26 December 2013

Thank YOU!

Baking has always been my passion...It used to be simply a hobby of mine but thanks to the support of family, friends & some sweet strangers I met via the online cake & bake community ( who are now my dearest of online friends ), my passion is now a lil home-based goodies business :-)

I remember when I got my first order...I was practically a nervous wreck! And yes, I still am one till now *blush* I somehow can never get rid of the nervousness :-P I guess my nervousness is a good thing in a funny way as it will serve as a reminder to myself to do the very best for each of my goodies :-) 

I am obviously new in this venture of mine and yes, I do still have tonnes to learn but receiving orders from around my local community really help boost my confidence in creating my goodies. So when I started to get orders outside of my local area, I'm beyond speechless! 

Honestly, I wouldn't be where I am now without your support my dear goodies lovers :-) From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU! I hope I will be blessed with more support & love from each & every one of YOU ✗o✗o

I end this post with some cupcakes photos - an order I received from my dear sweet friend Ree, who's all the way in Australia. She requested that I bake this cupcakes for her best friend here in Ampang :-) Thank you so much Ree for giving me the opportunity to bake for you. I am truly grateful for your friendship & support. Hugs!

Simple Red Velvet Cupcakes

Going Naked!

Whoaaa! Don't let the title of this post freak you out :-P I promise, it's nothing vulgar! Just read on & you'll see ;-)

A simple cake with a slight touch of frosting - some call it naked cake...Some call it bare cake...Some even call it rustic cake. Yes, I call it naked cake, hence the title of this post :-) See, I told you it's nothing vulgar ;-)

Whatever you call it, I just have to try it - again! I've actually done something similar before for my previous order. That's where dear sweet Ms. Shafaleena saw it & requested that I make one for her engagement day. Always the romantic fool, of course I jumped up with joy for the opportunity :-)

To my sweet friend, Shafaleena, I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyy too late, but I just want to wish you all the best in your future. May you find tonnes of happiness & joy in your new life's journey :-) You're such a wonderful person & I know deep in my heart that you'll be blessed always ✗o✗o 

Naked Style Red Velvet Cake

15 September 2013

Every Day Is A Learning Process

Yes, the title above is actually my life's mantra...Every day is indeed a learning process for me. It really amazes me at just how many new things I can learn in a day! The learning process never stops for me - ever! From something complicated like the meaning of life ( am still wondering the answer to it though ) to something simple like I can actually use baking soda as a cleaning solution to clean stuffs :-P

Every day when I wake up from my beauty sleep, the first thing that will cross my mind is "what will I learn today?"...I'm just like a kid when I find new things to learn, especially when it comes to my passion - baking! I get all excited & at times I'll giggle non-stop! Really!

I was sort of that way recently when my dear friend, Edura, requested for some Elmo & Cookie Monster themed cookies :-P Mind you, fancy cookie making is sort of new to me. I think I do pretty well with cut cookies, you know those type of cookies that is cut out using cookie cutters. But cookie cutter patterns can be pretty basic & there really is not much choice available here. So it was quite impossible for me to find cookie cutters in the shape of Elmo & Cookie Monster.

Now, this is when I get to learn new things :-) Yup, after much googling ( there is such a word, right? ), I learned that I can pretty much create my own cookie cutters! Yipeee!

So here's the outcome of my "free-style" cookies :-P Do bear in mind that it's my first time trying this out so it looked pretty rough *guilty!* Hhhmmmm, with more practice & time, I'm sure I'll be able to master it ( hopefully! ) :-P

Chocolate Butter Cookies With Elmo & Cookie Monster Theme

Together with the cookies, Edura also requested for this Nuts 'Bout Nutella Cake :-)

Basic Nuts 'Bout Nutella Cake

To my dear Edura, thank you so much for trusting & allowing me to try out new things :-) Your support means the world to me! Thank you & I do hope that you've enjoyed the goodies. Big hugs to you my dear!

To my readers, remember, every day is a learning process. Bask & accept all the knowledge as it is precious!

