22 October 2010

Just Speechless!

 Note : Image Taken From The Wide World Of Internet

Speechless! Yes, that's the only way I can describe myself upon receiving Syed's message in my FB mailbox today...My tongue practically rolled on to the floor! And I even did some 'jump of glee' around my house! *blushing*

Well, that is how elated I was seeing Syed's video...Truth be told, Syed actually did the video as a sample peek for his other customer. I'm just excited that of all the subject he can choose from, he actually choose "Ritz Passion" as his story...Not only that, he even gave me his permission to use the video whenever or however I like...Ain't that so nice of him?!

Really, I'm just so grateful! Thanks so much Syed for the wonderful surprise! Not often can I open up my mail & received such a gift!

To those thinking of making a video commercial for their online @ offline businesses, do  give a holler to Syed...I'm sure he'll surprise you with his artwork as he had surprised me ;-) Here's the link to contact him - http://www.fiverr.com/users/syedakram/gigs/produce-2-min-video-for-offline-and-online-business

To Syed, thanks so much for your kind gesture...I'm truly honored! No words can describe my gratitude...I'm just speechless!!

19 October 2010

A Gift Of Love

There's never a day that goes by that I don't feel blessed...So many to be grateful for...

One of my blessing comes in a form of a man....A great, great man whom I've always looked up to. I've learned a lot from him. He had guided me in a lot of aspect, be it in my professional or personal life...I can never thank him enough for all that he has done for me...I'm talking about my ex-boss, Mr. D.A.R.Y ( pardon the initials as I need to respect his privacy ).

Though I've resigned from my professional life and I'm no longer his PA ( was his PA for a decade ), we still keep in touch with each other...His family is like an extended family to me & I've always enjoy seeing them whenever I can...

To celebrate the Aidilfitri recently, I decided to bake some goodies for D.A.R.Y & family...Hope they have enjoyed the goodies as much as I've enjoyed baking it for them...

Peanut Butter & Nutella Cupcakes

Edible "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" Deco


Happy Birthday!

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee birthdays! To me, birthdays is all about love, happiness & of course goodiesssssssss!!! :-P Baked this Peanut Butter & Nutella cupcakes for my brother's birthday recently...

Happy birthday bro & may you find happiness every where you go....Lots of love & hugs!!

17 October 2010

Love Of A Daughter, A Wife & A Mom

Yes, this is a post which I dedicate to all you women out there...Women who juggles & tries hard to balance their life being a daughter, a wife & a mom all at one go...One person in particular is my dear friend, Ms. Azni...

Apart from being all the above, Azni is also a full time career woman...How she managed to balance her hectic life is such a wonder to me...Heck! I'm without kids & yet I'm struggling to coordinate my life! Maybe I should get some tips from you gals, ehh? :-P

Despite her super duper busy life, Azni, being a great daughter in-law, set aside some time recently to arrange for her mother in-law's birthday...To make the event special & very personal, Azni had place an order for some photo cupcakes of her mother in-law...So touched was I over her sweet thoughts that I decided to make her cuppies deco as sweet as her thoughts ;-)

Azni's Special Order

Photo Cuppies

Orange Poppy Seed With Butter Cream Toppings

Azni ordered some photo cuppies for her children as well...

Chocolate Cuppies For Azni's Three Beautiful Kids

Not forgetting her special order for darling hubby...

Peanut Butter & Nutella Toppings

To Azni, you are such a great person & I'm so proud to call you my friend :-x Thanks again for your continuous support...I hope you & your family had enjoyed the cuppies ;-)

Lastly, to all the women out there, keep up the good work ladies...Spread your love around!

She Had Me At "Hello"

There are times when it took you a while to start a friendship...and there are times when it simply took you a few second! That's exactly what happened to me & Ms. Eijaa...From her first sweet 'hello' which she sent to me thru my FB account, we somehow hit it off straight away...Really, it's like we've been friends forever, when the truth is we are simply strangers! Times like this is when I really count my blessings...

It started when Eijaa sent me sweet...sweet messages saying how she loves my products ( Note to Eijaa : Muahhh!! Thanks dear for your kind words! ) and from then on, our friendship blossomed...She's such a sweet person & really, it's not hard to like her! Bubbly & jovial, always laughing...That's one thing we have in common & I guess that's why we clicked ;-)

This order was actually done by her during the Ramadhan...She was dying to taste my Carrot Cake and finally decided to order it for her berbuka puasa ( break fast ) reunion with some of her ex-colleague...So excited was she with her order that I could not help being nervous....Just worried that I don't live up to her expectation...Ngeee!!!

For her cake deco, she requested for a 'black & white' theme...and make it nice, she warned me...He...he...

