24 August 2010

Cupcakes Attack!

It's 1:47am & my 'battery' is still full :-P Yup, still down with fever but somehow I just can't sit still! Infact I just finished cooking!...Nothing fancy, just fried rice & mushroom soup...Now, who's gonna eat it? :-P

It's time for another update on my back logged post...Really need to clear my 'draft box'!

Had another attack of cupcakes order last week....and I love it! :-P These two orders were actually a very last minute order & at first I doubt if I could fulfill it as I had a few earlier orders that need to be settled...But I love to push & challenge myself so I accepted the orders :-P

This cupcakes order was from one of my besties, Azni, who's staying all the way in Klang...Let me tell you something about Azni...She's a super duper busy working mum that the idea of seeing her is nearly impossible! So busy was her schedules that we even have a joke among our besties that if Azni were to come out from Klang, she actually needs to apply for a Visa!! Ha...ha...( I somehow can hear Azni screaming my name after reading this!!!...Ducking under the table!!! )...Though we seldom see each other, our daily emails kept us close & seriously, I don't think I can survive without those emails!! :-x

As I say, my schedule was already quite pack when Azni called me up & told me she wishes to order some cupcakes for her family...How can I say no to my besties?!! Honestly, I'll rather stay up till late night as long as I could fulfill my besties wishes! Anyway, it always brings me joy to bake my goodies for my dearest friends....The feeling is priceless!

Azni likes my animal theme deco and requested me to mix & match my cupcakes deco for her sons & daughter...As I was pressed for time, this is all I could manage :-P

Mix Of Orange Poppy Seed & Chocolate Moist Flavors

Mix Deco

My Cupcakes All Packed & Ready To Be In Klang ;-)

I do hope Azni is satisfied with her purchase & I do hope her kids did enjoy their cupcakes...Thanks dear for your order :-x

My other order was from my strongest supporter, SHAR...She has been one of my earlier customer & till date, she's still loyal :-x Thanks SHAR for sticking by me...Love you tonnes!!

SHAR's order this time was for her favorite flavor - Orange Poppy Seed with Cream Cheese Frosting...She told me any deco would be okay with her so I decided to do a simple & sweet garden theme...Something sweet for a sweet lady ;-) 

Orange Poppy Seed With Cream Cheese Frosting ( Size L )


SHAR dearest, I hope you've enjoyed the cupcakes ;-) Thanks so much for your order & do know that I truly appreciate your support...Hope I'll be blessed with more from you :-x

Lastly, here's some cupcakes which I did to celebrate the Ramadhan month...I do hope that those tasted it enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed baking it...

Mix Deco

I Took the Chance To Practice On My 'Flower' Deco :-P

Not Bad Ehh?

All Packed & Ready To Be Enjoyed

Till my next post, take care all!

23 August 2010

Arsenal & Love Cupcakes

Remember those nursery rhymes you used to sing when it rains? It goes something like this - "Rain...rain...go away....come again another day..."

Well, for now I'm changing it to "Fever...fever...go away...come again another day..."...Yup, yours truly is down with a fever :-( Went to the clinic just now & got loads of medicines from the doctor...Bah!! Don't you just hate taking medicines? I do! :-(

I'm suppose to be resting but being the person that I am, I just couldn't sit still...Honest, I just need to do something! Thought I'll fight off my fever by baking some goodies but it proves futile as the moment I stood up, my headache took over me ...Sigh! Well, I guess I'll use this time to catch up on my back log posts instead ;-)

To start off, here's an Arsenal theme cupcakes which I did for my wonderful & sweet pet-sis, Hanim...She has been a great supporter of mine & has been introducing my products to her friends...Thanks sweetie! This time around she ordered cupcakes on behalf of her friend,  Eda Ali whom is celebrating her boyfriend's birthday...

All I understand from Hanim when she placed her orders was something to this effect - Arsenal theme...sweet...lovey dovey but not too obvious ( according to Hanim, Eda's bf is quite a shy guy...Auwwww... )...Based on these, I opted to do my cuppies deco a simple one - just to highlight on the Arsenal & the heart logo :-P

Chocolate Moist With Chocolate Ganache Frosting & Edible Deco

While baking the cupcakes, my thoughts wandered off to Hanim...So grateful was I for all her recommendations & supports that I came up with the idea of surprising her with her own edible cupcakes ;-) Note to Hanim - Sis, I hope you'll love these ;-) Muahhhhhhhhh!!

 My Surprise For Hanim ;-)

Photo Courtesy Of Nadia Anuar, Hanim's Friend...Thanks Dear!