Thank you for reading my post & much love to all! ✗o✗o

31 August 2013

Peanut Butter Nutella Cupcakes

Greetings & hello there goodies lovers!

Hoping all is well with you & your loved ones *flying kisses* Been wanting to update my blog as often as possible but I somehow couldn't manage to do so *sad face* So much has been happening plus, with the Ramadan & Syawal month recently, 'lil old me was swarmed with 1001 chores. Busy time indeed! 

To be honest, my few coming posts might be a bit 'short & simple'...Why? Well, I had to resort to some very basic & simple post entry in order for me to be able to catch up with my other long overdue post(s) :-P I tell you, I do have TONNES of pending posts in my draft box! Hope you don't mind the 'quickie' style entry as it's the best possible way ( that I can think of at the moment ) for me to clear my draft box :-P Ermmmm, that is if I can stop yapping - like what I seem to be doing right now!

Gosh! I'm such a yapper! No wonder I have loads of pending posts stuck in my draft box! I just can't stick to my supposedly 'short & simple' entry! Okay..okay! I'm so trying to stop my yap right this second!

Here's my Peanut Butter & Jam Cupcakes With Nutella topping which I made specially for Ms. Farah, all the way from Sungai Buloh, Selangor. Farah requested 50 pieces of this & I was more than happy to bake it for her. I have to admit that this is one of my personal favorite cupcake flavor...I mean, who wouldn't like a peanut butter base cake with strawberry jam filling & a 100% Nutella topping?!! :-P

As you can see from the photo, I stick to a very simple deco as requested by Farah herself. According to Farah, she just wanted to enjoy the goodies as it is - no frilly deco or anything of the sort ( just how I like my cupcakes when I eat it! ) :-P

Peanut Butter Nutella Cupcakes

My sincere thanks to dear Farah for her order & acquaintance. Farah, it was indeed a pleasure meeting up with you & I truly hope you and your family had enjoyed the cupcakes :-) Thank YOU & much love to you! ✗o✗o

25 June 2013

An Angel Indeed

What does one do when one received a cake order from a customer?...Nothing serious, right? Just bake the cake & move on, I would say...Well, let me rephrase my question then. What does one do when one received a cake order from a customer AND customer requested for a mermaid figurine ( Princess Ariel to be exact! ) to accompany the cake? Errr, do bear in mind that THAT someone has never made a figurine in her life! I guess by now you already would have guessed that THAT someone is me :-P

Here's what actually happened the moment I received such a request from my dear customer, Miss CKN...I honestly 'blanked out' & if my jaw could physically drop to the floor, it really would! I was so panicky & repeatedly told CKN that I've never done any figurine...Even suggested that she try another baker. Yes, I really was THAT panicky + scared + nervous + oh you know all those feelings! CKN however wouldn't budge & lovingly insisted that I do her cake.

For dayssssssss ( and I really mean for days! ), I literally sat down staring into space wondering what I'm supposed to do. You have to know that I have never EVER done any figurine modeling before. Heck! Even as a kid, I fail at playing plasticine. Can't even shape a decent apple from plasticine, so how am I supposed to make a mermaid figurine with fondant?

Yes, I did turn to You Tube & try to learn on how to make fondant figurine from all the videos they have online but being a first timer, I was totally lost! Being all panicky didn't help too. I must have been too nervous that nothing I see on You Tube actually registered into my brain :-P

I was about to give up ( even plan to call CKN & tell her that she'll have to make do with a toy or something to replace the mermaid figurine ) when I suddenly decided to try my luck and seek help from one of my online cake idol, Lesley of Royal Bakery.

Let me tell you that it took me a lot of courage to write up an email to her & tell her of my dilemma. Embarassing too, I might add *blush* I was desperate & as the saying goes, desperate people do desperate things :-P Lesley was my last hope & to be honest, I really didn't expect a reply from her. I've decided that should I not hear from Lesley, I definitely ( and reluctantly ) would call CKN & tell her that I'm not able to come up with her mermaid. When I press the 'send' button from my email, I was really leaving it to chance :-P

Imagine then my surprise when I received a reply from Lesley. Not only was she kind enough to reply to all my inquiries, she even went out of her way to guide me on how to make the mermaid figurine. Honestly, I was so inspired by Lesley's patience & dedication that I finally gathered enough courage to start making my first ever figurine!

