30 November 2010

Brownies, Cupcakes & A Wedding

Yes, I finally did it! My first wedding order :-P Phew! After weeks of sleepless nights & days of anticipation, my first big wedding order went on smoothly, much to my delight!...I have to admit that it was such a wonderful experience ( and definitely a nerve-wrecking one! )...My expectation to excel in this project was over the top as I'm doing it for one of my special & strongest supporter, Ms. SHAR ( by now she's Mrs. Jas ) ;-)

When SHAR first approach me with her 'dessert table' idea, I was pretty ecstatic...and when she further told me that she wants me to do her 'dessert table' goodies, my jaw practically dropped! Me? Baking for a large wedding reception?....I was so nervous that SHAR practically had to cajole me several times :-P Not wanting to disappoint SHAR, who is not only my strongest supporter, but also a great friend, I finally agreed to cater her 'dessert table' goodies...

Armed with the support of family & friends who encourages me that I can do it & with the help of a fairy, Ms. RR ( thank you so much for your help & tips ), here are the goodies I've prepared for SHAR's special day :-)

SHAR's Almond Brownies Order

SHAR's Favorite Goodies - Thanks Dear 4 Your Support!

Purple Themed Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

 Red Velvet Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

Purple Themed Vanilla Cupcakes & Butter Cream Frosting

My Gift For The Bride & Groom - Just Incase They Didn't Managed To Have Their Desserts ;-)

I have to admit that throughout this experience of mine, one of my proudest moment was seeing my cupcake tower...It may be just a normal sight to some of you, but it's a sight that will always have a sentimental value to me...I was all giggly & smiling with happiness after setting up my cupcake tower :-P I even made some special wedding theme cupcake picks @ toppers to add on SHAR's cupcakes...From I first start setting up the cupcake tiers to putting the last minute touches on the cupcakes, it generated quite a stir from others who passed by...I was beaming with pride ( give me a chance! it's my first tower after all...he..he...) when the official wedding photographer showed a keen interest in my cupcake tower & he even snapped lots of photos of it :-P Here are some of my personal snapshots...

Dessert Table

6 Tiers Cupcake Tower With All The Goodies

Specially Made Cupcake Picks @ Toppers

SHAR's wedding will always be a special day for me...An experience that I will never forget & I humbly thank SHAR for her confidence & belief in me...It was really a beautiful wedding &  I'm so honored to be a part of it...

The Bride & Groom...Aren't They Lovely?

To SHAR & Jas, my congratulations to both of you...You two make such a wonderful couple & I'm soooooooooo happy for you...I wish all the best in your new life's journey & may happiness follow you always. God bless!

29 November 2010

Cereal @ Nestum Prawn

I have always loveeeeeeeeeee seafood & was in the mood for a prawn dish the other day...Unfortunately, due to my tight schedules between baking cupcakes, doing the house chores & others, I didn't have much time to cook up an elaborate 'cheffy' prawn dish :-P

While dreaming away on foodies ( owh!! how I love doing this!! ), my mind suddenly remembered the excellent prawn dish which I had in Singapore the last time I was there...It was my first time trying the 'Cereal Prawn' & how I loved it! Unfortunately, I can't find a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that serves  a good 'Cereal Prawn' ( psst! let me know if you know a place that serves a good one )....I mean, there are places that serves this  but the one I had in Singapore trumps it all! Just thinking about it makes me drool :-P

With my mouth salivating & my tummy growling, I finally decided to cook my own version of 'Cereal Prawn'...After all it's quite expensive for me to buy a flight ticket to Singapore just to have it there :-P A quick 'stock check'  through my refrigerator & pantry, and a quick phone call to my Mate a.k.a Rozie ( I always call her when I'm excited to do new dishes & needed some pointers. Thanks Mate! ), here's the result :-)

Cereal Prawn

 My Quick Meal Of The Day - Yong Chow Fried Rice ( With Prawn Of Course! ) :-P

My version may not be as good as the one I had in Singapore but still yummy ;-) Thought I'll share the recipe - in case any one of you'll have those 'super duper' busy moments like I did ;-)

Printable Recipe


  • 10 medium sized prawns - you can also use large sized prawn
  • 6 cili padi ( bird's eye chili ), sliced - add more if you like your dish spicy
  • 6 cloves garlic, chopped - put less if you don't want the strong garlic taste
  • 1 sprig curry leaves
  • 2 egg yolks, beat lightly
  • 6 tablespoons cereal @ nestum - I like my cereals, so I've put tonnes of it ;-)
  • Cooking oil - just enough to deep fry the prawns
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • Salt & sugar to taste


  • Heat oil in a wok. Once oil is hot, put in the prawn & deep fry it till cooked. Note : Please do not fry your prawn too long as this will harden the prawn's flesh.
  • Once prawn is cooked, remove it from wok & place it on a plate lined with cooking tissue. ( this is to drain the oil from the prawn ).
  • In the same wok, add in the butter on medium fire. Add in the garlic, cili padi & curry leaves. Saute till fragrant.
  • Add in the egg yolks. Note : At this stage, make sure your wok is hot. While adding in the yolks into the wok, beat it vigorously with chopsticks @ fork. This is so that you'll get tiny pieces of egg yolks & NOT a lumpy omelet-looking ones.
  • Add in the fried prawns & cereals.
  • Add sugar & salt to your taste ( I like to add in a few dash of peppers ).
  • Stir well for a few minutes & move it from the fire.
  • Serve hot with rice.

Happy cooking!

