28 January 2011

Another Treasured Memories

To me, there's simply nothing better than the joy of sitting around a table with great friends & enjoying the food I cooked for them! I love being in my friends' company & despite my busy schedules, I do try my best to meet up with them as much as I possibly could! I especially love it whenever I have the opportunity to cook for them ( much more so IF & when they enjoyed the food! ha..ha.. )

Last week I get to 'play Chef' to a few good friends...It's been a while since we last met so everyone agreed to meet up at my place for dinner. I got so excited over the prospect of cooking for them that I ended up making a 3 course dinner :-) Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it when I get to play 'Chef' for a day *giggle*

Garlic Bread

Loveeeeeeee The Snap Shot! :-P

Creamed Mushroom Soup

Wrapped Beef Steak With Capsicum & Gouda Cheese Plus Trimmings - Mashed Potatoes & Buttered Veges

Love Having My Mashed Potatoes With Black Pepper Sauce :-P

RYSC's ( a.k.a My 'Son' ) Portion...Boy! He Sure Does Loves His Black Pepper Sauce! :-P

Baked Parmesan Chicken

Yeayyyy! Highlight Of The Dinner - Pavlova With Cream Fruits

My 1st Try At Making Pavlova :-)

Love...Love...Love It! :-P

To my dear friends ( you know who you are..wink! ), I had such a great time with each & every one of you! Thanks so much for allowing me to cook for you :-) Hope you've enjoyed the food as much as I've enjoyed cooking ( and baking ) for you...Another memories treasured :-) Muahhhhhhhhh!!

25 January 2011

Reunion Cupcakes & Toppers

I've always considered myself so lucky for being blessed with such supportive & loving friends...Friends that never fail to encourage me to follow my dream & passion. One such friend is my dear Mona, who's not only one of my BFF, she's my 'cheerleader', my 'food-tester' & best of all, she's also one of my regular customers :-) Thanks sweetie!

I can never thanked her enough as not only is she supporting me through her words of encouragements, but she went the extra mile by introducing my goodies to her other friends as well!

Recently ( much to my delight! ), Mona introduced my goodies to one of her office-mate, Ms. Maz Aznee. From Maz's first e-mail, I could already sense what a jovial & happy-go-lucky person she is. I liked her the moment I received her peppy e-mail :-P Maz mentioned that she's having a school reunion & wishes to order my Chocolate Moist cupcakes with butter cream. Knowing what a special occasion it was ( plus I was feeling generous at the time! ), I added chocolate ganache to top the Chocolate Moist cupcakes :-P ( I loveeeeeeeeeeeee reunions! ) Oh! I also did some hand-made cupcake toppers ;-)

School Reunion Cupcakes & Toppers

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache & Butter Cream Frostings

To Maz & friends, I hope your reunion was a blast & I do hope you've enjoyed the personalized cupcakes :-) It was great fun making your goodies! My sincere thanks to Maz for choosing Ritz Passion goodies to grace your special event :-)

The Jovial & Sweet Maz

Last but not least, my sincere thanks to my dear Mona for your support, love & recommendations...Love you tonnes! Hope you've enjoyed the goodies ;-)

My 'Thank You' Goodies For Mona

Cooking Spree

I was feeling down & achy for the past couple of days, no thanks to my 'on & off' fever...I guess the gloomy & cold weather didn't help much either :-( Being an active person, I totally felt 'tied down' & hated every moment of being sick...So what's a girl to do on such days?...Went berserk in the kitchen!! :-P

Yup, I totally went crazy & cooked all the dishes I could think of! Even managed a 'trial-run' for my new cupcake flavor :-P

Thought I'll share with you some of the foodies I've whipped up...Just for the fun of it ;-)

A Local Dish - Masak Lemak Lodeh ( Creamy Coconut Broth With Veges & Rice Cubes )

Extra Garnishing - Spicy Prawn Sambal

Trial Run For My New Cupcake Flavor - Double Chocolaty...Still Need To Be Perfected ;-)

Chocolate Base Cake With Molten Chocolate Filling & White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

My Own 'Comfy Food' Creation - Burnt Butter Pasta...I Loveee This!

