19 March 2013

'Thank You For The 1,000 Facebook Fan' Giveaway

Yes, believe it or, Ritz Passion's Facebook page has reached it's 1,000th fan mark a little while back! *super glee* To be honest, I'm still pinching myself silly till now *ouchhhhhh* Just couldn't believe it! I mean, I wouldn't have thought that a page which I started as a food journal & to share my beginner's experience as a baker, now turns out as a full-fledge goodies page :-) Yipeee!

Did you know that few years back, this baker knows zilch about baking? ( still doesn't know much! )...Heck! I don't even know the difference between fondant, royal icing, fresh cream, yada...yada...yada...All I do know is that I'm just so passionate about food, especially baking. And that's where all my fans comes in! With their non-stop encouragement, support & love, this little baker slowly gained enough 'bravery' to try all that she needs to try in this caking line...From trying out 3D cakes to trying out new recipes ( the experience was extra scary to me as I'm self taught & never had any caking experience! ), my fans, whom I dearly refer to as my goodies lovers, goaded me on & never once discouraged me, no matter how many times I've failed. They lovingly challenged me to be my utmost best & pushed me forward. To them, all I can say is THANK YOU!

All the support from YOU & all I have to say is THANK YOU?!! Of course not! Nope, that's not all dearies...To show YOU how appreciative I am of your love, I've decided to host a 'THANK YOU FOR THE 1,000 FACEBOOK FAN' Giveaway :-) Yes...yes...yes! It's all organized especially for YOU & it's happening right now!

The gifts that's calling out your names ;-)

Giveaway Prizes!

♥ One Unit Of Hamyln's 'Quick Cook Desserts' Recipe Book

♥ One Unit Of Pop Urban's 'Thoughts & Ideas' Notebook

♥ A Set Of '100 Piece Cake Decorating' Kit

♥ A Set Of Gondol's Cookie Cutters

♥ A Set Of Bakeman's Ribbon Cutter & Embosser

♥ A Set Of Bakeman's Flower Cut-Outs

♥ A Set Of Bakeman's 3 Pieces Crimper

♥ Six ( 6 ) E-Tutorials By The Royal Bakery

More of the goodies photos to tweak your interest ;-)

Close Up Of The Hamlyn's 'Quick Cook Desserts' Recipe Book

100 Piece Cake Decorating Kit & It's Contents
Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Now, how do you enter the giveaway? All you have to do is simply post a comment below this post. Any comment will do, even if it's just to say hello ;-) It's THAT easy!

And how do I choose the lucky fan?...The old fashion way, of course! Lucky draw! Each person that has post hers/his comments under this post will be entitled to one 'ticket' ( it's actually a paper with your name on it ) & as per the usual procedure of a lucky draw, all names will then be put in a big bowl, and walaaaa, one name will be picked at random by yours truly :-) Not so fancy smancy procedure, huh? *blush* But fret not, as I'll make it up with some fancy smancy gifts ;-)

Here's some basic & boring stuffs that you need to know about the giveaway:-


You have to be Ritz Passion's Facebook Liker to be eligible to enter the giveaway

Simply post a comment ( any kind of comment will do ) below this post & this will entitle you to a one lucky draw ticket ;-) Please make sure that you add in your Facebook's name in your comment. This is to make sure that I could contact you should you be the lucky winner ;-)


Giveaway prizes are open to winners 18 years old of age & anywhere worldwide. However, please note that certain prizes may only be shipped/sent to certain countries ( depending on the country's postal policy )

There will only be ONE lucky fan for the giveaway

✿ The giveaway will start from 20th March 2013 ( Wednesday ) and runs through 15th April 2013 ( Monday )

Lucky draw will be held on 19th April 2013 ( Friday ) & the lucky fan will be announced on my blog's post the same day :-)

✿ The lucky fan will be contacted via hers/his Facebook message box & she/he will have four ( 4 ) days to claim hers/his prizes. Failure to do so, another name will then be picked randomly as the new lucky fan

Now that all the details have been made clear, let's start the giveaway! Do feel free to share this giveaway news with your family & friends :-) Sharing is caring, right? After all, who knows that they might just share their prizes with YOU should they be chosen as my lucky fan ;-)

My sincere thank you once again to ALL my goodies lovers for your continuous support & love. I wouldn't be where I am now if not for YOU! Thank you!

Last but not least, wishing you all the best for the giveaway & I'm sooooooo looking forward to share the giveaway goodies with ONE of you. Much love to all ✗o✗o

This giveaway is in NO WAY sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. By entering this giveaway contest, you are doing so by choice and are providing information to Ritz Passion and not to Facebook.  There will be no returns or exchanges on any of the items.  