12 November 2010

Festival Of Light

Image Taken From The Wide World Of Web

I've always love festivities, all kind of festivities! Not only do I get to spend time with my family during the holidays, but I also get to visit my friends who's celebrating the festival :-P What more being a Malaysian, the concept of "Open Houses" is something I look forward to...

As you all know, we recently observed the festival of light, also known as Deepavali @ Diwali. It's a day of festive joy and Malaysians visit their friends of Hindu faith to extend good wishes and to partake in the feasting and jollity.

This year's Deepavali was very special to me as I was invited to the homes of two of my close friends, husband & wife, Anand & Vany and also Dinesh & Sharm.

Their hospitality towards me was out of the world & I'm truly humbled by it. Excellent food like Maruku, Chicken Curry, Mutton, Putu Mayam ( and the list goes on! ) was prepared for me to enjoy. Vany's mother even made "Tosai" just for me as it is my favorite Indian food! Not only did I get to eat her yummylicious tosai, Amma ( which means Mother in Tamil ) was kind enough to hand me her tosai recipe! Thank you Amma!

I had such...such...great time with both the families...So much so that I've even adopted both families as my own ;-) I now have two Ammas & two Appas ( which is Daddy in Tamil ) :-)

To Anand & Vany, celebrating Deepavali with you guys & family was such a joyous occasion for me & I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful hospitality. To Amma & Appa who went out of their way to prepare the yummylicious food, Nandri ( which is Thank You in Tamil ). I still can't get enough of the Maruku, especially the spicy ones!! :-P Thank you again to Anand, Vany & family...I hope to visit all of you again soon :-x

To Dinesh & Sharm, how can I ever thank you & your family for such kind hospitality? I had a blast with Amma, Appa & Diva...I especially love my time with Amma & learning how to make Maruku :-P To Amma, thank you so much for all the cooking tips & hopefully soon I'll get to help you make Maruku ;-) I'm missing your giggles & laughter as well ;-) To Appa, you are such a gracious host, making sure everyone is comfortable & well...What a great family all of you are & I'm happy to be part of it...Nandri to all of you...

I end this post with photos of Vany's Deepavali orders - Chocolate Moist with Choc Ganache & cookies ( Chocolate Chip & Rock Cookies ). I wanted to make the cupcakes special & decided to decorate it with some Indian theme/symbol :-P I'm quite lousy with drawings ( as you can see later..he..he..) but I do hope Vany will appreciate it ;-)

Chocolate Moist with Choc Ganache & Buttercream Cupcakes

Pardon the loads of photos...I have to admit I'm kind of excited over these cupcakes as it's one of my first Indian theme free-hand drawings :-)

 Henna Inspired Patterns :-)

 Told You I'm Terrible With Drawings! Don't Laugh :-P

Vany's Cupcakes & Cookies

To Vany, thank you for selecting my goodies to grace your Deepavali. My sincere appreciation for your purchase. Hope you've enjoyed every bite of it ;-)

Take care all!

Spiderman & Ultraman Cupcakes

It's always a nice surprise receiving orders from new customers...It just make my day & cheer me up :-)

This order was from Ms. Alin, who works all the way up in Genting Highland. She contacted me via my email & requested for Chocolate Moist with Chocolate Ganache cupcakes with edible images of Spiderman & Ultraman.

Chocolate Moist with Choc Ganache & Edible Deco

Ultraman Cupcakes

Spiderman Cupcakes

All Packed & Ready For Pick Up

To Alin, thank you so much for your order & for choosing my cupcakes to grace your special occasion. It was a pleasure baking for you & I hope your son enjoyed his birthday cupcakes.

Have a good day all!

11 November 2010

Ritz Passion's 3,000th Blog Visitor

Image Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Yeayyyyyyy!! The moment has come for me to highlight my lucky 3,000th blog visitor - Ms. Rozie!

Congratulations Rozie ( whom I fondly call Mate )!! Double congratulations to you as well for winning your dream goodies :-P My sincere appreciation to you for visiting my blog & for your continuous support...It means so much to me! Thank you!

To the rest who has tried their luck, I thank you for your continuous support...Please continue visiting my blog & hopefully luck will be on your side the next time around ;-) To those who wants to know more on how to be my lucky blog visitor, do check this link ;-)

I always get so excited each time I'm baking...Just can't describe the feelings! I guess the best way for me to describe it is that baking makes me feel alive! :-P I simply love the feeling, much more so when I'm baking for my lucky blog visitors. Baking the goodies for Rozie is extra special for me, as not only am I baking for my lucky blog visitor, but also for a dear dear friend who has always supported me in everything I do, especially with this baking passion of mine.

I have to admit that baking Rozie's winning goodies was nerve wrecking as Rozie herself is an excellent cook! She has magic hands when it comes to cooking! Infact, she is one of the person I run to when I'm stuck with all those cooking terms @ secrets ;-)

Rozie, it is a great honour for me to bake this goodies for you...I'm happy that I'm able to present you with you dream wish goodies - Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Toppings...

Goodies For Ritz Passion's 3,000th Blog Visitor

Red Velvet With Cream Cheese Toppings & Fondant Deco

My New Addiction - Cupcake Picks & Toppers. Made It Myself ;-)

Rozie's Winning Smile :-x

I Love All Of Rozie's Pix & Can't Decide Which To Highlight...Highlighting It All! :-P

The Smile That Always Cheer Me Up :-)

Congratulations once again to Rozie & from the bottom of my heart, thank you Mate for your unconditional love & support! Love you tonnes & hugssssss!!!

I'm looking forward to meet my next blog visitor...Wonder who'll be the lucky 5,000th blog visitor ;-) In the meantime, I'll be flipping through my prized recipe books :-)

Have a great day everyone!

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