22 February 2012

♥ Little Elves Of Love ♥

The thought of me being able to spread my love to others through my goodies was the MAIN reason on why I decided to leave my 9-5 job & venture into this home-based business of mine...Yes, I honestly wanted to share my love as I have soooo much to share :-) Little did I know that in time, without me even realizing it, my goodies has worked it's magic on it's own...Now, instead of me spreading love to others, in turn, it's me who's getting love from others! Magic, right?! :-) Who would have thought that a little something like cupcakes, cakes or even cookies could bring so much love...

Looking back, I honestly could say that my little elves a.k.a goodies have done wonders in brightening up my life, especially when it comes to friendship & relationship :-) I'm blessed with so many wonderful new friends, local & abroad...strengthened the love between myself & my good old friends...bringing my family closer than ever...Gosh! Just so many blessings! And the best part of it all, not only does it affect my life, but others as well! :-) I lost count the number of times I've received a 'thank you' note/message from others saying that my goodies has helped them mend a relationship...or even that my goodies has made someone's love for each other grew so much stronger...or that my goodies simply brighten up their day! Those are the things I lived for & am just grateful that I'm able to take part in spreading & sharing love :-)

This brings me to sweet dear Ms. Syikin...An acquaintanceship my little elves a.k.a goodies played a part in :-P Yes, my acquaintanceship with Syikin started out from an order which was  placed by Syikin's close friend, dear Ms. Halifah. Halifah ( who's now a loyal fan of Ritz Passion's goodies...Yeayy! Love you dear! ), initially ordered a set of cupcakes to celebrate both their close friend, Ms. Dat's birthday. That was where Syikin got to know about me & my goodies :-) Now, in turn, Syikin approached me & ordered a set of cupcakes to celebrate Halifah's birthday :-) Beautiful right just how goodies help form friendship? ;-)

Syikin's request was for a set of Red Velvet Cupcakes & for the deco, she wanted me to do something sweet for Halifah...Lucky for me, from the short time I got to know Halifah, I knew exactly the kind of things she likes ;-)

Red Velvet Cupcakes With Lemon Cream Cheese

Sweet Deco Specially Made For A Sweet Lady :-x

The Birthday Girl, Haley & Her BFFs
( Top Right Is Dear Sweet Syikin )

I Simply L.O.V.E The Look Of Glee On Haley's Face :-)

Haley & Her Loved Ones - Hubby Dearie & BFFs

To my dear sweet Syikin, it was indeed an honour to meet your acquaintaince...Thanks so much for choosing my goodies to grace your event. I am indeed over-the-moon that my goodies was a part of Halifah's special day :-) Much love to you Syikin!

To my sweetie pie Halifah, I just loveeeeeeeee your photos, especially the look of glee on everyone's faces, especially yours dear! Priceless! :-) Seemed like a great party indeed! Thank you so much for sharing your photos dear. Wishing you lots of love & happiness always...Muahhhhhhh!!

Hhmmm...I'm really excited & sooo looking forward to see what other magic my little elves a.k.a goodies have in-store for me ;-) In the meantime, I'm sending each & every one of you much...much...MUCH love! 

17 February 2012

Baby Shower Cookies

Hhmmm...Handling last minute goodies request might not be a big deal to most cake makers / bakers, but for a novice like me, it's really a big deal! Oh yeah! A big, BIG deal indeed as being a newbie, I have yet to learn the tricks on how to get everything done in an orderly & smooth way :-P From preparing the items needed for each recipes, to setting the baking time & not forgetting the time needed for me to do the decorations. And yes, don't forget that I'm such a fussy person & with this minor OCD that I have ( Yup! I fuss over every micro little details! ), what took others just an hour to bake their goodies, it can easily turn to 2 - 3 hours for me! Not to mention the extra time I need to think up on the decoration ideas, which usually takes me some time since I'm the least creative person ever! :-P

Yes, I'm still soooo much a novice as you could obviously read from the above *blush* Imagine then my reaction when I received an S.O.S 'I-need-some-cookies-pronto' phone call from dear Surya :-P With panic of course! :-P By the way, imagine my panic times two! Why?!! As I'll be making my goodies for another great baker! Uh-huh, for your info, Surya herself is a great baker! Can't blame me for being panicky, rite? :-P