To be honest, I was running a little late when Hanim came to collect her cupcakes...Was busy packing up other orders as well when she reached my home...Didn't even managed to snap photos of my products but thank god Hanim came to the rescue & snapped some...Phew! Lucky or else this post will be without photos...How boring is that! :-P

To Eda, I do hope that your bf had enjoyed his cupcakes & that you guys had a blast celebrating his birthday...Thanks so much for allowing me to grace your event...

To Hanim, what else can I say sis?....Thanks so much dear! Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Love you tonnes!

19 August 2010

Lolly Cookies

Oh dear! It was a hectic few weeks for me recently...Totally running around like a mad woman preparing for the fasting month ( lots of cooking involved! ), setting up 'Ritz Passion' Facebook account ( took awhile as I've zero knowledge in all things techy! ), attending to chores...yada...yada...yada... :-P Hectic but nevertheless, I'm just grateful to be alive...

This post have been sitting in my 'draft box' for the past 2 weeks, waiting to be edited & upload...So hectic was my schedule that I couldn't even find the time to watch my tv!! And I'm a tv addict!!! :-P Missing my dose of Kimora: Life In The Fast Lane, House, Criminal Minds...and the list goes on :-P

Errr, where was I?!!! Oh yea...Lolly cookies :-P I've made these for Ms. M.E, who actually ordered on behalf of her colleague, Amy J...I think it was for their Department's gathering of some sort...Thanks M.E for your recommendation :-) Appreciate it!

Honestly, I was excited upon receiving this order as I've been wanting to try my hands on this goodies :-P Lolly cookies is one of my "Baking To Do" wish list! Now I can happily strike it off from my list...Yeayyyy!!! 1 item down, 1001 items to go... :-P

Chocalate Flavor Butter Cookies

How It Looks Like Before I 'Bling' It :-P

'Blinged'!! :-P

Sweet Deco & Packaging For A Sweet Lady

While making Amy J's cookies, I baked some extras for my grandma who actually celebrated her birthday that day...Initially I plan to bake her a cake, but due to time constraint in rushing out orders, I have to make do with baking her lolly cookies instead :-P Hope you don't mind if I give a shout out to her...Happy Birthday Mak Tok! May you be blessed with happiness & prosperity always...Love you tonesssssss!! Muahhhh!!

Owhhh! I even baked some cookies for M.E & her family...A 'Thank You' gesture on my part for her continuous support ;-)

Slipped in some lolly cookies for my 'partners in crime' buddies as well...Was thinking of them while baking...Guess I must be missing them :-P Mimi, Sufian & Jason, hope you guys are well & having a great Ramadhan...

Photo Courtesy Of Darling Mimi....Thanks Sweetie!

To M.E & Amy J, thank you for your order & most of all, thanks so much for giving me the chance to grace your event...Hope your friends & colleagues had enjoyed the goodies ;-) Last but not least, my sincere appreciation to you both for allowing me to try my very best in preparing your lolly cookies ;-)

Till my next post, take care all!

13 August 2010

Feeling Steamy

Ha..ha...ha...I bet some of you must be raising your eyes when reading the title....Nah! No worries, it's not what you think! :-P Nothing naughty or bad...

I was feeling nostalgic recently and my mind drifted to the time when I had those lovely Apam Kukus a.k.a Steamy Cake ( that's what the "steamy" in my title meant! ) :-P Love those cakes!! It usually comes in bright colors & always looked so appealing to me...

I was organizing my store room one day & saw my steamer sitting royally on the shelf...Since it's just sitting there doing nothing other than collecting dust, I decided to use it & try  to make the Apam Kukus...Trust me, I've only used my steamer once before, when I did my delish fruit cake for my dad :-P Errr, don't mean to sound cocky but I REALLY loved my steamed fruit cake!!! And to know for a fact that I hate fruit cakes!! :-P

Equipped with several recipes I found on the internet and after twisting it around to suit my taste & style, here's my first try at making Apam Kukus ( Steamed Cake )...I was made to understand that to know if your Apam Kukus is good or not, it has to have it's significant look of being 'mekar' ( blossom )....

My Very 1st Try At Apam Kukus ( Steamed Cake )

I Think It Did 'Mekar' ( Blossom ) :-P

I Love The Colors! :-P

It's quite an easy recipe & I think I did well for my first try :-P I have to admit that as usual, I can't resist tweaking the original recipes :-P Love playing around with the ingredients...Makes me feel so 'Chefty'!!! He...he...

I'm pretty sure I'll be making this again in the near future & maybe tweak it further...Aiming it to be the perfect Apam Kukus ever! :-P Wish me luck! ;-)

12 August 2010

Congratulations To My 3,000th Visitor!