Now, the world premiere of my very first figurine :-P

Princess Ariel Themed Birthday Cake

Yup! My Very First Figurine *blush*

I even made some seashells themed cupcakes to go with CKN's mermaid cake ;-) Yup, I was that inspired! *chuckles*

Colorful Seashells

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how the cake & cupcakes turned out :-) I really couldn't have done it if not for the support & encouragement I received from CKN & Lesley. 

CKN, thank you so much for never giving up on me & for always pushing me on to try new things. Your love & support means the world to me. Thank YOU!

To Lesley, words can never describe how thankful I am for all you've done. Not only have you shared your knowledge but you've also changed my life. You have truly inspired me & because of you, I'm a much confident cake baker/decorator :-) From the bottom of my heart, thank YOU! Lesley, thank you for being my cake angel ✗o✗o

19 April 2013


Finally the time is here for me to announce Ritz Passion's lucky fan for the 'THANK YOU FOR THE 1,000 FACEBOOK FAN' giveaway! Yeayyyyy! 

Honestly, I was really looking forward to this moment ever since I started the giveaway :-) 

Now, without further ado...Drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Congratulations Li Na ( Win Lyn )! I'm looking forward to share the goodies which I have especially chosen for my lucky fan - YOU! :-) Thanks so much for joining in the fun & I look forward to hear from you :-) Please message me at my Page's message box or email me at ritzpassion@yahoo.com within four ( 4 ) days from today's date once you have read this good news so that we can coordinate on how you can redeem your prize ;-)

On another note, I wish to convey my sincere thank you to all my goodies lovers who had taken the time to participate in my giveaway. Your support & love means the world to me :-) For those who were not so lucky this time around, please don't give up as I will definitely be hosting more giveaways in the near future ;-) *pinky promise!*

A personal THANK YOU goes out to Lesley from The Royal Bakery for being such a dear in sponsoring her fabulous tutorials in this giveaway. Lesley, no words can ever describe how grateful I am for your continuous support & friendship. You are indeed my cake angel! 

Once again, thank you all for participating in my giveaway & for sharing my joy in achieving my Page's 1,000+ Facebook fan :-) I wouldn't be where I am now if it's not for the love & support from each & every one of YOU! 

Thank you & much love, always! ✗o✗o

03 April 2013

'Before The Ring' Cake

My oh my! Ever had a day/night when it's just TOO hot that you find yourself not being able to think straight? Yes, I'm having one of those time right this very moment! My brain feels as though it's about to boil, seriously! It's really THAT hot on my side of the world! And to think I just treated myself to a large glass of slushy mango smoothie...plus my AC is on full blast! Thought that might help cool me down, but apparently not! :-(

Wish I could take a break & maybe treat myself to glasses & glasses of iced cold water but no time for that! My 'pending posts' are practically shouting out my name! Yes, still tonnes of it 'collecting' dust in my draft box! :-P Really need to finish it off but who can think straight with all this heat?!! Now, if only I can just blink my eyes & snow would fall...Wouldn't that be great? *wishful thinking*

Errr...I think I'm starting to talk gibberish here :-P The heat is really getting to me! Well, I better go straight to the point & finish my work...Do bear with me if my post doesn't really make sense. Blame it on the heat! *chuckles*

A while back I was commissioned by Ms. Edura to come up with a 'something-different-kind-of-cake' for her BFF hen's party. Her request was for a Red Velvet Cake with 'no-side' frosting & maybe a ring on the cake as decoration. As her order was a little short noticed, I wasn't given much time to think up of some fancy design to suit the occasion ( much to my chagrin! ). I only had time to do the simplest design & to add to my panic, I didn't even have time to scout around for a jewel mould to make the ring deco! So, what's a girl to do?!! Improvise, of course! :-P I had to put on my thinking cap & find ways to go about creating the cake. I bet you'll be laughing your head off when you find out what I use to make the 'wedding ring' *blush*

