04 December 2010

Sweet Memories With Anna Olson

Oh dear! I was in the midst of uploading the photos taken during my "Sweet Secrets With Anna Olson" into my previous post when I suddenly ran out of free space for photo loading :-( Being someone who's totally lousy with anything IT, I got panicky for a while...Took me nearly half a day & several 'emergency' calls to my blogger friends to figure out on the best solution. Nearly gave up as I've zero knowledge when it comes to anything IT but for the sake of sharing my experience with all of you, not to mention my promises of sharing my photos with my table mates during my lunch with Anna Olson ( Irene, Jennifer, Christina, Farah & Azimah ), I persevered & try out this Flickr thingy :-P

I hope I got this Flickr photo sharing right :-P I better not ramble like I did in my previous post...Instead I'll let you enjoy the tonnes of photos which I snapped to commemorate one of the best times of my life ;-)

Anna Olson During Her Cooking Demonstration

Anna Olson Showing How To Frost The Lady Baltimore Cake

I Love Seeing Anna & Michael Olson In Action...Such A Great Couple! :-P

Sharing The Day With These Lovely Ladies

With My Table Mates & Anna Olson

Anna Olson Was Kind Enough To Personally Greet Us At Our Table...Much To My Delight! :-P

Irene & Anna Olson

Rozie ( Extreme Left ) & Her Table Mates With Anna Olson

Can You Just See The Look Of Glee On My Face? :-P

We Were Treated To A Surprise Dessert Buffet! I Practically Jumped With Joy In My Seat! :-)

Love...Love...Loveeeeeeeeeeeee The Macaroons!

Cappuccino Nanaimo Bars...I'm Already Thinking Of Doing My Own Version Of Nanaimo Bars ;-)

With Chef Michael Olson, Anna's Better Half

Chef Michael Teasing Me :-P

I hope you've enjoyed my photos as much as I did ;-) To Irene, Christina, Farah, Jennifer & Azimah, it was really nice meeting you...I do hope to hear from you again ;-) To Tunku Muna Iskandar & Puteri Wan Zanariah, I've truly enjoyed both your company. You are such a joy to be with :-) To my Mate a.k.a Rozie, though we were not seated together, knowing you are there sharing the special moments meant so much to me :-x I just hope I didn't embarassed you with my over-the-top excitement :-P

Last but not least, to the best friends anyone could ever ask for - Rozie, Azni, Dura, Mona, Zilo, Era & Sharifah, my ever lasting love & thank you to each & every one of you for the joy that you've given me. You gals are the greatest! Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for one of the best experience of my life :-) Love you tonnessssssssss!!

Take care all!

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