Image Taken From The Wide World Of Internet

Yeayyyy!!! There are no words to say how happy I am at this moment...My blog just received it's 3,000th Visitor!!! *doing my happy dance now* 

The best part of it all, my 3,000th Visitor is my best buddy + high school roomate ( we were in boarding school from Form 1 to Form 5 ) + BFF, Ms. Rozita Ishak ( whom I fondly call 'Mate' )...Really! It's like the best thing that happened to me today!! Now I could personally thank her for all the endless support & advice she's given me all these time...Mate, congratulations to you!! I'm so happy when I found out you're the lucky visitor :-) Can't wait to bake those Red Velvet With Cream Cheese Frosting Cupcakes for you ;-)

Rozie's 'Print Screen' proof...It's a little bit small as Rozie is also not IT savvy, just like me :-P

I'm so looking forward to baking Rozie's winning cupcakes & will definitely write it up in my later post...In the meantime, to those who's new with my blog & is wondering what all this is about, here are snippets from my previous post...

"Hhmmm...I guess I better announce it again ehhh?....I love the concept of 'sharing is caring' and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee baking...It would be such a joy to share this love of mine with you guys out there ;-) So, as a thank you for all the support I received from my family & friends, and also YOU, I'm giving away a special gift to my 1,000th....2,000th....3,000th....4,000th....5,000th....and so forth ( you get the picture, rite? ) to my blog visitors :-P But hold on!!! Let me remind you that my gift  won't be over the top, fancy @ extravagant kind of gift okay....Have to make this clear in case you are expecting a car or something....Ha..ha..ha...."

Love to yap more but I have to rush to the kitchen now to prepare my break fast meals :-P Till next time, take care & Selamat Berbuka!

P/S - To my other besties a.k.a support group ( you know who you are!! ), especially Era, Mona & Azni, who have been vying for the "3,000th Visitor" spot  today :-P, thanks for your unconditional support & encouragement...Better luck next time kay :-x You guys are the wind beneath my wings & I love you tonnes!!!

11 August 2010

Happy Birthday Ameera!

There are times when I wonder if I did the right thing by 'crazily' quitting my 9 to 5 & decent salary job last year simply to follow my heart & passion....

Little things like this one ensure me that I've made the right decision ;-)

"Bha excited giler tengok kek tu. Tq so much for making our dream comes true...Suke sgt dgn deco n the whole cake lah. Tq Kak. I love u lah....Muahxxx"

"Semua orang puji kek Akak. Chedap...Thanks ya"

"Thanks so much yer Kak...Semua orang puji kek Akak"

Such were the messages which husband & wife, Azri & Bieha sent to me after I delivered their daughter's birthday cake last Saturday...

Azri & Bieha might not realize this when they sent their messages to me but honestly, those simple words are so priceless to me...I have to admit that I love making people happy...and I strive for it through my baking...Nothing give me great pleasure than to see that smile of happiness each time I delivered my products...

I could say that Ameera's cake gave me my own share of happiness as well...I had so much fun baking Ameera's cake...Her cake will always have a special place in my heart as it's my very first two tiers cake!! Yeayyyyyy!! I finally could cross off one item from my 'Baking To Do' list :-P Seriously, there's no happiness like when you've achieved something, especially little things like your own goal in something you love dearly ;-)

Chocolate Moist Cake & Chocolate Sponge Cake
With Chocolate & Vanilla Butter Cream

My Very First Two Tiers Cake

No. 1 & Garden Theme Deco 

To Azri & Bieha, thanks so much for giving me the chance to grace your daughter's 1st birthday...I'm sure it's such a special occasion to your family & I'm just so happy to be able to be a part of the celebration...

To sweet Ameera, happy birthday sweetie & may you grow up to be a wonderful person, just like both your mum & dad :-)

Hugs & kisses for the birthday girl :-x

07 August 2010

Brownies For The Team

Yes, I'm wishing each & every one at Celcom's Sales Planning Team a "Selamat Berpuasa" & may your Ramadhan be a blessed one.

This simple Almond Brownies was ordered by Mona for her Team's brunch today...I intended the deco to be simple, just lots of almond & my ever so 'beautiful' ( NOT!!! ) writing...I still have trouble with my hand-writings!!! Any tips to improve it? :-P Anyway, after some tweaking from my part, it ended up a wee bit colorful :-P After writing Mona's message on the brownies, I find  it to look kind of bland...As a very last minute decision ( with so little time to spare! ), I decided to 'bling' it & simply added some Nips chocolate as a border...Not so sure if I've made it better or worse...He...he...

Almond Brownies

I hope Mona's colleagues at Sales Planning Team enjoyed the brownies despite it's colorful deco :-P To Mona, thanks for your countless orders...I truly appreciate your support! My apologies if I over 'blinged' your brownies :-P Hope you'll enjoy the extra brownies with your family :-)

Since Ramadhan is just around the corner, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslim, where ever you are, a "Selamat Berpuasa" and may our Ramadhan be blessed by Allah S.W.T. Happy Fasting!
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