Anyway, Surya's request was for some baby-shower cookies which she would like to present to her mum-to-be friend & since I was so much in shock when Surya gave me the task, my body & brain simply went on 'auto mode'! Ha! Ha!...Auto mode is a time when I don't allow myself to think, worry, panic & anything of that nature :-P Instead, I just went to the kitchen & whipped up some cookies batter. Even the design was an impromptu one! It was what came to my mind at that moment, so I had no choice but to just stick to it :-P Had to since I wasn't spared any creative moment :-P I did however ran through my ideas with Surya, just in case she had some other ideas....And the best part is, all she said was, "I trust you & I know you'll come up with something, so just go ahead & do what ever you think best"...Auwwww, ain't she sweet!

In the end, these was what I did came up with...*blush*

Vanilla Butter Cookies

Huwaaaa!!! :-P

Baby Shower Cookies All Nicely Packed & Ready For Collection :-)

Peek-A-Boo! :-P

Truthfully, I was a little worried on how Surya would react to my cookies once she received it...Luckily my worry was put to rest when I received Surya's text. She simply lovessssssss it! Yeayyyyyy! Not only that, she even told me that all her friends was practically fighting over it :-P Phewwwww! What a relief! :-P

Surya & friends snapped some photos during the baby-shower party & they were kind enough to send me some of it :-) I truly love all the photos Surya sent me & practically begged her to allow me to share some of it here...Surya & friends, thanks sooooooooo much for making my cookies looked so pwettyyyyyy :-P

Sweet Surya...Loving This Photo!

Last but not least, Surya dear, thanks so much for your business....I truly appreciate it! Most important of all, thank you for trusting me to create your cookies :-) I heart you, sweetie!

10 February 2012

A Cake For A Drummer

'Erkkkkkkk! What kind of cake should I be making for a musician?'...

Yup! That was how I reacted & the first thing that blurted out of my mouth when my dear uncle told me that he wished to order a birthday cake for one of his studio's band member, Putera. He was planning a surprise birthday party at his studio for Putera & wanted something special for the occasion.

Not wanting to disappoint my uncle, I cranked up my brain & finally an idea hit me! What about a drum shaped cake? I think it would fit perfectly for Putera, who's a drummer to an up & coming underground band, Heart-A-Tack. A drum cake would definitely fit the occasion. The problem is, I've NEVER made a drum shaped cake before! *dilemma*

Always the 'ever-so-eager-over-a-new-project' kind of person, I choose to ignore my lack of experience & insecurity and just went ahead making the cake :-P Hey! I have to at least try, right? :-P I did however warned my uncle that he might end up having an 'urghhhh' cake. Should see his face when I warned him! The look of complete terror! Ha! Ha!

The cake I came up with in the end.... Drum-roll please *no pun intended* :-p

Drum Cake For A Drummer :-)

Though I've never made a drum cake before, I have to admit that I had great fun making it :-) Apart from it being a learning experience, I too get to apply a few new cake decorating tricks which I learned from the wide world of web ( plus You Tube, of course! ) but never did get to try before :-P

In all honesty, what made me happy & touched my heart the most was the reaction I received from both my uncle & aunty when they came to pick up the cake from me...The look of utter disbelief & pure excitement! Such a priceless reaction & one I would always remember :-) They were both so blown away & keep saying 'it looked exactly like a drum!' over & over again :-P Phewwww! A big relief to see that my cake has 'passed' their strict inspections :-)

To my dear uncle & aunty, Tacu & Auntie Miza, thank you so much for believing in me...For trusting me enough to create a cake for Putera's special day. Both your support & encouragement means a great deal to me & I hope I'll be receiving more in the near future :-)

To dear Putera, aka Baby, wishing you all the happiness in the world & praying that all your dreams will come true. Hope you've enjoyed your surprise party & birthday cake :-)

I'm ending this post with a few shots of Putera's at his surprise birthday party...Enjoy!

The Birthday Boy, Putera & His Cake

Putera & His Heart-A-Tack Band Mates

Putera & Close Friends

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