29 July 2010

Good Luck Cupcakes

Being a novice baker, I do love it when my customer request for new designs on their goodies...It give me a reason to practice on my art of decorating cakes & cupcakes...After all, practice makes perfect rite? :-P

But when Sara ( who was introduced to Ritz Passion by my pet-sis, Hanim...Thanks sweetie!! Muahhhh!! ) requested for a 'Notty Sexy Girls' theme on her cuppies, my brain practically went blank! I was even panicky as I honestly don't know what's the trend for naughty sexy girls these days are...So obvious I'm such an old woman, ehhhh!! Ha..ha...Or maybe it's because I'm such an angel?!!!....NOT!!! :-P *Laughing myself silly!!*

Sara actually wanted to order some peanut butter cupcakes for her sister, who's going off to a boarding school...Unfortunately, last weekend I was 'attacked' by cupcakes order & can only squeeze in Sara's order if she's okay with chocolate flavor ( since my large order that weekend was chocolate! )...

Thank god chocolate is Sara's favorite as well & so she proceeds with her order. Was really glad that I managed to fulfill her order coz I'll definitely feel bad if I can't :-P...I even added tonnes of chocolate chips inside her cupcakes - my way to make up for not being able to bake her peanut butter cupcakes :-x

Though I was pretty confident the cupcakes is chocolaty ( just the way Sara lovesssss it ), I'm not too sure about my deco....He..he..he...To Sara, my apologies if it didn't fit your criteria...Thousands of apologiesssssssss dear :-x

Here's my design for Sara's 'Notty Sexy Girls'...and hey, don't laugh when you see the photos, okay!!! Ha...ha....Owh!!! I also created a new way to convey messages on my cupcakes - Post It Note style ;-)

Pink & Purple Notty Sexy Girls Theme Cupcakes

Chocolate Moist Flavor With Chocolate Ganache Topping & Butter Cream Deco

All Packed & Ready To Be Delivered

I'm just so lucky to have such a sweet customer like Sara as a few hours after picking up her cupcakes from me, I received this message via my mobile - "Kak, your cuppies so delicious...Sara, sis & bf suka"....Ain't that so sweet?...She even mentioned that she's gonna order almond brownies for this coming Hari Raya :-P

To Sara, thanks so much for your purchase and your sweet messages...All the best to your sis too :-) I look forward to bake more goodies for you...

28 July 2010

Birthday Party Cupcakes

I baked these cupcakes for an ex-colleague, Sarah, who ordered it for her son's birthday party over the weekend recently. Flavors of her choice were chocolate moist with a mix of chocolate ganache & butter cream as toppings.

As I was preparing to decorate her cupcakes, I remembered what it feels like being a kid...Having my own birthday party...Getting tonnes of gifts ( the best memories!! )....Friends & family singing 'Happy Birthday' songs much to my delight....Ahhh!!! Such sweet sweet memories :-)

With this sweet memories in my mind, I decided to create some new designs for Sarah's cupcakes...Was feeling like a kid suddenly :-P The design may not be perfect ( since I still occasionally shiver  out of nervousness when holding my  icing bag!!! ha! ha! ), but I have to say, every time I do a new design, I'll get so happy with it :-P 

I truly love what I'm doing...Creating lovely foodies for my family & friends...It keeps me content & young ( very important to me!!! )...and it also brings joy to my loved ones...And that's what matter the most to me ;-)

To Sarah, thank you for choosing my cupcakes to grace your son's birthday :-) I do hope he had enjoyed his birthday party cuppies ;-)

Animal Theme Cupcakes

My New Lion Deco...It Reminds Me Of My Favorite Cartoon Movie "The Lion King" :-P

Simply Lovessssssssssss This!

Party Theme Cupcakes

All Packed & Ready To Be Delivered

27 July 2010

Ben & His Ben 10 Cuppies

I've always considered myself lucky as I'm blessed with so many close friends...Friends who has stick by me through the good times...and through the bad times as well...LMY, is definitely one of them and I've lovingly dubbed her my BFF ( Best Friends Forever ) :-x

When she called me up recently to order some cupcakes for her darling son, Ben ( whom we fondly call Ben Ben ), my brain was already whipping up ways to make it special...After all, how do I ever thank LMY for her friendship other than through my baking ;-)

Her order was for a mix of chocolate & vanilla cupcakes...No other specific details but in one of our smses, I did remember LMY saying that Ben Ben lovesssssssssssssssss Ben 10...and of course I simply have to incorporate that in his cupcakes ;-) A special cupcake for my darling sweet Ben Ben...

