26 April 2010

Going Corporate...

Hooray!! Yipee!!! Yup, I received my very 1st corporate order recently & I'm sooooooooooo happy :-P

Well, some of you might say it's not a big thing, but for a novice like me, it's something to celebrate...He...he...Come, please join in my happiness ;-) *Doing my happy dance*

Recently, from the 19th - 22nd April 2010, the 12th Defence Services Asia Exhibition & Conference ( DSA 2010 ) was held at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur...& yours truly received an order from one of the exhibitor...Was quite nervous at first but once I started baking, all my fears went out the window! Just the mere thought of delegates & visitors tasting my cuppies filled my heart with joy and I had so much fun baking each & every one of the cuppies...

To the exhibitor, thank you so much for your order. It was such a pleasure baking it for you ;-)

Orange Poppy Seed Flavor With Cream Cheese Toppings

 Moist Choc Flavor With Choc Ganache

Cuppies Month

Phew! I finally managed to squeeze in some time to update this blog of mine...Been quite a bz month for me ;-) Though it's been a hectic month, I actually enjoyed every baking moment! Seemed like April is my cuppies month & I'm thankful for all the orders that keep coming in...

Here's a cake cuppies ordered by Mr. Syafiq to celebrate his girlfriend's graduation...So sweet I might add ;-) This order actually made me reminisce my younger years...Remember when you're in-love & everything is so sweet & simple?...Boy! Do I miss those easy days....He...he...Anyway, I actually received this order quite late and was practically given a few hours to come up with the cuppies! Luckily I managed to baked it in time & Mr. Syafiq was very happy with the outcome. Thanks Mr. Syafiq for your order...Hope your gf loves the cuppies ;-)

Another order came from Ms. Syakira...She's very specific as what she wants on her cuppies...It's her dad & mum's special day & she wants it to be special...Being a daughter myself, I understand what she meant...Initially she wanted cake cuppies with her family's photo on it but due to time constraint, she finally requested for a simple one instead...BUT it has to be orange poppy seed flavor with the cream cheese toppings...She lovesssssssss those! She actually brought the cuppies all the way to her hometown in Perak...Thanks for your order & I do hope you've enjoyed it with your family ;-)

This next order came from my very very loyal supporter, Mr. M...Seriously, even if I have to stay all nite long, I'll definitely make sure Mr. M gets his order ;-) Mr. M & his darling wife, Ms. SA are my greatest supporters ever & I'm so thankful for it! This time Mr. M requested a cake cuppies for his dear niece & nephew's birthday...They're twins & turning 2 years old...I actually took some time to create some new decoration for this special order....Hope they like it ;-) Thanks Mr. M for your order & non-stop support!

Oh dear! It's nearly 6am! I better sign out & get my beauty sleep :-P Wouldn't want me to look like a hag in the morning, rite?...Nite all!

17 April 2010

A Cake For Daddy

It is every daughter's dream to fulfill her Daddy's wishes & make him happy...Well, same goes to me...As a daughter, I'll try my best to make all my dad's wishes come true...I may not be rich to lavish him with tonnes of money, I may not be smart to build an empire for him to be proud of but one thing for sure, my dad has all my love and my utmost respect...

I guess it's a no brainer what went through my mind when my dear dad recently told me he loves having fruit cake right before taking his daily medicines & vitamins...Yup! Yours truly, who never before attempt any kind of baking any version of fruit cakes, took a bold step & baked one! Err, maybe I should say steamed one :-P

Initially I plan to bake a normal fruit cake for my dad but after much urging from my darling sister, I finally settled for the steamed version...Imagine never baking any fruit cake before & getting a request for steamed one!

The process of making a steam cake was quite different from the normal cake baking...A little bit extra work I would say ( took me 3 hours just to steam the cake! ) but I enjoyed making it as it is a learning process for me...I love  the feeling I get when I try something new!

The result?...Hhmmm, I guess I have yet to ask my dad...but I do know that my 'lil sis is having it for her breakfast & lunch!! Ha..ha...Just hope my dad gets his share of the cake ;-)

To my dearest Daddy & darling sister, I hope you enjoyed the cake which I made with all my love...Hugs!

Steamed Fruit Cake

05 April 2010

Wedding Cake Order

Imagine being a novice in fondant cakes & receiving an order for a wedding cake...Scared to my bones!!! That's exactly how I felt upon receiving Ms. FJ's telephone call recently...