Pasta Loaded With Roasted Capsicum, French Beans, Mushrooms & Prawns

Come to think of it, I totally enjoyed the time I spent cooking up all those dishes! Just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee cooking & baking, even when I'm under the weather ;-) 

16 January 2011

Congratulations To My 6,000th Blog Visitor!

Image Taken From The Wide World Of Internet

Wow! What a nice surprise! This afternoon when I checked my blog, it listed as me having 5,800 visitors to date...I remember telling myself that I still have time to think up of something special to present my lucky 6,000th visitor :-)

Little did I know that I'll be getting my lucky 6,000th blog visitor by the end of the day! Congratulations Ms. Susan from Klang Lama! Thank you so much for your support & I'm soooooooooo looking forward to bake your special goodies ;-)

Susan's 'Print Screen' Proof

On another note, I also would like to convey my sincere gratitude & thanks to all those who had visited my blog all these while. Your support is truly appreciated! Hugsssss!!...To each & every one of you out there, I do hope you'll get to be one of the lucky visitor soon ;-)

To those wondering what this is all about, do visit the link here ;-)

Nite all & have a great week ahead! Spread the love 'all!

Farewell Victoria...

It is heartbreaking to say goodbye to your close buddies...As difficult as it is for us adult, I think it's much harder for the youngsters...I remember the thousand of times I reluctantly had to bid farewell to my close buddies. What a sad feeling that was, hence I truly understand what it must have felt like for Tisya...

Last weekend, Aina, mother to Tisya called me up & told me she wish to order some cupcakes for a farewell party which they are organizing for Victoria, Tisya's BFF ( Best Friend Forever ). From my telephone conversation with Aina, I could gather that Tisya & Victoria are really close. Understanding their special bond, I decided to come up with a special 'farewell messages' cake cuppies to honor Victoria...

Orange Poppy Seed With Cream Cheese Frosting Cake Cuppies

'Post It Note' Style Messages

Farewell Messages For Victoria

To dearest Aina, my sincere thanks for choosing Ritz Passion goodies to grace your event. Your endless support means the world to me :-) To dear Tisya & Victoria, I truly understand how you must be feeling...Do take comfort in knowing that friendship knows no border. No matter how far you both are, friendship will always remain ;-) Hope all of you had enjoyed the cupcakes ;-)

Victoria, You Are Truly Loved...

Note : Gosh! I'm missing my far-away friends...'Hello & Hugs' to all of them!

14 January 2011

A Good Day Indeed!

I'm enjoying today soooooo much, especially now that the weekend is coming ;-) Getting orders & new 'likers' for my Facebook page is an additional happiness to my already great day -  like extra icing on the cake I might say ;-) Love it! Thanks so much for your love & support peeps! Hugssssssss!

I've been wanting to post this entry but I had a case of 'writer's block' these last few days :-P Must be due to my fever recently ( yeah! blame it on the fever, what else...ha..ha... ) Anyway, I'm feeling much better now & getting all peppy as I'm typing this :-)

This cupcake order came from Ms. Bieha from Pandan Jaya...She was 'attacked' with a serious case of 'cupcake cravings' recently but wasn't sure if she should order as she's worried she couldn't finish it all to herself :-) A family gathering finally prompted her to place an order...Her request for her cupcakes was lotssssssss of cream cheese with simple pastel color theme :-)

Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Toppings

I was really glad being able to fulfill Bieha's cupcake cravings, especially when I received her message via my mobile...Bieha texted me saying she had enjoyed the cuppies & so did her mum...She even added that it was not enough! :-P It's just so rewarding knowing that my goodies had brought joy & happiness to others  :-) A great feeling indeed!

