22 February 2013

An Honor Indeed!

I think by now you all know just how much I love baking & decorating cakes :-P Whipping up recipes, baking cakes & decorating it are just heavenly to me! Ermmm, the cleaning part is something I still struggle with :-P Hate it! *chuckles*

Yes, I love baking but wanna know what I love best? Baking goodies for my dear friends for sure! Especially when it's for their little ones :-)

Few years back, when my dear friend, Lilia, requested that I make a special cupcakes for her son, Khayr's 1st birthday, I was beyond excited! So imagine how I felt when I received another request from Lilia - this time for Khayr's 2nd birthday :-) I'm just truly honored!

Khayr's Upin & Ipin Theme Birthday Cake

American Carrot Cake With Lemon Cream Cheese

Baby Khayr & His Loving Parent

Oooo...Is Khayr Judging My Work? :-P

Khayr Picking On The M&Ms :-)

To my dear Lilia, I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyyyy back-dated *blush* Am truly sorry for this ( no thanks to my crazy hard disk! ). Nevertheless, do know that it's written with much love :-x Special thanks to you & Kerol for giving me the opportunity to create yet another birthday cake for Khayr. No words can describe how much I value your support & encouragement! Errmmm, maybe this will give you some idea - thank you...thank you...THANK YOU! 

Many thanks too for sharing your personal photos with me :-) I've always loveeeeeeeeeeee looking at your family's photo! Such a great family you have there. You are truly blessed my dear :-x

Oh oh! Am suddenly lost for words! Think my brain is shutting down already as it's nearing 3:00am!

Time for my beauty sleep dearies :-P Till my next post, nighty nite all! 

21 February 2013

My Way Of Saying 'I Love You'

Different people have different ways of saying 'I Love You' to their loved ones...Some openly just say the words, some would shyly profess their love through a song/poem, some would go big by lavishing their loved ones with gifts or flowers...Me? Well, honestly, the best & only way I know how is by me cooking/baking my loved ones their favorite food :-)

Yes, my cooking/baking may not be a 5-star Chef grade but I do admit ( and proud of it too! tee...hee...hee... ) that each dish that I prepare ALWAYS come with a load dose of love *mushy moment*

Those who knows me well will know how much I love baking for my loved ones :-) Here's a Red Velvet Cake I did for one of my dear friend's house warming...

Something Sweet For A Sweet Lady

Practicing My Hands On Petal Design ;-)

Tunku Muna, I hope you know how much I love you & how much I value our friendship...Big hugs to you always!

Now excuse me while I go cook something for my honey bunny...Muahsss to all! ✗o✗o

04 February 2013

All The Cupcakes But Only A Photo To Show

To those of you who didn't know of my recent horrible incident, allow me to tell you...My hard-disk recently went berserk & with it, all my goodies photos were gone :-( It was such an upsetting thing & till date I have not managed to retrieve all the lost datas & photos. Bahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Any way, here is one post where I only managed to find ONE ( yes, just one! ) photo of the goodies that I did for dear Ms. Izan. She actually ordered a three ( 3 ) sets of cupcakes for a family gathering. As usual, I did snapped all the goodies photos, which unfortunately was 'swallowed' up by my condemned hard-disk :'( Gosh! I seriously wish I could do something to get back all my photos *sobbing*

Izan's order was for a set of Orange Poppy Seeds cupcakes ( 16 pieces ), a set of Vanilla Strawberry & Vanilla Choc Chips cupcakes ( 30 pieces ) & a set of Candylicious Vanilla cupcakes ( 12 pieces ).

Yup, all those goodies & I only have one photo to post here :-( Boo hoo...I missed my photos! Here's the only photo I have of Izan's goodies...

Vanilla Cupcakes With Loads Of Candies!

To my dear Izan, thank you so much for your order. It was indeed an honor baking all those cupcakes for you ✗o✗o

Catching Up!

To say that my blog is a little bit back-logged is indeed an understatement! Honestly, it's way...way...wayyyyyy...and I seriously mean, WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY back-logged! Heck! If all my posts in my draft box is a physical thing, I can guarantee that you'll see loads of dust & spider webs in it!

Seriously, time is just not something I'm blessed with these last few weeks/months...If you noticed, I haven't even managed to update my blog with any 2013 news/updates! *face palm*

I shamely admit that I am really THAT back-dated with my posts...Erkkkk!! So without further ado, allow me to quickly clear up my draft box with my 'quick version' of all the goodies that I've done or was commissioned with previously...Hopefully I'll manage to finish off posting some of my goodies news from last year :-P

To start off my 'quick version' posts, here's my first ever tiered wedding cake that I did for my dear cousin, Yani, whom commissioned me to do the cake for her BFF's wedding :-)

It's a 2-tiered Chocolate Moist cake & the color theme requested was white & silver. I was pretty nervous making this cake but thankfully my cousin, Yani, was ever so supportive and pushed me on...Thanks to her, I finally managed to conquer my fear & proceeded creating the cake for her :-P Thanks sweetie for being the wind beneath my wings! Muahhhhhhhhhhsss!

My First Ever Tiered Wedding Cake :-P

Chocolate Moist Cake With White & Silver Color Theme
Wedding Cake

Well peeps, hope you've enjoyed looking at my very first tiered wedding cake...No worries if you need to chuckle or laugh looking at the photos...Tee...hee...hee...No hard feeling from my side as I know how novice my work is *blush* Hey! Hopefully with much practice, maybe I'll do better next time ;-)

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