FJ informed me that she loved seeing my polka dot choc cake photo & wish to order a wedding cake for her brother's wedding...My jaw seriously dropped when I heard FJ's request...I was like "Me, doing a wedding cake?!!!"...Not wanting to be over my head, I was straight out honest with FJ & told her I'm seriously a beginner in cake decoration, especially fondant, not to mention wedding cakes!!! I was biting my fingernails while chatting with FJ on the phone and after much persuasions from FJ, I finally succumbed to her request...Seriously, I  think I asked her "Are you sure?" nearly 101 times...Ha...ha...

Anyway, I told FJ that I'm not good at doing all those delicate fancy wedding cake decorations...I'm still a novice!!! Yet FJ told me that the reason she's ordering from me is because she likes my simple & modern style...So, here goes...

My Very 1st Wedding Cake

                                     Trimmings For The Cake

I was still too nervous about my cake even after FJ collected it from me...My nerves & worries were finally put to rest when I received a message from FJ...FJ's testimonial in her own words :-)

"Kek tu ramai org puji...plus sedap giler! Sesuai ngan harga nyer. Padat & kurang manis. My mum ok. Dia kate mantap"

Phew!!! I can finally exhale....To FJ, thanks for the encouragement & most of all thank you so much for believing in me enough to order my cake...I feel so honored that you've choosen my home-made cake  to grace your brother's special day...Selamat Pengantin Baru Azmirul Fariz & Azrina!

Thanks for The Orders

Honestly, I'm loving my baking to the max!!! And thanks to all the support & orders from my family & friends, I'm still doing what I love...

To Ms. ZZ, thanks for your cake cuppies order...Your request was for sumthing pinky & sweet...Hope this fits your criteria ;-)

Orange Poppy Seed With Cream Cheese Toppings Cake Cuppies

To my dearest friend, Ms. RS, who ordered some brownies for her office-mates, thanks for your repeat orders...Your support means so much!!

Marshmallow Brownies

                                          Almond Brownies

To my dearest friend, Ms. MM, who actually ordered her brownies at the 12th hour ( Ha..ha... ), thanks again for your repeat orders...I sure hope your kids love my last minute brownies deco :-P Oh! Thanks too for your popia order...Hope you enjoyed it :-x

Ms. MM's Almond Brownies Order

'Chef' Mode

Yup! I was in one of my 'chef' mode the other day & my hands were itchy to make some 'cuisine' food...Ha..ha...Not THAT cuisine, chef kind of cooking but still...U know what I mean...

Did this for my dinner recently - beef pie & since I was in my 'chef' mode, I even created my own twist of sauce ;-)

Oh! Pardon the quality of the photos...My DSLR was still at the service centre for some 'pampering'...

Brain On "Pause" Mode

Oh dear...The heat must be getting to my head! Been having 'writer's block' for the past few weeks!! Sigh!

Mind you, it's not an excuse that I'm creating, but honest, my brain just can't  function normally!!! The weather's killing me & it's affecting my thinking...I'm being over dramatic ehh?...Ha..ha...I did write up some new post ( 3 posts infact!! ) yet somehow, it all got stuck in the 'draft' section...Simply can't think of anything to write!! I can't even think of a title, hence my lame title above!! *Knocking my head silly*

But since I've promised to update my blog regularly, here I am mumbling away...Ha...ha..ha...Do bear with me 'kay ;-)

For the last few days, I've been trying to improve & create new twist on my cake decoration...I've been wanting to try fondant icing a.k.a 'play doh' as I called it...Ha...ha...Anyway, I love looking at those lovely fondant cakes but didn't dare to try it as I'm such a novice in this cake baking thingy...I was looking for an excuse to 'play doh' when a cousin of mine called to order a 3 in 1 birthday cake for her hubby, sister & her 'lil cute daughter ( much to the dismay of my other cousin since she wants her own cake!! Ha..ha... )...

So here's my very 1st fondant cake which I created for my cousin, Ms. LH...A garden theme cake since I was feeling all bubbly when decorating it ;-) ....Oh! Another thing, pardon the quality of the photos...My DSLR was sent for some 'pampering' at the service centre, so I had to use my hp...

Psst, to my cous, Ms. LH, thanks for trusting me enuff to grace your special celebration with my home-made cake....Muaahhhhh!!! And to Muz, YH & 'lil talkative Amalia, Happy Birthday!!

Garden Themed Fondant Cake

Moist Chocolate Cake With Layers Of Chocolate Ganache & Fondant Decoration

My Cousin's 3 in 1 Cake - Muahahahahaha!!

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