13 April 2015

Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies

My goodies lovers are indeed the best! Not only are they always in my corner supporting me, they also never stop encouraging me in my work...So much so that at times they are even willing to order & try out my new products without any hesitation :-) I am indeed very lucky to have such great supporters. Thank you, you lovely bunch! *flying kisses to each & every one of YOU!*

One of my strongest supporter & goodies lover is my dear sweet Ms. Anim. I honestly wouldn't have made it this far if not for her constant support, feedbacks & never ending encouragements all these years. Yes, years! When I'm insecure about my goodies, she'll be the one urging me to simply do my best & just enjoy my baking journey...When I feel my goodies are never good enough compared to other bakers, she'll be the one telling me to never compare my goodies to others but rather create my own kind of goodies. And best of all, she never fails to order my goodies for all her family's event, from birthdays to weddings or even for her family's eating pleasure :-) 

This time around she wanted to try a different kind of brownies so I whipped up this Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies for her :-) A chocolaty brownie with loads of peanuts & gooey marshmallow on the inside, topped with more marshmallows & chocolate chips :-)

To my dear Anim, thank you for always being there for me & for ALWAYS believing in me & my goodies :-) Big hugs to you dear! ✗o✗o

Lots of love & my forever thanks to YOU, my goodies lovers! ✗o✗o 

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