Red Velvet Cake With 'No-Side' Frosting 

My Improvised 'Ring' Made Of Fondant & Clear Candies :-P

To my dear Edura, thank you so much for trusting me enough to create your BFF's special cake :-) It was an honor indeed baking for you & I had so much fun trying out the new cake 'style' ;-) My sincerest thanks to you for the opportunity *flying kisses*

Okay, my brain is seriously 'not functioning' right now! Can't even think how to end this post! All I keep thinking now is how good it would feel to stick my head into the fridge! :-P

Better sign off before I rant some gibberish! Thanks all for reading :-) Now excuse me while I go think of ways to cool myself down...Nighty nite ✗o✗o

19 March 2013

'Thank You For The 1,000 Facebook Fan' Giveaway

Yes, believe it or, Ritz Passion's Facebook page has reached it's 1,000th fan mark a little while back! *super glee* To be honest, I'm still pinching myself silly till now *ouchhhhhh* Just couldn't believe it! I mean, I wouldn't have thought that a page which I started as a food journal & to share my beginner's experience as a baker, now turns out as a full-fledge goodies page :-) Yipeee!

Did you know that few years back, this baker knows zilch about baking? ( still doesn't know much! )...Heck! I don't even know the difference between fondant, royal icing, fresh cream, yada...yada...yada...All I do know is that I'm just so passionate about food, especially baking. And that's where all my fans comes in! With their non-stop encouragement, support & love, this little baker slowly gained enough 'bravery' to try all that she needs to try in this caking line...From trying out 3D cakes to trying out new recipes ( the experience was extra scary to me as I'm self taught & never had any caking experience! ), my fans, whom I dearly refer to as my goodies lovers, goaded me on & never once discouraged me, no matter how many times I've failed. They lovingly challenged me to be my utmost best & pushed me forward. To them, all I can say is THANK YOU!

All the support from YOU & all I have to say is THANK YOU?!! Of course not! Nope, that's not all dearies...To show YOU how appreciative I am of your love, I've decided to host a 'THANK YOU FOR THE 1,000 FACEBOOK FAN' Giveaway :-) Yes...yes...yes! It's all organized especially for YOU & it's happening right now!

The gifts that's calling out your names ;-)

Giveaway Prizes!

♥ One Unit Of Hamyln's 'Quick Cook Desserts' Recipe Book

♥ One Unit Of Pop Urban's 'Thoughts & Ideas' Notebook

♥ A Set Of '100 Piece Cake Decorating' Kit

♥ A Set Of Gondol's Cookie Cutters

♥ A Set Of Bakeman's Ribbon Cutter & Embosser

♥ A Set Of Bakeman's Flower Cut-Outs

♥ A Set Of Bakeman's 3 Pieces Crimper

♥ Six ( 6 ) E-Tutorials By The Royal Bakery

More of the goodies photos to tweak your interest ;-)

Close Up Of The Hamlyn's 'Quick Cook Desserts' Recipe Book

100 Piece Cake Decorating Kit & It's Contents
Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Photo Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Now, how do you enter the giveaway? All you have to do is simply post a comment below this post. Any comment will do, even if it's just to say hello ;-) It's THAT easy!

And how do I choose the lucky fan?...The old fashion way, of course! Lucky draw! Each person that has post hers/his comments under this post will be entitled to one 'ticket' ( it's actually a paper with your name on it ) & as per the usual procedure of a lucky draw, all names will then be put in a big bowl, and walaaaa, one name will be picked at random by yours truly :-) Not so fancy smancy procedure, huh? *blush* But fret not, as I'll make it up with some fancy smancy gifts ;-)

Here's some basic & boring stuffs that you need to know about the giveaway:-


You have to be Ritz Passion's Facebook Liker to be eligible to enter the giveaway

Simply post a comment ( any kind of comment will do ) below this post & this will entitle you to a one lucky draw ticket ;-) Please make sure that you add in your Facebook's name in your comment. This is to make sure that I could contact you should you be the lucky winner ;-)


