09 October 2016

Marshmallow Brownies

Hi there sweeties!

Just a simple posting on one of my goodies. Marshmallow Brownies to be exact :-) A chocolaty brownies mixed with toasted peanuts & marshmallows on the inside & topped with chocolate ganache & more of those fluffy marshmallows :-)

This was ordered by sweet Ms. Edura for her family gathering, all two sets of it :-) Thank you dear Edura for your order & for always supporting Ritz Passion. It was an honor indeed to bake for you :-) Big hugs & kisses ✗o✗o

The end :-P

P/S : You'll know when I'm out of idea when my posting is this 'basic' *chuckles*

08 September 2016


Hello there peeps! Hope every one is in the best of health & happiness :-) I know...I know...It has been quite sometime since I last post anything here ( too long maybe! ) :-P I'm pretty sure that by now some of you must be wondering why the lack of news on my blog...Whether this blog is still active or just collecting dust ( erkkk! )...Or maybe some even noticed that there was not much updates on either my blog, Facebook & even Instagram!

Well, I have no other reason other than this four letter word - MOJO. Yup, I somehow lost my mojo for blogging :-( I just can't seem to find the words or mood to type even a short decent post! I have been trying for so many times, trust me. I would actually go through all the motions ( day & night ) like switching on my laptop, stare into my laptop's screen, look at my keyboard trying to make up words...and blank! Nothing! Most of the time I'll end up staring at my screen & in the end just walk away from my laptop. Heck, to be honest, I even lost my mojo for all my other social media - be it Facebook, Instagram or even WhatsApp. Yea, I guess I have been sort of a recluse these few weeks ( or even months! ). Totally lost my social media mojo! :-P Any one seen it around? He..he..

Mojo...Blojo ( that's what I call my blogging mojo ) or whatever it is, tonight I decided that I'm just gonna go ahead & just type whatever comes to mind! It's time for me to find back my mojo :-P So baby step it shall be for now....Lil baby steps back to my blogging & social media :-P

For now, let's start with this simple fondant cake order which I received from Ms. Tuan Ira. Tuan Ira requested for a Fudge Cake with a simple design as part of a wedding ( or was it engagement? ) dowry & she wanted it in black color with some yellow color to make it pop :-)

Here was what I came up with...and am really happy to report that Tuan Ira was delighted with the outcome when she came to collect her cake :-) Yipee!

Owhhh! Please pardon the lack of proper set up & the extra lighting that came with the cake's photo...It was night time when Tuan Ira came to pick up her cake & I was not able to find a decent lighting & background at that time :-P

My sincere thank you to Tuan Ira for giving me the opportunity to create her cake & for trusting me to come up with my own design for her cake. It was great fun making your cake & I truly appreciate it Tuan Ira. Thank you! :-)

Hhhmmm...I guess that's it for today :-) Hoping that my mojo/blojo will come back to me 100% soon so that I can share all my other goodies creations with you ( yes, there's tonnes of it still stuck in my draft box! ). Till my next post, a very good day to all! Catch up with you soon! ✗o✗o

29 February 2016


Making cakes & goodies for my loved ones has always been my passion...When my passion turns to a full time job, I don't consider it a burden but a blessing :-) Yes, I loveeeeeeeeeeee making cakes & goodies for my family, friends & of course my customers. Nothing makes me happier than to see that big smile on someone's face when they receive goodies that I especially created for them. Priceless!

It is indeed a blessing knowing that my cakes & goodies get to be a part of someone's special day...Days like the occasional birthdays, engagements, weddings and even baby showers :-) A blessing that I forever hold dear & close to my heart :-)

So when someone chooses my cakes & goodies to be a part of their special moments continuously, now that is another feeling all together! That I would say an honor indeed :-) This is such the case with dear Ms. Fieza, who's staying all the way in Klang ( about 1.5 hour drive from my place ).

From her lovey dovey dating years to her engagement day, I was given the opportunity to create her goodies years after years :-) And finally, when she called me up saying she wanted me to create her wedding cake, of course I couldn't help but to feel deeply touched & honored!

I wanted so much to convey my gratitude & thanks to Fieza for her continuous support all these years, so I decided to create a special cake for her special day. A cake that reflects all of Fieza's personality - sweet, bubbly & of course her kind heart :-)

Cake flavor was American Carrot & Walnut Cake ( bottom tier ) & Red Velvet Cake ( top tier ). Fieza's favorite colors are purple & pink so I decided to create her cake with all her favorite colors :-) 

And here's my creation, a special one just for Fieza....

Now comes the best part about making this cake...Apart from being commissioned to do Fieza's cake, I was also invited to be a part of her special day! How wonderful is that? :-) It touched me tremendously that Fieza included me as one of her guest. All I can say is that her wedding was such a beautiful wedding...A perfect day filled with so much love & joy! Here are some of the photos that I managed to capture :-)

To my dear Fieza, my heartfelt congratulations to you on your beautiful union. I pray that your marriage will be blessed with lots of joy, good health & endless love. Happy Wedding Day sweetie!

Thanks all for dropping by & reading through my post. Till next time, have a blessed day ahead & enjoy! ✗o✗o

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