20 September 2012

Cream...Oh! Cream...

Erkkk! Just the mere mention of decorating a cake with butter cream or any kind of cream is enough to make me cringe & hyper-ventilate! *panting*

Cream cake decoration has never been my forte & I'm sure those of you who follows my work will definitely agree to it *super blush!* Yes, I suck at cream cake deco! :-P I seriously can't phantom how other cake decorator managed to have a smooth looking cream deco on their cakes. Tried as I might, I can never get it smooth enough to satisfy my OCD self! Honest to goodness, I REALLY fail ( major fail! ) at cream cake decoration :-( So what a 'lil novice me to do?....Yup, I cheat! :-P Since I can never get a smooth looking cream deco on my cakes, my solution to this problem of mine is to cheat my way into making other cream deco design *giggles*

That's exactly what I did with Roe's Nuts 'bout Nutella cake order :-P It was a last minute order & I wasn't given the the luxury to think up of a good design...Instead, I had to short-cut my way around *blush* For Roe's cake, I decided to take a chance & try my hands with petal design...A huge risk indeed as I've never tried it before *erkkkkkkk!*

Get ready...Here's the outcome of my first try at petal design :-P

Tadaaa! My First Try At Petal Effect Design :-P

Nuts 'Bout Nutella Cake With Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

I was so worried about the outcome of the cake as I didn't really think that I've done a great job with it...Much more so when it was my first time trying my hands on such design. So, it came as a huge surprise when I received such a message from dear Roe...

"Darlingggg we loveeee the deco! So soft so sweet so cantik!!!


"Darlingggg we loveeee the deco! So soft so sweet so beautiful!!!

Being so surprised by Roe's feedback ( plus I'm a bit of a mushy person), I honestly cried when I read her message...Thank you Roe! It means a lot to me reading such encouraging message :-) My sincere thanks to you for your continuous support all these years. Hugsssssssss!!

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank all my goodies lovers & YOU for all the love & encouragement that you've showered me through-out my cake making experience. Being a novice, each & every one of your feedback & comment is a huge encouragement to me :-) Extra special thanks to all of you who took the time to visit this blog of mine :-) Every visit means the world to me! Thank you & much love to YOU 

Let's Go To The Zoo

Sweaty palms...heart beating fast...and major jitters! That probably sums up my panicky state each time I received goodies order, especially if it's for a cake order! Ha! Ha! I know it sounds weird but it is true! *scout's honor* I seriously do go thru all those phases whenever I received cake orders :-P Guess it must be due to the fact that I'm so much a novice in this cake deco thingy. It's safe to say that my cake deco knowledge/capability practically consist of being able to bake a decent cake & frosting it, which that too is something I'm still struggling to perfected! *chuckles*

Imagine then how I felt when dear Dr. Izaza called me up & requested for a zoo theme birthday cake for her daughter's birthday. And she wants her cake to be decorated with buttercream, not fondant. Why, of course my panic went to hyper-drive mode!

After much effort in calming myself down & putting my panic aside, I suddenly came up with a fun idea...Why not if I make a cake that can be consumed & at the same time lavished with fun toys for the birthday girl to play with :-) That should be fun for a 2 year old girl, rite?

After getting some rough idea on how I want my cake to be, I immediately head out to my local malls & went in search of all the fun 'things' I could put on the zoo themed cake. I was in luck as I came across several cute animal thumb puppets in one of the party supplier shop :-P The toys are just super cute, even I had trouble choosing them!

I was so excited about the toys that the moment I reached home, I immediately gave the toys a good 'bath'. Yes, that's my OCD taking over :-P I just can't bear the thought of things being put on my goodies without a good clean wash! And it have to be washed twice or more until I'm fully satisfied! Ha! Ha! Now you know why my honey bunny says I'm beyond OCD! *blush*

Well, enough yapping...Here's my 'fun' zoo theme cake, specially created for the birthday girl, Damia :-)

Zoo Themed Birthday Cake

Red Velvet With Lemon Cream Cheese Cake & Animal Toys Deco

Having A Go At Making My First Stand-Up
Fondant Signage & Alphabets :-P

Feeling as panicky as I was making this cake, I somehow took a chance & created a few new things ( new to me that is! ) like making my first stand-up fondant signage & alphabets :-P By the time I'm done with the cake, I was pretty happy with how it turned out. The cake did look like a 'fun' cake, just the way I intended it to be :-)

To Dr. Izaza, my sincere thanks to you for choosing Ritz Passion's goodies to grace your daughter's special day. It was indeed an honor to be a part of Damia's birthday celebration. Much thanks as well for your sweet message that you've sent to me. Appreciate it dearly!

I'm sharing Dr. Izaza's sweet message:-

"Wow! That beautiful...Thankz a lot my dear!!"