Giveaway prizes are open to winners 18 years old of age & anywhere worldwide. However, please note that certain prizes may only be shipped/sent to certain countries ( depending on the country's postal policy )

There will only be ONE lucky fan for the giveaway

✿ The giveaway will start from 20th March 2013 ( Wednesday ) and runs through 15th April 2013 ( Monday )

Lucky draw will be held on 19th April 2013 ( Friday ) & the lucky fan will be announced on my blog's post the same day :-)

✿ The lucky fan will be contacted via hers/his Facebook message box & she/he will have four ( 4 ) days to claim hers/his prizes. Failure to do so, another name will then be picked randomly as the new lucky fan

Now that all the details have been made clear, let's start the giveaway! Do feel free to share this giveaway news with your family & friends :-) Sharing is caring, right? After all, who knows that they might just share their prizes with YOU should they be chosen as my lucky fan ;-)

My sincere thank you once again to ALL my goodies lovers for your continuous support & love. I wouldn't be where I am now if not for YOU! Thank you!

Last but not least, wishing you all the best for the giveaway & I'm sooooooo looking forward to share the giveaway goodies with ONE of you. Much love to all ✗o✗o

This giveaway is in NO WAY sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. By entering this giveaway contest, you are doing so by choice and are providing information to Ritz Passion and not to Facebook.  There will be no returns or exchanges on any of the items.  

Nuts 'Bout Nutella

This is going to be another post of mine where I don't have much photos to show :-( Yup! This goodies photos ( which I snapped tonnes of! ) was affected by my condemned hard disk recently & I was pretty lucky to have found two of it in my laptop :-P

These Nuts 'Bout Nutella cupcakes was specially ordered by Dr. Izaza, my dentist turned customer & friend :-)

Nuts 'Bout Nutella Cupcake
( A Light Cinnamon Base Cake With Hazelnut Bits & Nutella Filling )

To Dr. Izaza, am so sorry that I couldn't post more photos of your goodies here :-( I hope  you did managed to snapped some photos of it for your personal album ;-) I wish to thank you for your continuous support & friendship. It is always a pleasure baking for you & I look forward to bake more goodies for you ;-)

A Longggggggg Overdue Post

It's really frustrating when you've baked special goodies for one of your best customer cum friend, snapped tonnes of photos for your personal album & in the end, only to have your hard-disk goes wonky & 'wipe off' all your goodies photos!

Yes, Dat's birthday cupcakes photos were one of those affected by my bad...very bad ( !!! ) hard disk :-( Proves a point that buying a very good branded hard disk, doesn't mean you're safe from all those pesky computer glitch! Sigh! Yes, I'm still sooooooooooooo mad ( more frustrated than mad ) about the issue of losing all my goodies photos to my crazy hard disk! Erghhhh!

Inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale...Sorry dearies. I just had to lash out my frustration :-P Let's move on, shall we :-P

Now, on a brighter side, thanks to my dear customer cum friend, Halifah, I get to share some of the goodies photo :-) Yeayyyyyyyyyy! 

Halifah, thank you dear for sharing your photos with me. I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue. Totally my fault! Was actually trying my best to retrieve all my lost photos from my condemned hard disk so that I could dedicate those photos in this post of yours but after months of trying, I think it's a lost case as I've tried everything and yet still fail! *sad*

Here's the goodies I managed to 'kidnap' from Halifah's personal album...

'Note' Cupcakes

Fudgy Chocolate
( Chocolate Base Cake with Fudge Pudding Filling )

All Light Up!

