13 October 2015

Doraemon Fancy Cookies

Hhmmm...Not sure if every one out there knows this character 'Doraemon', so I thought I'll take some time to introduce you to it :-)

Doraemon is actually a character in one of Japan's famous manga series. It is a robotic cat which practically have solutions to all kind of problems. It's sort of Japan's version of Inspector Gadget ( owhhh! you know Inspector Gadget, don't you? ), only that it's a robot :-P

To be honest, Doraemon is extremely famous in my country...For years the show has been playing on our local television. Heck! Even I watched the show when I was little :-P I just love how Doraemon simply managed to solve all sort of problems by taking out magic things from his pocket. He...he...Cute character indeed! 

Now that I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much older, Doraemon seemed to be a distant childhood memory to me. I totally forgot about it until Ms. Farida called me up & requested a Doraemon theme fancy cookies. Suddenly I was transported back to my childhood time! :-)

Farida's request was for some chocolate butter cookies with Doraemon theme & as her order was a short noticed order, I decided to create Farida's cookies with some edible image of Doraemon. Here's how it turned out :-)

The look from Farida's face as she came to collect her cookies was truly priceless to me :-) She practically squealed with joy & even did a little happy dance! Ha...ha...It's the best feeling indeed to see how much joy your goodies could bring to someone. Best feeling EVERRRRRRR! *doing my own happy dance* :-)

To Farida, my sincerest of thanks for your order & for giving me the freedom to create your goodies :-) I had such a wonderful time making it! Thank YOU!

Well, that's all for now dearies. I still have a few post that I need to update so you'll be seeing me real soon ;-) In the meantime, a lovely day to all! Hugs! ✗o✗o

08 October 2015

Button Fun Cupcakes

How do you create a birthday cupcakes for someone who's happy-go-lucky, jovial, fun & above all, a sweet kind of person? 

I was actually wrecking my brain trying to find the best design to truly reflect this sweet little lady when suddenly it hit me! Why not go for something that's sweet & fun, just like Ms. Haley herself :-) So I decided to come up with these button crazy cupcakes for her :-)

Sincere thanks to Ms. Syikin for giving me total freedom in creating the goodies design & for allowing me to go crazy :-P It meant a lot to me that you trusted me enough to come up with your special order. Thanks so much for your continuous support dear *flying kisses*

To Ms. Haley, I hope you've enjoyed your cupcakes, which I've specifically designed for you :-) Big hugs to you sweetie! ✗o✗o

Owhhh! Here's some photo of her birthday celebration which Haley graciously share with us :-) Thanks for sharing dear!

Hope you've enjoyed my post & till the next one ( soon I hope! ), sending loads of love to all! ✗o✗o

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