24 September 2014

Tom & Jerry Birthday Cake

My heart skipped a beat & practically went straight to my throat when I received Sue's phone call :-P She was wondering if I could come up with a birthday cake for her nephew within a few short hours :-P I don't know why, but short notice orders could really send me into a frenzy! I'm easily panic & can really get cold feet! :-P I guess that's because I'm such a beginner when it comes to cake decorating ( despite being involve in cake baking for years ) :-P I'm a self taught cake decorator, so as you can guess, I'm pretty 'novice' when it comes to creating cake designs *blush*

Anyway, Sue being one of the sweetest person that I've known, I just don't have the heart to disappoint her, so I accepted her order ( while praying that I'll manage to come up with a decent looking cake! ) :-P Her request was for a Tom & Jerry themed birthday cake. With the time constraint, I wasn't able to let my imagination flow freely so this was all I could come up with :-P

Tom & Jerry Themed Birthday Cake

Fudgy Cake With Vanilla Buttercream

My dear Sue, I sincerely hope that you're happy with the outcome of your cake :-) My sincere thanks for choosing my goodies to grace your special occasion :-) Thank you sweetie ✗o✗o 

Thank you all for reading & I bid you a good night! ✗o✗o 

Smiley Cupcakes

A simple Smiley Cupcakes I did for Ms. Fiza :-) Fiza's order was for Chocolate Moist cupcakes with chocolate ganache & decorated with smiley faces :-)

To my dear Fiza, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to create your goodies :-) Though it was a short notice order, I have to admit that despite the time constraint, I really had so much fun 'playing dough' making the smiley faces :-) Thank you & hope your special someone enjoyed the cupcakes ;-)

Thanks all for reading! ✗o✗o

Quirky Me :-P

Having a slight case of an Obsessive Compulsive Behavior ( better known as OCD ), I have to admit that I have a few quirky things that I just HAVE to do each time I'm about to do my baking, especially when it's for goodies order :-P In fact, come to think of it, it's more like a 'ritual' :-P Errmmm, nothing major, just little things like giving my eggs their 'bath & scrub'...washing & rinsing all baking containers/bowls that I'll be using a day before ( even though I've washed it before! )...wiping my tabletop at least a few times with sanitary wipes just so my working area have that 'germ free' feel :-P Oh! I also have to go through all my baking tools ( especially the cake pans & spoons/ladles/scrappers ) the night before just to make sure there's not even a tiny speck on it :-P 

If you think that's weird, let me tell you THAT is only a fraction of the things I would go through before I start my baking projects...You wouldn't want to know the other 'rituals' I go through during & after each project! If I were to tell you now, I'm very sure that this post will be a lengthy one! So let's just skip that & allow me to save you from a major boredom! *chuckles*

With all my quirkiness, I guess you can imagine how 'crazy' I became when I was commissioned this dinosaur themed birthday cake order by Ms. CKN :-P I practically had to channel my inner 'Karate Kid' self! Wash...and wipe! Wash....and wipe! Washhhhh....and wipe again! Yup, that pretty much sum up what I did to the toys that I place on the cake :-P Took a bit of self control on my part not to wash the toys till the color wears off! :-P

Okay, enough of my yapping...Here's the cake I created for CKN's son. It's a Peanut Butter Cake with peanut butter filling & vanilla buttercream :-)

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Cake :-)

A special note to CKN...Dear, you've been such a strong supporter of my work all these years & nothing makes me happier than being able to create yet another goody for you & your family :-) From the bottom of my heart, thank YOU for the love...for the support...for the encouragement...and most of all, thank you for your friendship. It means the world to me! :-)

Would love to yap more but I need to excuse myself for now...Quirky me have to do some 'rituals' for an order tomorrow :-P Till my next post, wishing all a good night & sweet dreams! ✗o✗o

19 September 2014

Hello Kitty!

It was such a slow day today that I decided to clean-up my laptop's folders...A tiring & tedious effort I might say, especially so when I'm one of those non-technical kind of gal :-P After a few hours, my eyes started to see stars & I decided that I'm done for the day...I was cleaning up one last folder when 'tadaaaaa'! Yup, I came across a few photos of my goodies! The ones that went 'lost' when my laptop went kaput before! Too bad it's only a few photos out of the many that were lost. But hey, I'll take whatever I can ;-)

Nevertheless, I'm just happy to have found this...It's my Hello Kitty cake :-) I have to admit that it's of sentimental value to me as it's my very first Hello Kitty cake. You know how each 'first project' means the world to any cake maker, especially for a beginner caker like me :-)

This cake was requested by Ms. Iezah, who wanted a Hello Kitty birthday cake for her daughter, Rahimah. I was pretty nervous at first yet excited at the same time :-P After a few discussion, Iezah told me that she wanted a pink theme cake & that she's giving me total free rein on the design. How cool was that! Free rein - best thing to a cake maker! :-)

Here's what I came up with...

