26 December 2010

A Lazy Sunday

Sigh! Have you ever had one of those lazy...lazy day? A day when you just don't feel like doing anything :-P It's a day after Christmas ( also known as 'Boxing Day' ) today & I'm having such an extremely lazy Sunday :-P All I want to do is kick back & rest, especially after a hectic marathon of fulfilling cupcake orders...Oh! By the way, thanks so much to those who had ordered my goodies in conjunction with the Christmas celebration :-) I do hope my goodies cheered up your special day...To those who celebrated Christmas, my best wishes to you & may your celebration be a joyous one, shared with family & friends...and to those not celebrating, do have a wonderful weekend kay :-)

The weather is just nice today & so perfect for my lazy day :-) Wasn't in the mood to cook up any dishes, what more fancy ones...Was happy just to lay down infront of the tv & watch all those wonderful programmes :-P Yet a girl has to eat, rite?...

After much dragging of my feet into the kitchen, here's what I've whipped up for my simple comfort lunch, or should I say brunch ;-)

Butter Prawn With Steamed Man Tao

A Quick, Simple Yet Very Comforting Dish ;-)

Now to excuse myself & get some work done on my back-logged posts :-P Have a great Sunday everyone!

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