20 April 2012

What An Invasion!

Seriously, never had I seen an invasion so absolutely crazy like the Angry Birds! They are just everywhere - on t-shirts, hand-phone cases, bags, shoes, heck, latest I know, there's even pau ( steamed Chinese buns ) made to shape like one! But then again, the last invasion I've ever witnessed was those of Disney's characters, good old Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Just shows how 'young' I am ehh? :-P

Sad to say, I wasn't really into the craziness as others seemed to be...Maybe it's due to the fact that I'm a bit 'duhhhh' when it comes to anything technology. Yup! I'm such an 'old-skool' kind of gal & being technology savvy ain't just my thing :-P I considered myself lucky being able to figure out all this blogging & facebooking thing :-P 

Imagine then how my jaw literally dropped onto the floor when I received a call from Izan, requesting for an Angry Birds theme birthday cake for her son's belated birthday celebration...Yes, my jaw seriously literally dropped onto the floor! I mean, how can someone ( obviously me! ) who never even played the Angry Birds game be able to come up with such a cake?!! I don't even know the characters or anything that's associated with it! Such an embarrassment, right? *super blushhhhhh*

I was honest with Izan by admitting that I'm quite a newbie with fondant cake & figurines ( plus the fact that I'm not so familiar with Angry Birds! ) and was wondering if she really would want me to create her cake. I mean, better me be frank with her than she being upset with the outcome, right? :-P Honestly is always the best policy in my book :-)

Much to my surprise, Izan gave me the green light & insisted that I make her cake. "Let it be a practice for you", she said...Auwww, seriously, where would I be without such great support & encouragement from my goodies lovers. Muahhhhhhss!

Despite not knowing anything about Angry Birds, this is what I managed to come up with :-P

Angry Birds Theme Birthday Cake

Chocolate Moist Cake With Vanilla Buttercream & Fondant Figurines/Deco....And Yes, Those Blocks Are Cadbury's Chocolate Cookies ;-)

I Added Some 2D Decorations By The Side Of The Cake - Just To Make It More Fun ;-)

Yellow Bird

Red Bird

Black Bird

The Angry Birdies!

They Look So Menacing Under This Lighting, Don't They? :-P

I Honestly Don't Have A Clue Of The Eggs Role In The Game, But I Know It's In It :-P

The Angry Birdies...But They Sure Don't Look THAT Angry To Me ;-)

I wasn't really happy with how the fondant turned out on the cake :-( It's one of those time when things just go wrong & the more I try to rectify it, the worst it becomes. What a bummer! The fondant was just not my friend that day :-( Thankfully Izan was so forgiving & instead of being upset, she's just over the moon with happiness on how the cake turned out. Best of all, according to her, her son was practically ecstatic with the cake :-) In the end, that is all that matters to me - happiness to all that received my goodies *love*

I Just Love The Look On Afiq's Face! Super Cute!

To my dear Izan, it was indeed a great honor being chosen by you to make your son's birthday cake. My sincere thanks for the opportunity & for the support rendered. I am forever grateful! Much thanks for the sweet email that you've sent me & for sharing photo's of your son with his birthday cake :-) He's such a cute boy!

Okay, time for me to hit the sack now...I just hope I won't be dreaming of Angry Birds later *chuckles*

Nite all & sending you much love! ✗o✗o

19 April 2012

A Huge Milestone Indeed!

Wuhooo!! Who would have thought that my first ever novelty cake would have made it's way onto the page of one esteemed webpage - Cake Of The Day! Not bad for someone who doesn't even know what's the difference between baking soda and baking powder, ehh?...Ermmm, and I STILL don't know the difference! *chuckles*

My First Try At Making Novelty Cake - Burger Cake!

On a serious note, having one of my goodies featured by Cake Of The Day is such an honor for me & a huge milestone indeed :-) Being someone who doesn't even know how to bake a cake or even decorate one before, this is just the cherry on top of my ice-cream! 

My sincere thanks to the people at Cake Of The Day for choosing my goodies & most of all, for giving me the push & encouragement I so much needed to venture more into this new passion of mine :-) Much love to the angels at Cake Of The Day 

To read more on my Burger Cake, please feel free to head here :-)

Much love to all! ✗o✗o

17 April 2012


I guess from my non-stop ramblings through this blog of mine, plus the imperfect looking decorations of my goodies *blush*, by now everyone would probably know what a true & true novice I am in this cake baking & decorating :-P Yup! Two years into this trade and I still find myself struggling to catch up on the ABC's of cake decorating :-P Honestly, when I first ventured into this line, little did I know what a big scope cake decorating can be! All this while I really thought it's just 'bake a cake - frost - decorate' & walaa! you'll have yourself a pretty little cake! Obviously I was sooooooo wrong! Just shows how little I know, right?! Huh, what do you expect from someone who doesn't even know how to cook before :-P *super blush*

Honestly, I still can't believe how many things I need to learn just to cover the basic 'dos & don'ts' of this new passion of mine. With new decorating techniques popping up mostly every day, I'm pretty sure I'll STILL be a novice five years from now :-P Sometimes I find myself wondering if ever I'll get to master at least some of the techniques *wishful thinking*

Talking about the ABC's of cake decorating, let me tell you that there are just tonnes of cake decorating techniques that I'm dying to try but never have the guts to! Yes! I'm THAT insecure when it comes to cake decorating :-P One of the techniques that I've been wanting to try is buttercream ruffles...I really can't tell you the number of times I have actually picked up my piping bag to do this technique but always find myself backing away from it & instead opted for a 'safer' kind of decoration :-P Oh yea! Thousands & thousands of times! I somehow find it so nerve-wrecking to try making those ruffles!