Hello Kitty Theme Birthday Cake

Vanilla Cake With Strawberry Jam Filling 
& Vanilla Buttercream

To my dear Iezah, thank you so much for your order but most of all, thank you for trusting me to create your daughter's cake. It is indeed an honor being able to bake for you :-)

That's it for tonight & hope you all have enjoyed my post :-) Much love to all, as always! ✗o✗o

11 September 2014

Candylicious Princess Cupcakes

I'm not sure about others but to tell you honestly, I always...always...& I really mean ALWAYS get super excited when I'm asked to do goodies for children :-) There's just something magical about making goodies for them :-) Not sure what it is but I assumed it's the 'little kid' that we have inside of us, no matter how grown up we are ;-)

Imagine my excitement when I'm asked by Ms. Chia Ying to make a set of birthday cupcakes for her little daughter ( or was it niece?...Geez, old age is really catching up with me! ). Her request was for a Chocolate Fudgy Cupcakes with a mix of some Candylicious Cupcakes. And the part that I was so excited about was obviously the theme/decoration :-P After much discussion over the phone, I understand that Chia Ying wanted a sweet pink color theme and that she wish to incorporate some Disney's Princesses on the cupcakes...How cute a theme, right?

Anddddddddddd....Here's my take on it ;-)

Seriously, one of the best time everrrrr! I had sooooo much fun making this :-) I even made some extra cupcakes loaded with candies as gifts! :-P

Sincere thanks goes out to Chia Ying for choosing my goodies & for giving me the chance to create her cupcakes. I do hope that she had enjoyed it & that it brought a big smile to little Chloe's face :-)

Hhmmm...Suddenly I feel like watching some Disney's cartoon :-P Probably something with princesses in it ;-)

Toodle-loo & a very good night to all! ( it's 1:40am on my side of the world, in case you're wondering ) :-P

Much love! ✗o✗o

Chocolate Almond Brownies

A chocolaty treat...Full of almond nibs...Topped with chocolate ganache...and lastly, sprinkled with loads of almond slices. Yup, that's basically a description of my Chocolate Almond Brownies ;-)

Here's one that I've baked for dear Ms. Farina :-)

Thanks so much Farina for this order of yours :-) Always a pleasure baking my goodies for you dear :-) Much love & big hugs to you!....And of course, much love & big hugs to my dear readers/goodies lovers as well ✗o✗o

Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes

Receiving repeat orders from new customers always makes my day :-) Nothing makes me happier!

So when I received a follow-up call from Tunku Muna, after her previous initial order, I was totally over the moon with joy :-) This time around, Tunku Muna requested for some Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes with simple decoration & here's what I came up with....

Simple Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes

To my dear Tunku Muna, I am indeed humbled to be able to bake my goodies for you & your sweet family. There are just no words that can express how much I sincerely appreciate your continuous support & encouragement. Thank you Tunku ✗o✗o

Well, that's it for tonight...Honestly, am having a bit of a 'blogger's block' right this moment! :-P Pretty obvious ehh? *blush*

Gosh!...My brain's a total blank that I can't even think of a proper way to end this post! I guess here's where I say nighty night & thank you all for reading :-) Ohh! Much love to each & every one of YOU as well ✗o✗o

04 September 2014

Little Treasure

Remember in my previous posts how devastated I was when my laptop went kaput & 'swallowed up' all my goodies photo albums? Yes, I'm still very sore about it as those goodies photos of mine means the world to me. It's basically a 'portfolio' of my work throughout my cake making journey. It's truly unfortunate that despite all my efforts, I never did managed to recover those photos of mine :-(

Imagine then my sheer delight when somehow, while scrolling through my Facebook, I saw this cake photo which I did a while back! And yes, it's one of the photos that was 'deleted' by my kaput laptop before!