Vanilla Flavor With Butter Cream & Chocolate Deco...Every kids love chocolate, rite :-P

Chocolate Flavor With Chocolate Ganache & Topped With Edible And Butter Cream Deco

Sweet Ben Ben All Grown Up

To Ben Ben, Aunty wishes you a very Happy 8th Birthday! I still remember the times when you were just a tiny tot in your mum's arms...My! How you've grown...

To LMY, thanks so much for allowing my cupcakes to grace Ben Ben's special day...Hope you've enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed baking it specially for you....Muahhhhhhhhh!! Love you tonnes!!!

P/S - A recent sms I received from LMY that simply made my day - "Not only Ben2 likes it so much, all people who came was so surprised n happy 2 see such unique cuppies! Luv u tons!"...

Tom & Jerry Cupcakes

Boy! A 'cupcake storm' just passed me by last weekend...Been receiving non-stop cupcakes order & yours truly was practically like an octopus with hands flying all over, baking cupcakes :-P Nevertheless, I did enjoy every baking moment :-P

Azlin from Wangsa Maju ordered these cupcakes for her son's birthday recently. She was actually  introduced to my cupcakes during the 12th Defense Services Asia Exhibition & Conference ( http://ritz-passion.blogspot.com/2010/04/going-corporate.html ). On top of that, for her last birthday, her colleagues even surprised her with an 18SX cake, which was of course made by yours truly :-P Should see the surprised look on Azlin's face that time...Priceless!! He...he...he....

I had so much fun making sure each of these 100pcs chocolate cupcakes look yummylicious...Had to say I was satisfied with the outcome...Simply love the icing colour!

Chocolate Flavor With Chocolate Ganache Toppings & Butter Cream Deco

Being a very particular person, I just have to make sure everything is in perfect order ;-)

All packed up & ready to be collected

To Azlin, thank you so much for your order & I really hope Adam had enjoyed his special day...Happy Birthday Adam!

Happy 8th Birthday Harith!

Boys will always be boys :-P

When one of my besties, Mona called me & wanted to order a football theme cake for her son, Harith, I was a bit unsure on how to go about decorating it...Further more, Mona mentioned that Harith's favorite football team is Manchester United...Being a life-long fan of Chelsea, I know how special Manchester United Team is to their fan, what more to an eight year old boy...

After a great talk with Mona to get all the details, I went about wrecking my brain thinking of ways to make the cake special for Harith...I really want him to have the greatest smile when he sees his cake ;-) Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to mull over the deco as I was given kind of a last minute notice by Mona :-) Mind you, I'm still just a novice and my imagination is still quite limited, what more when pressed for time...Ha..ha...

Mona had ordered from me several times before & this time around she requested for a carrot & walnut cake with cream cheese topping...

Manchester United & Football Theme Birthday Cake

Carrot & Walnut With Cream Cheese Topping

Mona, you had been one of my greatest supporter all this time & I truly appreciate it...Thanks so much for allowing me to bake the cake for my god-son, Harith...I do hope you have enjoyed my baking ;-) From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!! Muahhhh!!

P/S - In one of her smses to me, Mona mentioned that Harith actually sleeps with his footballers toy...Ain't that so cute :-P

21 July 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Sabrina!

This post has actually been sitting in my 'draft box' for quite sometime...Didn't post it as I was waiting for some additional photos from my dear friend, ME ;-) Life seemed to be quite hectic for her lately as only yesterday she managed to e-mail me the photos...Thanks so much dear & my apologies for all the sms reminders :-P ( You did asked me to do so! He..he... )

A few weeks back, her daughter, who is also one of my many god-daughters, Sabrina, celebrated her belated birthday at Al Rawsha, Jalan Damai. It was a family affair thus I was honored when ME invited me for the special event...Boy! Did I have a great time there...A truly new experience for me as it's my first time trying out Middle Eastern food!! I did hear people drooling over the food at Al Rawsha but I've never known why....Now I do!! Totally different from my usual dining experience...The food, the setting, the environment...

