21 June 2011

Attacked By The Killer Technology!

Image Taken From The Wide World Of Web...I Simply Love Their Clips!

The darkest of cloud came to my shore recently...I could feel the malice that comes with it, haunting me...Hrmmm, how's that for my intro?...Yeah, I'm in my major drama queen moment! If you had gone through what I went through last week, I'm sure you'll be having the same sentiment :-P

Technology, whom I believe was supposed to make life easier, was my main nemesis the whole of last week...Heck! I think I'm still sore with it this week :-P Not sure what it has against me but technology sure 'attacked' me with a vengeance recently :-( First my laptop simply crashed ( much to my dismay! ) as I was goggling a project I was working on...I was pretty sure I'll be okay at first as I did back ups for my folders, only to realize later on that all folders were intact, except for my photo folders! All my photos ( yup! I meant ALL! ) including those of my goodies ( plus those I haven't uploaded to my blog! ) went missing! Despite my swollen eyes ( yup! drama queen cried her eyes out okay! ) for the past few days & various attempts by my darlings, it simply couldn't be recovered :'(

I really can't describe how it felt like, losing all those photos...It's just so frustrating as those photos were simply priceless to me, especially all those photos of my goodies. Some were even photos of my 1st trials goodies such like the Burger Cake, House Cake & a lot more cupcakes...*sobs*

Oh! It didn't stop there...As if it's not enough to make my life a total chaos, technology went a bit further by 'attacking' my mobile phone! Yup! It too went haywire & is now at the service centre for some TLC...Sigh! Not having a mobile phone is nearly the same as being stranded in the jungle - ALONE! *drama queen moment!*

Anyway, on a serious note, I am sending out my sincere apologies to all my friends & customers whose goodies photos were lost during my 'attacked by the killer technology' moment :-( Extra apologies to those goodies order I did not managed to upload to my blog :'( I do hope you managed to snap some photos of it for your personal keepsake...

To be honest, part of me is wishing that this is all a nightmare...That I'll wake up soon & my photos are all there :-P No such luck & I've pinched myself sore!

I'll leave this post with a few photos of the cupcakes which I did for Suraya & Maini. It's a gift for their cousin's engagement recently. These were taken from another one of their cousin's, Intan Norzalizawati, Facebook account. I'm looking forward to receive more photos from Suraya & when I do, I'll definitely share it here ;-)

My Cupcakes As Part Of The Engagement Gifts

Engagement Cupcakes - Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes
With Lemon Cream Cheese & Fondant/Sugarpaste Flowers Deco

To Suraya & Maini, what else can I say other than my sincere thanks for all your support & love! You have been one of the strong force behind Ritz Passion & I thank you from the bottom of my heart...Keep the love coming kay :-)

To the newly engaged, Fazira & "Jebat", my congratulations to you both :-) May your coming days be filled with lots more love & happiness from each other :-)

14 June 2011

Candylicious Cupcakes

It always amazes me what one can learn from a child.....One thing I always tell myself, never brush aside a child's idea, no matter how bizarre it seems :-) I learnt one such lesson when my dear BFF, Rozie, called me up & told me of her daughter's, Myra, special request for her birthday cupcakes :-)

Here's what Myra wanted in her cupcakes - lots & lots of chocolate, candies & marshmallows. Not forgetting a lollipop to go with each cupcake :-P Myra even hand-picked her choices of candies & marshmallows :-) My 1st initial thought was, 'Oh dear! I wonder how that's gonna taste like' :-P

Thankfully I was given some ample time to come up with a new flavor for Myra's birthday cupcakes :-) Boy! I do love it when I get to play around with recipes :-P After several trial & error, I finally came up with the perfect cupcake flavor ;-) A vanilla buttercake as a cake base with splashes of colors in it...Something I'm sure kids will be delighted to see in their cupcakes :-) I then top it up with a layer of chocolate ganache & finally decorate it as per Myra's wish - lots of gummy candies, Skittles, marshmallows & a lollipop :-) Truth be told, I loveeeee the taste! :-P It just reminds me so much of my childhood, you know those times when you're just so crazy over candies & chocolates ;-) Myra, you're such a genius! :-)

Candylicious Cupcakes Inspired By Myra

Vanilla Buttercake With Chocolate Ganache Frosting &
Topped With Loads Of Gummy Candies, Skittles, Marshmallows & Lollipops

A Child's Dream Cupcakes...

A Nice Burst Of Colors I'm Sure Kids Will Be Crazy About :-)

Hopefully I'll Bring A Smile To A Kid's Face With These Little Wonders ;-)

I have to admit that this is one project that I've enjoyed making :-) Makes me feel anything is possible where cupcakes are concerned :-) Extra special as I'm making it for my dear god-daughter, Myra...She's such a joy to be with, all cheeky & so lovable! Muahhhhhh! Love you sweetie!

To my dear Rozie, thank you so much for choosing me to make Myra's dream cupcakes a reality. I'm so humbled by your trust & confidence :-) Much love to you dear!

To my angel, Myra, happy birthday to you dear! Love you tonnes!

07 June 2011

Cooking Itch

Wow! It had definitely been a hectic week for me :-P Too hectic to even prepare a home cooked meal, not even to fry an egg or cook instant noodles! That's how busy life was for me lately...Been wishing I have more than 24hours a day :-P Even then, I doubt that I can get everything done *sigh*

For the last few days ( or was it weeks? ) I've sort of put my cooking session on 'pause mode'. So many errands to run, orders to fulfill, appointments, yada....yada...Yet, as hectic as I was, I just couldn't ignore the 'cooking itch' that has been bugging me mostly everyday :-P I just need ( yup, NEED with capital letters! ) to whip up something, anything. Seriously, when my baking/cooking bug hits me, it really hit me bad! 

I was sooooo in the mood to cook something local...I'm not sure why the sudden itch for local dishes, as honestly, local dishes aren't really my forte *blush* Just ask my family & friends. I'm sure they'll agree...Ha! Ha!

After much deliberation ( with myself! ) on which local dish I wish to cook, I decided on Nasi Lemak with Sambal Udang Petai...Just feel like eating something spicy :-P To those wondering what this dishes are, Nasi Lemak is actually rice cooked in coconut milk, which is usually served with other accompaniments, such like Beef Rendang, fried chicken and more. Sambal Udang Petai is a local dish where prawns ( udang ) are cooked in chili paste & mixed with stinky beans ( petai ).

Okay..okay...Less babbling & get straight to the photos, rite? :-P

Nasi Lemak ( Rice Cooked In Coconut Milk ) & It's Accompaniments

The Accompaniments ( From Left To Right ) - Hard Boiled Egg, Cucumber,
Blanched Kangkung ( Water Convolvulus ) & Sambal Udang Petai ( Chili Prawns With Stinky Beans )

A Spicy Dish Indeed - Chili Prawns With Stinky Beans

I Think Andrew Zimmern Of Bizarre Foods ( TV Show )
Should Really Give These Stinky Beans A Try :-P

Ohhh! I unintentionally cooked quite a large quantity of rice ( enough to serve 6 person I think! ) & was cursing myself what a waste it's gonna be :-( My worry was short lived as to my surprise & delight, my honey bunny finished everything! It's just so great seeing others enjoy what you've cooked & it sure felt great seeing my honey bunny enjoying his meals :-P

Verdict for this dishes, think I'll say 'mission accomplished'! *patting myself on the back* ;-)

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