21 February 2014

Something Simple

Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes
With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

Hhhmmm....I really don't have much to 'talk' about this cupcake order because:-

1. I've lost ALL the photos in my hard-drive, which included these goodies :'( I'm just lucky to have found this one photo in my Facebook Page album to serve as your 'eye-candy' :-P

2. I don't see the point of 'talking' much when there's no photo to feast your eyes on...A post with no photos is one boring post! Don't you agree?

All I can say for this post is that these goodies were ordered by dear Miss Yong, not her real name but it's a name that I've grown accustomed to calling her :-) The word 'Yong' actually means 'big sister' in some northern part of Malaysia. He..he..Did I just managed to insert some language tutorial here? *chuckles*

Any way, Yong's order was for 50 pieces of Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting. She requested for a simple deco as it's for her family's gathering dessert pleasure :-)

It's always a pleasure baking for Yong & as always, I've enjoyed baking these goodies :-) Thank you Yong for your order & most of all, for your love & support :-) Hugs!

Well, I guess that's it for my very short post :-P Till next time, have a great day all! ✗o✗o

19 February 2014

My Stiletto Experience :-)

Being a baker who have zero knowledge in cake baking & decorating, I rely purely on my passion to go though this cake journey of mine. Yes, I really know zilch about caking ( is there such a word? ) but that didn't stop me from dreaming that one day I'll be able to make good looking cakes with beautiful designs like those made by Peggy Porschen, Pink Cake Box or even Buddy the Cake Boss. What big dreams, huh? *blush* I know I have a longgggggggggggggg way ahead of me to even have a quarter of the talent that they have :-P Heck, I can't even ice a cake properly at the moment! :-P In all honesty, I know I might never be as good as any of them but as I'm really passionate with this hobby of mine, I guess I'll just try my utmost best doing what I love most ;-)

One cake design that I've always admire is shoe/stiletto theme cakes. I've seen so many beautiful shoe/stiletto cake designs around & had always wonder if I'm capable to ever come up with one :-P I'm dying to try making one but I have to admit that it's also one cake that's in my "I'm-so-scared-to-try-making-that-cake" list :-P Not only am I scared, I'm practically terrified to even make an attempt as I've no idea on how or where to start! Each time I thought of trying it out, I had to quickly push the idea aside as my heart start to beat faster & my hands go all sweaty! Sounds a bit melodramatic, I know...but that's how terrified I was! :-P

Then one fine day, came a call from Mr. Zul...He called me up to request for a stiletto theme cake to be presented to his-wife-to-be on their special day. Now, how can I say 'no' to that! I definitely wouldn't want to be the grouch who says 'No, I can't make that cake for you because I'm scared to make one', can I?!!

For daysssssss I had to peep talk myself & gain as much courage as I could muster into making the stiletto...Finally, after tonnes of trial & error, here's the result of it :-P

Red Velvet Cake With Lemon Cream Cheese

My sincerest of thanks to Zul for the opportunity & for trusting me enough to come up with your special cake. It was indeed an honor baking for you & your 'Shoe Queen' :-) Wishing both of you congratulations & may happiness follow you two wherever you go :-)

Well, that's the end of my first ever experience in making a stiletto cake...It may not be as perfect but one thing I do learn from this experience of mine is that no matter how terrified you are at making something, never let your fear stop you from even trying it. Just try as you'll never know what you'll be capable of ;-) As for myself, now that I've tried it, I definitely need to practice more ;-) After all, practice makes perfect, right?

I'm off for now...Thanks so much for sharing my experience & hope you've enjoyed my babbling :-P Hugs to all! ✗o✗o


Day in...day out...week in...week out...month in...month out...and whammm! It's already the new year! Gosh! Time flew by so fast & without even realizing it, I have unwillingly abandoned my blog :-( I'm so sorry for this. Trust me, I really feel bad about abandoning my blog. Not that it's my intention to do so but honestly, what with my baking commitments & running my daily life ( like a headless chicken, I might add! ), I wasn't able to 'steal' time long enough to sit down & update my post :-(  

Today I finally managed to clear my schedule & allocate some free time...So here I am - blogging! Yeayyy! :-) I hope every one is doing great & that the new year is treating you well. Ohhh! Is it too late to wish every one a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014? :-P Well, as they say, better late than never, right? *blushhhh* Any way, with all sincerity & from the bottom of my heart, I'm sending out much love & wishing each and every one of YOU a Happy New Year 2014! I pray that the new year will shower you with much love, good health & prosperity. I also would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincerest of thanks for all the love, support & encouragement that you, my goodies lovers, have blessed me with all these years. Your love means the world to me & I pray that I'll be lucky enough to have your continuous support :-) Thank YOU!

Okay, time for me to clear up my longggggggg overdue postssss that has been 'sitting' in my draft box, collecting dust! Yes, take note of the many 'ssssss' when I mention the word 'post' earlier - it's that many! :-P

First post to be out of my webby draft box is this Naked Red Velvet Cake that I had the honor to bake for sweet, Ms. Edur, whom ordered this for a bridal shower party :-) The bride-to-be happen to be a dear friend to us both, Ms. Tia :-) Errrr, here's the thing...This post is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue that at the time I'm typing this, sweet Ms. Tia is already a happily married wife & a mom! 

Simple Naked Red Velvet Cake

To both Edur & Tia, thousand apologies sweeties for such longgggggggg delay in posting your goody's post :-P *my bad!* Many thanks to Edur for giving me the chance to bake for the special occasion :-) Hugs!

Well, that's it for my post this time...Thank you all for sticking by me ( despite me being 'off radar' ) & reading through my post :-) Much love to all & I'll be posting soon okay ;-)

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