Owhhh! Enough about my food experience....Getting out of topic here! Maybe I'll write up another post about Al Rawsha next time ;-)

Let's get back to my sweet & shy girl, Sabrina...She really has grown up from the last time I saw her ( which makes me feel soooooooooooo OLD!!! Ha...ha... ). Anyway, for her birthday celebration, ME has decided to make it special by ordering a cake with edible family photos...A really great set of photos I might say...Luv it! In one of our telephone calls, ME did mentioned to me that Sabrina's favorite colour are blue & orange...So I decided to in-corporate that as well in her cake ;-)

Chocolate Moist With Choc Filling Cake

Sabrina & Her Winning Smile

My New Dining Experience At Al Rawsha

To my dear Sabrina, all my love & prayers for you...May you grow up to be a great person & make your parent proud! Don't stop flashing that sweet smile of yours ;-)

To ME and family, thank you so much for giving me the chance to bake Sabrina's cake...I am truly honored! Thank you too for your invitation & for opening me up to a new dining experience ;-) I'm heading there again soon :-P

18 July 2010

M.I.A = Missing In Action

Sigh! Yes, I'm missing my 2,000th Blog Visitor :-(

When I checked my blog counter recently it stated 2,002th visitors & I was so excited to hear from my lucky 2,000th Visitor...My mind was already contemplating on the goodies I would present the lucky visitor with...Unfortunately, my lucky number 2,000th Visitor went M.I.A and a daily check of my e-mails shows no news/claim from him/her...*bummer*

As I'm typing this, my blog counter has stated 2104 visitors...and still no news :-( My only guess would be that who-ever he/she is didn't know about my special tribute to my blog visitors ;-) http://ritz-passion.blogspot.com/2010/05/surprise-is-waiting-for-ritz-passions.html

Hhmmm...I guess I better announce it again ehhh?....I love the concept of 'sharing is caring' and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee baking...It would be such a joy to share this love of mine with you guys out there ;-) So, as a thank you for all the support I received from my family & friends, and also YOU, I'm giving away a special gift to my 1,000th....2,000th....3,000th....4,000th....5,000th....and so forth ( you get the picture, rite? ) to my blog visitors :-P But hold on!!! Let me remind you that my gift  won't be over the top, fancy @ extravagant kind of gift okay....Have to make this clear in case you are expecting a car or something....Ha..ha..ha....

As I say, I love baking and I would really love to share this passion of mine with you...So to my lucky visitors, I'll be  giving away some of the goodies from my priced recipes...and every gift is of course a surprise ;-) Don't you just love surprises?!! I do!! Honestly, I was actually planning to bake Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting Cupcakes for my 2,000th Visitor...Hard luck ehhh?

Guys & gals, make sure you have a look at my blog's visitor counter each time you visit my blog, okay? Who knows you might be the lucky ones ;-)

How to go about it? Here are the details:-
  • Only eligible for visitors within Malaysia. My sincere apology for my overseas visitors...If only I can send out those foodies to you guys :-( But, do still send me an email so that I could thank you personally okay :-x
  • Proof of blog visit is required. Visitor is to 'Print Screen' the page stating that they are the 3,000th...4,000th....5,000th Visitor...so forth & email it to ritzpassion@yahoo.com with their full name & contact numbers. Detail provided will be treated as private & confidential and will not be use by Ritz Passion in any other way.        

How to 'Print Screen':- 
  1. Once you are on the page that stated you are the 3,000th...4,000th....5,000th...and so forth Visitor ( see right side of Ritz Passion's blog page ), press the button/key 'PrtSc' on your keyboard.
  2. Minimize your window & go to your 'Start Button' ( see bottom left of your screen ). Click that button/key and look for 'Paint'.
  3. Click on 'Paint' and a new window will pop up. On your top left, you will see a 'Paste' icon. Click on that icon & your 3,000th....4,000th....5,000th and so forth Visitor page will be loaded.
  4. Once this is done, proceed with saving the file by clicking the 'Save As' and name your file accordingly in JPEG file.
  5. Email me the file together with your details and I'll definitely get in touch with you soonest possible ;-)
  • Gift is to be claim & self-collect from Ritz Passion. No deliveries will be provided.

I hope to hear from you soon and once again, thank you for all the support!!! Remember, sharing is caring, so spread the love okay :-x Have a great day you all!!

14 July 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Umaira!

July seemed to be the month for birthday celebrations for most of my god-daughters...

Time sure flies by so fast & my 'kids' are practically growing up like the speed of light!! Which also means that I'm getting old like the speed of light!! Bahhh!! :-P Well, as people say 'Age is just a number', rite? I strongly agree with that quote!! Ha...ha...ha....