When Ramadzan contacted me & told me of his intention to present his special someone with a birthday cake, my mind immediately thought of the buttercream ruffles. Moreover, Ramadzan requested for a sweet coloured cake deco. After putting much thought & understanding his requirements, I was pretty sure that this deco suits his cake best...The question is, will I be able to pull it off. Guess I'll let you be the judge of it ;-)

Pssttt! Tell me if you think I've failed yea! Pinky promise?

My First Attempt At Making Ruffles Cake :-P

Chocolate Moist Cake With Vanilla Buttercream & Edible Photo

Sweet Pink Color Theme Deco As Requested By Ramadzan

Tadaaaa! My First Swirl Of Ruffles :-P
Yes! I Desperately Need To Practice More :-P

To Ramadzan, my sincere thanks to you for your purchase but most of all, many thanks for giving me the opportunity & for trusting me enough to make your special cake :-) I do hope the cake I've created for you brought thousands of smile on your special someone's face :-)

Okay, I'm heading off to my practice board - pronto! Better start practicing those ruffles if ever I want to catch up! Tonnes of techniques still need to learn! Ngeeee! *getting panickier by the seconds!*

Till my next post, sending much love to each & every one of you :-) Big hugs! ✗o✗o

04 April 2012

Has It Been That Long?

Oh boy! I didn't realize I was lagging wayyyyyyy behind on my post until I saw photos of this cake order *face palm* Hhmmm...Now I can't help wondering what ever happened to all my time :-P Seriously, was it THAT long since I last update my goodies news?!!! Gosh! I better catch up then :-P

Here's a cake order which I've made especially for dear Miss Amelia, a new customer/friend of mine :-) It's always a pleasure to receive new goodies lover of Ritz Passion :-) Amelia's order was for a Red Velvet Cake, a cake to celebrate all her office-mates birthday - way back in October! See, now you know why I'm so shocked! Really, I still can't get over how long it has been since my last goodies update *super embarrass!*

Amelia's request for her cake was for it to be a mix of Red & White colour theme...and in honour of Amelia, I've decided to make the deco sweet, just like Amelia ;-)

Red Velvet Cake With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

A Red & White Theme Birthday Cake

Oh! I'm also sharing some of the photos Amelia sent to me...A sort of photo journal on what happened to the cake :-P I find it pretty funny & just love each one of the photos! Thanks Amelia for being kind enough to share it with me. Never fail to brighten up my day each time I see it :-)

The Cake All Ready For The Party :-)

Now You See ( The Cake ).....

Now You Don't! :-P

Amelia dear, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU so much for choosing my goodies to grace your office-mates birthday celebration. It's such an honour baking it for you :-)

Ending this post with a sweet message that I received from Amelia...

"The cake was delicious. My boss loved it a lot. Good job, dear"

Nothing else is more rewarding to me than a happy & satisfied customer :-) Thank you Amelia for making my day! 

03 April 2012

Buried Under Layers Of Flour :-P

I know...I know! It has been AGES since I last blog about my goodies endeavour :-P My apologies to my goodies lovers for being M.I.A ( Missing In Action )...Not that I've jilted you but yours truly had literally been 'buried under layers of flour' :-P Yup, I truly was swarmed to the neck with goodies orders of late & only today managed to break free! I'm sooooooooo grabbing this little free time that I have to update you on my goodies news before my next order wave :-)

Today's goodies news has a special place in my heart...It's a cake order which I received from one of my bestie's brother, who's staying all the way in Malacca ( some 2 hours away from my place! ). Yes, my goodies are going places ( and leaving me behind! ) :-P Yeayyyyy! A huge mile-stone for me knowing that my goodies is working it's magic outside of Kuala Lumpur :-) *bliss*

Azrain, whom I had the opportunity to meet during one of my holidays in Malacca, sent in his request via my Facebook account. Oh! Talking about Facebook, just a quick shout-out to Rose Villa Holiday Homes :-) Yes, Azrain is the owner of this wonderful home-stay & if ever you're heading to Malacca, do give him a buzz. He's such a great guy & his home-stay are really a nice place to stay *highly recommended*

Anyway, back to Azrain's goodies...Azrain request was for a race/sport car theme birthday cake, a cake which he would like to present his son, Hariss, with on his special day. To tell you honestly, I was pretty nervous when I received this order *nail biting* My mind was thinking all sorts of things - how to make sure my cake will stand the journey...what deco is suitable for a boy...how do I go about creating car theme birthday cake...yada...yada...But what concern me the most was, how do I make sure that Azrain & family will enjoy the cake, not to mention having to make sure that the birthday boy love it! :-P It's pretty nerve-wrecking as Azrain gave me all the freedom from choosing the cake flavour, the fillings & frostings to the cake decoration...

After much thought & consideration, I finally decided to bake Azrain a Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Chips Filling & Vanilla Buttercream...Nothing could go wrong with vanilla & chocolates, right? :-P

And here's the cake which I did...

Race/Sport Car Theme Birthday Cake

Practically Went To Several Toy Shops Just To Find The Right Car :-P

Vanilla Cake With Chocolate Chips Fillings & Vanilla Buttercream

Happy Birthday Hariss!
Hope You Had A Blast On Your Special Day :-)

Yup! My Buttercream Gave Me It's Tantrum On That Particular Day...
No Matter What I Did, It Just Won't Go Smooth *Sigh!* :-P

To Azrain & family, thank you so much for choosing my goodies to grace your son's special day. It is indeed  an honour to bake for you & I sincerely hope that you've enjoyed the cake :-) Hope Hariss love it as well ;-)

To my goodies lovers, boy, do I have tonnesssssssssssssss of goodies stories to tell you about! I just hope I'm able to 'steal' some time to tell you about it :-)

Till next time, sending much love & have a goodylicious day to all  ✗o✗o

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