation To The Trio - Red Velvet With Cream Cheese Frosting ( Size L )

To my darling trio - SHAR, CT & Puteri, big...big hugs for each & every one of you! It's such an honor being able to bake my goodies for you gals. Thanks so much for your continuous support :-x Love you tonnessssssssssss!!

03 April 2011

Simple Chocolate Moist Cupcakes

Nothing calms my soul better than a mug of hot lemon tea & a slice of dessert, in this case, a good slice of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting...I can actually feel all my tension easing away ;-) 

Yours truly had been a busy bee the whole of last week attending to orders and other baking stuffs, not to mention some last minute requests. Didn't even realize how fast the days had passed and now it's already Sunday! Time sure flies when you're having so much fun :-) 

Anyway, here's an order which I received from one of my longest & strongest supporter, FHAN...A very last minute request, less than 12 hours I might say, hence I wasn't able to 'go crazy' with ideas over the decoration *giggle* :-P Luckily FHAN's request was for a very simple deco - just a leaf theme she said as the cupcakes is for her company's function, a company dealing with biotech :-P

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache Toppings & Fondant Deco

To FHAN, thanks so much for your order but most of all, thank you for your support & encouragements rendered to me all these while :-) Means a lot to me dear! By the way, the breakfast you brought for me was excellent! Yup! FHAN was kind enough to bring me some breakfast when she pick up her cupcakes at 6:30am...So sweet & thoughtful of her...Muahhhhhhhhh!!
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