Umaira, my sweet god-daughter recently celebrated her 10th birthday...She may be 10 years old but she is so matured for her age!!! Each of our conversation always end up with tonnes of laughter!! Gosh, I simply adore her!! My favorite part about her is her smile....I love seeing her smile!! It just brightens up my day every time she throws me that big smile of hers!!!

To celebrate her special day, her mum, which is my very close friend, RS, ordered some cupcakes to add into her birthday menu...RS request was for a simple purple & pink coloured mini vanilla with butter cream  frosting cupcakes but  since it's my god-daughter's special day, I decided to do something special for her & 'upgraded' it :-P I even add in a special cupcake flavor....

Vanilla & Strawberry Jam With Butter Cream Frosting

Vanilla & Cream Cheese Frosting

To RS, thank you so much for your order...Congratulations too on your new born baby boy, Aydin...Yeay!!! Another god-son for me ;-)

To my sweet Umaira, Happy 10th Birthday Sweetie...All my love & kisses for you....Muahhhhh!!!

Cupcakes & Friendship

I recently introduced my "Cupcake Series By Ritz Passion" and already I received an order for it...Thanks to my strong supporter, SHAR...Hugs!!!!

SHAR told me that a few of her friends are hosting several gatherings & she would love to bring some of my cuppies along....So sweet of SHAR :-x To SHAR's friends,  what a lucky bunch you are for having blessed with a sweet & thoughtful friend like her ;-)

SHAR is my biggest brownies fan but this time around, SHAR ordered cupcakes from my "Cupcake Series By Ritz Passion"...and she ordered from all three series - Passionate, Indulgence & Royal...

Passionate Series - Orange Poppy Seed With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

Indulgence Series - Peanut Butter With Peanut Butter Frosting

Royal Series - Peanut Butter & Jam With Nutella Frosting

My Gift To SHAR For Being A Great Supporter ;-)

And while baking SHAR's order, I couldn't resist baking some of my own...After all, who can ever resist cupcake with Nutella frostings?!!! I also took the opportunity to play around with my deco, just for fun ;-)

To SHAR & her friends, I hope you have enjoyed every bite of the cupcakes...and may your friendship blossom as sweet as the cupcakes ;-)

Thanks SHAR for your continuous support! Big hugs for you!!!

05 July 2010

To Raub With Love

Oh dear! I better update my blog!!...AS, one of my close friends & my loyal supporter, has been drilling me about not updating my blog for daysssssssssss!! Not only did she lovingly 'complain' via our telephone calls, she even do so in our daily e-mails!! Definitely there's no getting away now, so here I am wrecking my brain  finding words as I'm having one of those 'writer's block' at the moment...He..he...he...

Yours truly had been quite busy fulfilling some orders for the last few days, hence was not able to spare some time to even switch on the laptop & type up the latest  baking news...Well, as you all already know, I'm still a novice with baking so I took quite sometime getting my bearings right in completing my back-to-back orders within 3 days :-P I really envy those professionals who managed to come up with lots of order within a short time of period...How do they do it?!!! Wish I know their secrets...*Hint...Hint...Any one care to tell me?* ;-)

Back to my updates, I recently received an order from Mr. Sufian...He tasted my Orange Poppy Seed with Lemon Cream Cheese frosting during the 12th Defense Services Asia Exhibition & Conference before ( http://ritz-passion.blogspot.com/2010/04/going-corporate.html ) and simply loves it. Sufian told me that his order is actually a gift for his cousin's merisik ( pre-engagement ) in Raub, Pahang. When asked him about his choice for the deco, his only wish is for it to be a floral deco. The rest he says is up to my imagination...

Knowing how 'first impression' counts during those merisik session, I was all pumped up to do my best for Sufian...And with this thought, here's the outcome ;-)

Orange Poppy Seed With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting & Fondant Deco



I was quite jittery about the cupcakes and was praying that Sufian will like his order....His reaction when he received his order says it all & boy, was I relieved!!....He was so excited upon seeing the cupcakes & was so speechless when conveying his thanks to me...Hearing him say that  the outcome was actually more than what he expected just filled my heart with a warm feeling and such satisfaction...All I can say is I'm just so happy to be able to bring such joy....A great, great feeling indeed!

To Sufian, thanks so much for giving me the chance to grace your cousin's special event and thank you for your order. Have a safe trip to Raub!

P/S - To my dear AS, enjoy the post and yes, there will be more to come ;-) Thanks for your support and good luck trying for that 2,000th Visitor! :-x

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