Auwww...That's enough to warm my heart :-)

Thanks all for dropping by my blog & reading my ramblings :-) I'm off to update my next post...Yup! I still have tonnes of it waiting in my draft box! :-P

Much love to all ✗o✗o

14 September 2012

Family Tree Cupcakes

With ribbons & cake boards strewn around me and not to mention me being surrounded with cupcakes & cupcakes toppers, it was a 'lil bit like being in one of those 'DC Cupcakes' episodes :-P Auwww...come on, a girl can dream, rite? ;-)

Urrmmm...As you can surely notice ( by looking at the date on the cupcakes ), this is definitely a much...much...MUCH backdated post! Ngeeeeeeeeeeee! Am soooooo guilty of 'neglecting' my blog :-( Well, to be honest, I don't mean to do so but busy baker me was sort of 'buried' in the kitchen under tonnes of flour these last few weeks ( or should I say months! ) and couldn't get to my lap-top fast enough to update my blog. Am soooo guilty! *sad face*

Anyway, this unique looking cupcakes was the brainchild of Ms. Tanti, a dear friend & loyal customer of mine :-) She wanted to do something different to celebrate her daughter's 1st birthday & came up with a family tree theme. What she didn't tell me was how to go about doing it *eekkkkkkkkkk!!* All I got from her was a rough idea on how she wants it to be ( plus a drawing of her family tree ) & the rest, as she sweetly say to me, 'I'll leave it up to you'...*oh dear...oh dear*

After much figuring around & some wild imagination, I finally came up with an idea of making a simple yet sweet family tree birthday cupcakes for little Ms.Tya ( that's the name of Tanti's daughter ) :-P

Tya's Pink & White Theme Family Tree Cupcakes

Ain't She The Cutest? Yup, That's Tya, The Birthday Girl

Vanilla & Choc Chips Cupcakes With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

Truthfully, the cupcakes set was quite HUGE! I could see from the look Tanti gave me when she picked up her goodies, that even she didn't expect it to be that huge *giggles*

I had to admit that it was really fun doing this project...It sort of give me a glimpse of what it would be like being in those 'DC Cupcakes' episodes...Ha! Ha! Yea...yea...Me & my dream world! *blush* On a serious note, I sincerely would like to thank Tanti & her family for trusting me to come up with such a unique goodies for dear cute Tya's birthday. It was indeed an honor to be a part of her special day :-)

Tanti, thank you for always being there to support me & this new found passion of mine. Big hugs to you sweetie!

Here's a sweet message that Tanti took the time sending to me :-)

"Sedap flavor tu! Suka sangat. Choc chips pun byk ;)"


"The flavor is delicious! Love it. The choc chips are extra as well ;)"

Till my next post ( which I hope to be soon! ), sending much love to all ✗o✗o

05 September 2012

Sweet Pink & White Wedding Cupcakes

Errrkkkkkk! I'm definitely lagging in my blog's post! Tonnes to update but time wasn't being a friend to me of late :-( Yup! Million things to do & not enough time to do it, especially when it comes to updating my blog *bummer* What's a girl to do then? Yupppp! Stay up late at this hour and just hope that her brain could function long enough to type up some tangible words here :-P

Okay, no time to babble...I'm such a chatter-box & once I start babbling, trust me, it's so hard for me to stop! Best if I just type on & concentrate on updating this post of mine :-P

I recently had the honor of making these wedding cupcakes for dear Ms. Masni from Kuala Lumpur. Her order actually came in during one of my crazy baking time & at first I was worried that I couldn't come up with her goodies on time. Luckily for me, Masni was willing to work out her timetable and gave me some extra time to work on her goodies. She even agreed to collect her goodies at night time :-P Yup! For a novice baker like me, who's still struggling to find her footing when it comes to preparing goodies, every little second means a lot! So yes, those extra time Masni gave me, means the world to me! :-)

Here's a peep on the goodies that I've created for Masni...Apologize for the not so clear photos as it was taken during night time & the lighting didn't really help :-( Plus, the photo was taken using one of my 'not-so-fancy' camera as my 'fancier' camera was actually half way across the country with hubby dearly who was on a business trip :-P 

Pink & White Themed Wedding Cupcakes

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache & Fondant Deco

My Impromptu 'Create-My-Own-Flower' :-P

To my dear Masni, my sincere thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to create your goodies...Most of all, thank you for your understanding, patience & support! Appreciate it dearly :-) Much love to you dear...

Uh-uh! Think my brain's half asleep now coz suddenly I'm running out of idea! Can't even think straight now :-P Guess I better get my beauty sleep. Wouldn't want to wake up and being a grouchy hag later :-P

Thanks all for reading thru my ramblings :-) Wishing all a nighty nite & sweet dreams...Till my next post, hugs to each & every one! ✗o✗o

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