Dat & Friends 
 ( Busy Snapping Away I Presume )

To my dear Dat ( birthday girl ) & Halifah, again, my sincere apologies sweeties for this longgggggggggg overdue post. Hope you'll understand the reason *embarrass look* Thanks so much for always supporting me & my passion. You ladies are just so wonderful & I'm blessed to have you in my life *flying kisses*

Thanks all for reading through...Much love to each & every one of you ✗o✗o

02 March 2013

Sappy Me

One thing that will always...and I mean, ALWAYS make me go sappy is the word 'love'. Anything to do with love, my heart just melts away :-P You can imagine then how sappy I was when one of my loyal customer, Hariss, called me up & requested that I make an engagement cake for him. No, it was not for him ( he's happily married! ), but he wanted to present it as a gift to one of his family member who was getting engaged. Totally an 'auwwwww' moment for me *loveeeeee*

Receiving Hariss order was indeed an honor for me, especially so considering the fact that  he's ordering it all the way from Malacca, some 2 hours away from my place ( and totally in a different state )! I can't begin to tell you how happy I was about making his cakes but at the same time I was sooooooooooooo nervous *erkkkkk!*

Hariss order was actually for two units of cake, a Fudgy Cake for the engagement cake & a Red Velvet Cake for his family's eating pleasure...Unfortunately, Hariss's cake photos was one of those photos that was affected when my hard disk went berserk & 'died' on me :'( I was lucky that I managed to find one of the cake's photo in my laptop...

Cushion Cake With Purple & White Color Theme

To be frank, I was a nervous wreck throughout the process of making this cake :-P I so desperately wanted it to be perfect for Hariss as I didn't want to embarrass him when he presented the cake to his family...

Hariss dear, I hope I didn't embarrass you :-P I prayed that both the cakes was well received by your family members. My heartfelt thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to create your cakes, especially the engagement cake. I am indeed honored. Much love to you & your family :-)

Thank you all for visiting my blog & reading thru my ramblings...Hope you had fun looking at my creation ✗o✗o

A Boy's Cake

Nothing say's "it's a boy's cake" better than a football theme birthday cake, right? :-P I had the opportunity to make such a cake for dear Ms. Is, who ordered this for her son's 4th birthday recently.

Though making a boy/guy's cake wasn't really my forte ( blush! ), I have to admit that I had great fun making this cake...Those grasses was a bit challenging for me as I'm still struggling to get the hang of piping it correctly *blush* I did my best though ;-) 

To be honest, I actually snapped a few photos of this cake but sad to tell you that this cake's photos was one of the photos that my hard-disk managed to 'destroy' when it went berserk & 'died' on me! Here is all I have to show *sad face*

Football Theme Cake
( Vanilla Cake With Vanilla/Choc Chips Filling & Frosting )

To my dear Is, I'm sending you my sincerest thanks for giving me the opportunity to create your son's birthday cake. I am truly humbled by your support & trust :-)

Thank you all for dropping by & having a look at my work. Your visit means a lot to me :-) Till my next post, wishing you a great day ahead! ✗o✗o

22 February 2013

An Honor Indeed!

I think by now you all know just how much I love baking & decorating cakes :-P Whipping up recipes, baking cakes & decorating it are just heavenly to me! Ermmm, the cleaning part is something I still struggle with :-P Hate it! *chuckles*

Yes, I love baking but wanna know what I love best? Baking goodies for my dear friends for sure! Especially when it's for their little ones :-)

Few years back, when my dear friend, Lilia, requested that I make a special cupcakes for her son, Khayr's 1st birthday, I was beyond excited! So imagine how I felt when I received another request from Lilia - this time for Khayr's 2nd birthday :-) I'm just truly honored!

Khayr's Upin & Ipin Theme Birthday Cake

American Carrot Cake With Lemon Cream Cheese

Baby Khayr & His Loving Parent

Oooo...Is Khayr Judging My Work? :-P

Khayr Picking On The M&Ms :-)

To my dear Lilia, I know this post is wayyyyyyyyyyyy back-dated *blush* Am truly sorry for this ( no thanks to my crazy hard disk! ). Nevertheless, do know that it's written with much love :-x Special thanks to you & Kerol for giving me the opportunity to create yet another birthday cake for Khayr. No words can describe how much I value your support & encouragement! Errmmm, maybe this will give you some idea - thank you...thank you...THANK YOU! 

Many thanks too for sharing your personal photos with me :-) I've always loveeeeeeeeeeee looking at your family's photo! Such a great family you have there. You are truly blessed my dear :-x

Oh oh! Am suddenly lost for words! Think my brain is shutting down already as it's nearing 3:00am!

