29 July 2010

Good Luck Cupcakes

Being a novice baker, I do love it when my customer request for new designs on their goodies...It give me a reason to practice on my art of decorating cakes & cupcakes...After all, practice makes perfect rite? :-P

But when Sara ( who was introduced to Ritz Passion by my pet-sis, Hanim...Thanks sweetie!! Muahhhh!! ) requested for a 'Notty Sexy Girls' theme on her cuppies, my brain practically went blank! I was even panicky as I honestly don't know what's the trend for naughty sexy girls these days are...So obvious I'm such an old woman, ehhhh!! Ha..ha...Or maybe it's because I'm such an angel?!!!....NOT!!! :-P *Laughing myself silly!!*

Sara actually wanted to order some peanut butter cupcakes for her sister, who's going off to a boarding school...Unfortunately, last weekend I was 'attacked' by cupcakes order & can only squeeze in Sara's order if she's okay with chocolate flavor ( since my large order that weekend was chocolate! )...

Thank god chocolate is Sara's favorite as well & so she proceeds with her order. Was really glad that I managed to fulfill her order coz I'll definitely feel bad if I can't :-P...I even added tonnes of chocolate chips inside her cupcakes - my way to make up for not being able to bake her peanut butter cupcakes :-x

Though I was pretty confident the cupcakes is chocolaty ( just the way Sara lovesssss it ), I'm not too sure about my deco....He..he..he...To Sara, my apologies if it didn't fit your criteria...Thousands of apologiesssssssss dear :-x

Here's my design for Sara's 'Notty Sexy Girls'...and hey, don't laugh when you see the photos, okay!!! Ha...ha....Owh!!! I also created a new way to convey messages on my cupcakes - Post It Note style ;-)

Pink & Purple Notty Sexy Girls Theme Cupcakes

Chocolate Moist Flavor With Chocolate Ganache Topping & Butter Cream Deco

All Packed & Ready To Be Delivered

I'm just so lucky to have such a sweet customer like Sara as a few hours after picking up her cupcakes from me, I received this message via my mobile - "Kak, your cuppies so delicious...Sara, sis & bf suka"....Ain't that so sweet?...She even mentioned that she's gonna order almond brownies for this coming Hari Raya :-P

To Sara, thanks so much for your purchase and your sweet messages...All the best to your sis too :-) I look forward to bake more goodies for you...


  1. Did you have a delivery to kuala lipis, pahang?

    1. At the moment, delivery is only available within KL & PJ area.


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