I'm not taking any more risk of losing yet another photo ( which to me is like little treasures ) so I decided to upload the photo here & blog about this cake. Plus, I never did get the chance to post it before as my laptop went kaput, along with all the original photos :-P As the saying goes, better late than never, right? ;-)

Too bad I only found one photo of the cake...But I guess it will suffice. Better to have one photo to treasure, than none at all! ;-) Any way, this cake was requested by dear Ms. Farhani. If I remember correctly, it was a gift that she wish to present to her dear friend in celebrating her friend's wedding day. It was to be a part of the wedding dowry :-)

Farhani's request was for a Fudge Cake With Vanilla Buttercream Frosting & that the cake to be striking pink. According to her, her friend loveeeeeeeeeeees striking pink :-) Here's the cake that I especially design for her friend...

Striking Pink Themed Wedding/Dowry Cake

To my dear Farhani, I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue. My sincere apology dear as I wasn't able to blog about it before due to the obvious issue of all my photos went missing :-( Couldn't blog about your cake if I have no cake photo/s to show, rite? :-P But here I am blogging about it now ;-) I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks for giving me the chance to create your special gift to your friend. Thanks so much for your continuous support my dear. It means the world to me! ✗o✗o

Hhmmm...Though the chances seemed so slim, I do hope that I'll be able to find more of my little treasure photos soon ;-)

Till next time, much love to all! ✗o✗o

Frilly Cake Try Out

A confession...I'm a super crazy gal when it comes to cake stuffs :-P I honestly go crazy when I see all those cake items, be it at any of my local cake supply stores or those online cake sites! You might say that I'm a cake-stuffs-shopaholic ( though my hubby says I'm more of a cake-stuffs-hoarder! ). Either way, I'm super guilty! :-P

How does one control one self when one sees all those wonderful cake items that can miraculously turn a plain looking cake into one of those fancy looking ones?!! I for one, just can't help it! Plus, I super need all the fancy cake items to 'beautify' my oh-so-plain-looking cakes :-P

My cake room ( it's actually a store room, but I want the room to sound fancy, so bear with me...he..he.. ) is already overflowing with various kinds of cake stuffs - lace moulds, cutters, cake pans of all sizes, stencils, tappits, you name it! So much so that hubby dearie has lovingly warn me that there can never be any more cake stuffs purchases UNLESS I start using some of it. Oh ya! Did I mention that I haven't even use half of my cake stuffs yet? Hence the 'warning' from hubby dearie :-P

Here's when my 'raid-the-store-room-and-better-start-using-the-unused-cake-stuffs' project started! In order to make sure I'll be able to continue with my 'cake-stuffs-craziness', I'm slowly taking out my 'toys' & having a go with it. To be honest, I didn't use most of the cake stuffs that I've bought because I actually am 'scared' to use it! In case you don't know, I got into this cake making business without any knowledge or experience on cake decoration/making *blush* Just slowly trotting through this journey based solely on my passion & my crazy 'play dough sessions' :-P

One of the cake toys that have been 'hidden' in my cake room is a set of frill piping tubes set. Now, the reason I haven't use this is because I'm not confident with my piping skills. Heck! I barely can make a full straight line with my plain No. 1 piping tube! So you can imagine how using a frill piping tube scares the living light out of me :-P

PME Frill Piping Tubes Set
*Image Taken From The Wide World Of Web*

So when a dear sweet friend called me up to request a birthday cake to celebrate a double birthday - her's & her little princess's, the first thing that came to my mind was a frill cake. What better decoration to suit such sweet ladies other than something frilly & girly, right? ;-) Perfect excuse for me to use the frill piping tube!

After much sketches on my drawing pad ( yes, I'm old school & I still do my cake sketches on papers...he..he.. ), I finally decided on a cake design for dear Tunku Muna & cutie pie Princess Wan Zanariah :-)

Heart Shaped Cake With Frills,
Flower & Butterflies Design

Cake Flavor : Peanut Butter Cake With
Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

To my dear Tunku Muna, I am truly humbled to be given a chance to bake & create both yours & Puteri's cake. Nothing beats the joy & happiness that I feel from being able to make goodies for my loved ones. For this, I THANK YOU, Tunku Muna ✗o✗o

I guess that's one cake stuffs tried & used! :-P Maybe I do need to practice more in order to improve my piping skills *chuckles*

Well, that's it for today's post...Now excuse me while I do some 'treasure hunt' & see what other cake stuffs 'hidden' in my store room that I can use for my next project ;-)

Toddle-loo & much love to all! 

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