Time for my beauty sleep dearies :-P Till my next post, nighty nite all! 

21 February 2013

My Way Of Saying 'I Love You'

Different people have different ways of saying 'I Love You' to their loved ones...Some openly just say the words, some would shyly profess their love through a song/poem, some would go big by lavishing their loved ones with gifts or flowers...Me? Well, honestly, the best & only way I know how is by me cooking/baking my loved ones their favorite food :-)

Yes, my cooking/baking may not be a 5-star Chef grade but I do admit ( and proud of it too! tee...hee...hee... ) that each dish that I prepare ALWAYS come with a load dose of love *mushy moment*

Those who knows me well will know how much I love baking for my loved ones :-) Here's a Red Velvet Cake I did for one of my dear friend's house warming...

Something Sweet For A Sweet Lady

Practicing My Hands On Petal Design ;-)

Tunku Muna, I hope you know how much I love you & how much I value our friendship...Big hugs to you always!

Now excuse me while I go cook something for my honey bunny...Muahsss to all! ✗o✗o

04 February 2013

All The Cupcakes But Only A Photo To Show

To those of you who didn't know of my recent horrible incident, allow me to tell you...My hard-disk recently went berserk & with it, all my goodies photos were gone :-( It was such an upsetting thing & till date I have not managed to retrieve all the lost datas & photos. Bahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Any way, here is one post where I only managed to find ONE ( yes, just one! ) photo of the goodies that I did for dear Ms. Izan. She actually ordered a three ( 3 ) sets of cupcakes for a family gathering. As usual, I did snapped all the goodies photos, which unfortunately was 'swallowed' up by my condemned hard-disk :'( Gosh! I seriously wish I could do something to get back all my photos *sobbing*

Izan's order was for a set of Orange Poppy Seeds cupcakes ( 16 pieces ), a set of Vanilla Strawberry & Vanilla Choc Chips cupcakes ( 30 pieces ) & a set of Candylicious Vanilla cupcakes ( 12 pieces ).

Yup, all those goodies & I only have one photo to post here :-( Boo hoo...I missed my photos! Here's the only photo I have of Izan's goodies...

Vanilla Cupcakes With Loads Of Candies!

To my dear Izan, thank you so much for your order. It was indeed an honor baking all those cupcakes for you ✗o✗o

Catching Up!

To say that my blog is a little bit back-logged is indeed an understatement! Honestly, it's way...way...wayyyyyy...and I seriously mean, WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY back-logged! Heck! If all my posts in my draft box is a physical thing, I can guarantee that you'll see loads of dust & spider webs in it!

Seriously, time is just not something I'm blessed with these last few weeks/months...If you noticed, I haven't even managed to update my blog with any 2013 news/updates! *face palm*

I shamely admit that I am really THAT back-dated with my posts...Erkkkk!! So without further ado, allow me to quickly clear up my draft box with my 'quick version' of all the goodies that I've done or was commissioned with previously...Hopefully I'll manage to finish off posting some of my goodies news from last year :-P

To start off my 'quick version' posts, here's my first ever tiered wedding cake that I did for my dear cousin, Yani, whom commissioned me to do the cake for her BFF's wedding :-)

It's a 2-tiered Chocolate Moist cake & the color theme requested was white & silver. I was pretty nervous making this cake but thankfully my cousin, Yani, was ever so supportive and pushed me on...Thanks to her, I finally managed to conquer my fear & proceeded creating the cake for her :-P Thanks sweetie for being the wind beneath my wings! Muahhhhhhhhhhsss!

My First Ever Tiered Wedding Cake :-P

Chocolate Moist Cake With White & Silver Color Theme
Wedding Cake

Well peeps, hope you've enjoyed looking at my very first tiered wedding cake...No worries if you need to chuckle or laugh looking at the photos...Tee...hee...hee...No hard feeling from my side as I know how novice my work is *blush* Hey! Hopefully with much practice, maybe I'll do better next time ;-)

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