To Bieha, thank you so much for your order & for being such a great supporter of Ritz Passion. Really appreciate it! :-x I do hope you had a blast during your family's gathering :-)

12 January 2011

Fever Vs. Passion

Poor me was down with a fever yesterday...I hate being sick, don't you? All achy & feeling weak is just not a good feeling :-( Tried as I might to have a good rest, being me, I just couldn't sit still.....I just want to be in my kitchen! :-P

After much tossing on the bed & being so restless ( plus my mind keep thinking of all the things I just want to cook & bake! ), I decided that I'll feel much better doing some cooking...Simple Chinese dishes was somehow on my mind :-)

Pep Me Up Dishes ;-)

Deep Fried Sweet Sour Pomfret

Broccoli & Shiitake Mushroom

Really, spending a few hours in the kitchen & cooking is all I need to feel much...MUCHHHHHHH better! I think I've found the best cure for fever - sweat it out in the kitchen :-P

11 January 2011

Birthday + Cheesecake = Happiness!

Toblerone...Oreo...Cheesecake...Owhh! My honey bunny just lovessssssss these! It was his birthday recently & I naturally whipped up a surprise birthday cake for him using all the above :-)

He had been indulging himself with my various versions of baked cheesecake all these while so for his special day, I decided to try something different ;-) A non-bake cheesecake...I kept it simple, minimal deco I might say as I know the cheesecake will be attacked with no mercy! So why bother covering the cake with all the fancy frostings & stuffs, rite? :-P

Toblerone & Oreo Cheesecake

Minimal Deco ;-)

How It Looks Like After Being Attacked By The Cheesecake Monster a.k.a Ayang! :-P

To my Ayang ( short for 'Sayang' which means dear @ darling...corny ehh? *blush* ), happy birthday sweetie! This poem says it all...Muahhhh!! :-x

I Love Just You

Hey, birthday love, I think of you
On days both dark and sunny...
You bring me joy in every thought,
My precious, loving honey!

So be my love for all our lives,
And I’ll be your love, too;
Each birthday is another chance
To say, "I love just you!"

By Joanna Fuchs

08 January 2011

Colorful Butterfly Cupcakes

Ohhhhhhhh!! I sooooo love it when I get to 'play dough' :-P Much more so when I'm not rushing for orders or chasing to finish my never-ending house chores...This is the time when I just let my imagination runs wild :-P

I was in my peppy mood ( aren't I always! ha..ha... ) when Nurul called & requested for a butterfly themed cupcakes...My mind was already doing mental notes on the deco as Nurul described what she had in mind - pink & white colored frostings & butterflies!

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Butter Cream Frostings & Fondant Butterflies

Loveeeee The Splash Of Colors On The Butterflies :-P

All Packed & Ready To 'Fly Away' :-P

It really was such a fun time doing Nurul's cupcakes & making the butterflies was the best part! Just loved playing with the fondant & splashing all the colors :-P

To Nurul, thank you soooooo much for choosing Ritz Passion goodies & I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed making it ;-)

I'm already looking forward to my next 'play dough' sessions ;-)

07 January 2011

Red Velvet Indulgence

It's a nice feeling knowing that someone out there enjoyed the goodies that I've baked...It simply makes everything so worthwhile :-) I have to admit that I've always considered my goodies as an extension of my love to others...I love people & I love baking...It make sense, rite? :-)

I previously catered some goodies for SHAR's wedding & much to my relief, my Red Velvet Cupcakes was a hit during the reception *phewwwww* :-P SHAR & her friends simply loved it & recently ordered another batch of Red Velvet Cupcakes to enjoy...

Red Velvet Cupcakes & Cream Cheese Frostings

My Gift To SHAR For Being An Ardent Ritz Passion Supporter :-x

To SHAR & friends, my sincere thanks for your purchase. I'm just so happy that you've enjoyed my goodies :-x Spread the love kay ;-) Hugsssssssssssss!!
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