Nuts 'Bout Nutella

This is going to be another post of mine where I don't have much photos to show :-( Yup! This goodies photos ( which I snapped tonnes of! ) was affected by my condemned hard disk recently & I was pretty lucky to have found two of it in my laptop :-P

These Nuts 'Bout Nutella cupcakes was specially ordered by Dr. Izaza, my dentist turned customer & friend :-)

Nuts 'Bout Nutella Cupcake
( A Light Cinnamon Base Cake With Hazelnut Bits & Nutella Filling )

To Dr. Izaza, am so sorry that I couldn't post more photos of your goodies here :-( I hope  you did managed to snapped some photos of it for your personal album ;-) I wish to thank you for your continuous support & friendship. It is always a pleasure baking for you & I look forward to bake more goodies for you ;-)

A Longggggggg Overdue Post

It's really frustrating when you've baked special goodies for one of your best customer cum friend, snapped tonnes of photos for your personal album & in the end, only to have your hard-disk goes wonky & 'wipe off' all your goodies photos!

Yes, Dat's birthday cupcakes photos were one of those affected by my bad...very bad ( !!! ) hard disk :-( Proves a point that buying a very good branded hard disk, doesn't mean you're safe from all those pesky computer glitch! Sigh! Yes, I'm still sooooooooooooo mad ( more frustrated than mad ) about the issue of losing all my goodies photos to my crazy hard disk! Erghhhh!

Inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale...Sorry dearies. I just had to lash out my frustration :-P Let's move on, shall we :-P

Now, on a brighter side, thanks to my dear customer cum friend, Halifah, I get to share some of the goodies photo :-) Yeayyyyyyyyyy! 

Halifah, thank you dear for sharing your photos with me. I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue. Totally my fault! Was actually trying my best to retrieve all my lost photos from my condemned hard disk so that I could dedicate those photos in this post of yours but after months of trying, I think it's a lost case as I've tried everything and yet still fail! *sad*

Here's the goodies I managed to 'kidnap' from Halifah's personal album...

'Note' Cupcakes

Fudgy Chocolate
( Chocolate Base Cake with Fudge Pudding Filling )

All Light Up!

Dat & Friends 
 ( Busy Snapping Away I Presume )

To my dear Dat ( birthday girl ) & Halifah, again, my sincere apologies sweeties for this longgggggggggg overdue post. Hope you'll understand the reason *embarrass look* Thanks so much for always supporting me & my passion. You ladies are just so wonderful & I'm blessed to have you in my life *flying kisses*

Thanks all for reading through...Much love to each & every one of you ✗o✗o

02 March 2013

Sappy Me

One thing that will always...and I mean, ALWAYS make me go sappy is the word 'love'. Anything to do with love, my heart just melts away :-P You can imagine then how sappy I was when one of my loyal customer, Hariss, called me up & requested that I make an engagement cake for him. No, it was not for him ( he's happily married! ), but he wanted to present it as a gift to one of his family member who was getting engaged. Totally an 'auwwwww' moment for me *loveeeeee*

Receiving Hariss order was indeed an honor for me, especially so considering the fact that  he's ordering it all the way from Malacca, some 2 hours away from my place ( and totally in a different state )! I can't begin to tell you how happy I was about making his cakes but at the same time I was sooooooooooooo nervous *erkkkkk!*

Hariss order was actually for two units of cake, a Fudgy Cake for the engagement cake & a Red Velvet Cake for his family's eating pleasure...Unfortunately, Hariss's cake photos was one of those photos that was affected when my hard disk went berserk & 'died' on me :'( I was lucky that I managed to find one of the cake's photo in my laptop...

Cushion Cake With Purple & White Color Theme

To be frank, I was a nervous wreck throughout the process of making this cake :-P I so desperately wanted it to be perfect for Hariss as I didn't want to embarrass him when he presented the cake to his family...

Hariss dear, I hope I didn't embarrass you :-P I prayed that both the cakes was well received by your family members. My heartfelt thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to create your cakes, especially the engagement cake. I am indeed honored. Much love to you & your family :-)

Thank you all for visiting my blog & reading thru my ramblings...Hope you had fun looking at my creation ✗o✗o

A Boy's Cake

Nothing say's "it's a boy's cake" better than a football theme birthday cake, right? :-P I had the opportunity to make such a cake for dear Ms. Is, who ordered this for her son's 4th birthday recently.

Though making a boy/guy's cake wasn't really my forte ( blush! ), I have to admit that I had great fun making this cake...Those grasses was a bit challenging for me as I'm still struggling to get the hang of piping it correctly *blush* I did my best though ;-) 

To be honest, I actually snapped a few photos of this cake but sad to tell you that this cake's photos was one of the photos that my hard-disk managed to 'destroy' when it went berserk & 'died' on me! Here is all I have to show *sad face*

Football Theme Cake
( Vanilla Cake With Vanilla/Choc Chips Filling & Frosting )

To my dear Is, I'm sending you my sincerest thanks for giving me the opportunity to create your son's birthday cake. I am truly humbled by your support & trust :-)

Thank you all for dropping by & having a look at my work. Your visit means a lot to me :-) Till my next post, wishing you a great day ahead! ✗o✗o

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