Wanting to create something special for her, I decided to try out my chocolate deco...Trust me, I've never done any chocolate deco for cakes before...What more, I've never attended any classes on making chocolates @ cake decorations...So this was really a challenge...I guess  I had one of my daring moments while doing Eijaa's cake ;-)

"Black & White" Themed Carrot Cake

Chocolate Alphabets

Eijaa, I do hope you've enjoyed the cake...My sincere thanks for your purchase...but most of all for your friendship...Hugs!!!

15 October 2010

Ritz Passion Turns 1!!!

Oh dear! How fast time can fly!! Can't believe it's already a year since I quit my 9 to 5 job to fully dedicate myself to my baby, "Ritz Passion"...

To those who knows me, they will tell you that I can be really mushy when faced with this kind of sentimental thingy :-P But for now I'm just lost for words as I truly do not know how to describe how I feel right this very moment....

I feel HAPPY as I'm blessed by Allah S.W.T for HE has opened my heart to be courageous to do what I'm so passionate about...

I feel BLESSED for the little talent that I have...and being able to use my talent to spread joy to others, which is by far my ultimate goal...It warms my heart to see all those smiles & joy...

Last but not least, I feel LOVED by all the non-stop support & encouragement showered upon me by my family, friends and not forgetting YOU...The friendship which was extended to me, be it from my old friends or from my new ones, means the world to me...My utmost thanks to each & every one of you...I'm truly humbled by your love...

Thank you...thank you...thank you for everything! Praying that "Ritz Passion" will continue to prosper...

"We are so often caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey, especially the goodness of the people we meet on the way. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling...."

14 October 2010

Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes

This is one flavor that's a hit with most of my customers, especially to my dearest Ree. She's such an ardent fan! It always bring me joy each time seeing Ree sinking her teeth into those cupcakes :-P Boy! she sure does love it, especially the cream cheese toppings :-P

Here's her order during the Ramadhan month ;-)

Trying Another "Rose" Decoration ;-)

Orange Poppy Seed with Cream Cheese Toppings

Ree, I've said this before and I'm going to say it again...Thanks so much for your continuous support dear! Love...love....love ya! :-x

Owhhh! While baking Ree's cupcakes, I baked some for my girl, Intan...It's just my way of saying 'hello' to her since it has been a while since I last see her ;-)  I bet she must be busy running around arranging things as she's getting married pretty soon ;-)...All the best dear & do make sure you have plenty of rest kay! A bride needs to look beautiful on her special day ;-)

Sure hope this cuppies cheered up Intan ;-)

Till my next post, take care all!

13 October 2010

Alive & Kicking...

Yup! As the title says, I'm still alive & kicking ;-) Or should I put it alive & baking?...Hhmmm...

Yes, finally I managed to find some time to sit in front of my laptop to type away  some of my M.A.J.O.R back-dated posts! Gosh! You wouldn't believe all the posts I need to update!! Scares me just to see my 'draft box'!! Ngeeeeeeee!!!! Be patience with me & I'll promise to post the updates one at a time, kay...

To those who religously followed my blog, thank you so much for your support...and yes, noted on your "complaints" about the "no news" from me ;-) As you know, for the last two months, we celebrated the holy month of Ramadhan & the joyous Syawal...It was supposed to be just another celebration for me....Was I wrong!!! Being new in this baking thingy, little did I know that it will be THE most hectic two months of my new life as a home-baker. Despite the chaos & the lost of my beauty sleep during those times, one thing I'm so grateful for are the knowledge & experience I've gained...Guess my experience will be a bonus point next time around, ehh? :-P

Well, as I say, I've tonnesssssssssssssssssss of post that I need to update...Better do it now, ehh? As a start, here are some of the products that I was busy rushing out from my oven during the Ramadhan & Syawal month recently...I also did received some rendang & cakes order, unfortunately I didn't managed to find the time to snap the pix due to my hectic schedules :-P
Chocolate Chip Cookies

 Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies

Honey & Nuts Cornflakes Cookies

Rock Cookies

To those who ordered & purchased my products, I thank you from the bottom of my heart...It warms my heart knowing part of my products graced your special day, a day spent with your loved ones...

And to those who actually took some time sending me those nice messages, I thank you for your sweet & kind words.

Some of the messages I received which just made my day & I truly appreciate it :-x

"My girls love your cookies. They said it's just like Famous Amos!" - Ms.D

"Kak, your cookies are superb! Thanks!" - Ms.Yaya

"Fuuuuulamak! My mama's cookies so delicious. Feels like in heaven now" -  Mr. RYSC a.k.a my 'son'

Salam Aidilfitri to all and maaf zahir & batin....Moving on to my next post ;-)

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