31 January 2012

All About Cookies

Hhmmm...Feels like it's been ages since I update my blog! Sorry goodies lover :-( Mama goodies has been super duper busy of late, rushing out tonnes of goody orders :-P I'm in between orders now & thought I'll grab the moment to pen down ( or should I say, type up? ) something ;-)

Today, it's gonna be all about cookies! Cookies...Boy! I sure love eating them! As far as I can remember, I've been a cookie junkie ever since my childhood years :-P I guess it started with all those ginger snap cookies my parents love to stock up in the kitchen as I was growing up :-P

Being a cookie lover, I usually purchased my cookies from the supermarkets. Yeah, all those Arnott's, Kjeldsens's & Pepperidge Farm's were my choices of cookies...But that was before I discovered my passion for baking :-P Now, ever since I discovered that I can bake ( a fact that I, myself still can't belief! ha..ha...*still pinching myself!* ), I'm just crazy over my home baked cookies. There's nothing yummier than a fresh home baked cookies, especially when it's hot from the oven :-) 

I've been receiving a lot of request from my friends & followers via my Facebook & Emails, asking me for a list of my cookies that is available for purchase...So here it is ;-)

Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies

An all time favourite of my family & close friends, this cookie is a very chocolaty goodies. A crunchy chocolate cookie with strips of white chocolate. A must for all chocolate lovers!

Chocolate Chips & Pecan Cookies

Another one of my family's favorite :-) A crispy chocolaty cookie with loads of pecans & chocolate chips.

Golden Cinnamon Cookies

A different twist from the normal sweet cookies, this cookie is rich in spice. It's texture is similar to those ginger snaps cookies. A supreme treat for cinnamon lovers!

Peanut Butter Cookies

A recipe I especially created for my peanut butter lover honey bunny :-P Yup! It's full of peanut butter taste & not to mention loads of crunchy peanuts. It's like licking a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter, only it's in a cookie form :-P

Rock Cookies

A chocolaty cookie with an irresistible crunchy sugar topping. Another must for chocolate lovers!

Honey Cornflake Cookies

An addictive mixture of crunchy cornflakes with loads of peanuts & almond slivers coated with caramelized honey.

Butter Cookies 

A crunchy & buttery cookies with various flavours to choose from - vanilla, lemon, orange or chocolate. I usually use this cookie recipe for all my fancy cookies order :-)

Ginger Cookies

A richly spiced ginger cookies for all the ginger lovers! I also use this cookie recipe for my fancy cookies order :-)

There are just so much more cookie recipes I wish to whip up...Unfortunately the time is quite envious of me & have yet to grant me some free time for me to play dough ;-) I'll keep you posted whenever I come up with new cookies flavour ;-)

Till then, have a cookielicious day all!

10 January 2012

Congratulations To My 17,000th Blog Visitor!

Image Taken From The Wide World Of Web

My new year is really starting out great!

I just received an email from Ms. Maz Aznee stating that she's my lucky 17,000th blog's visitor! Wow! My blog's have received that many visitors?!! I didn't even noticed it! :-P What wonderful news this is to me! *glee*

Congratulations Maz Aznee! Thank you sooooooo much for being such an ardent follower of my blog. I am sincerely grateful for the love & support you've rendered me with all these while. Hugs!

Maz Aznee's 'Print Screen' Proof

Maz dear, I'm just so excited & can't wait to bake your winning goodies, which definitely will be from one of my prized recipes :-) 

My sincere thanks again to all that have supported me all these while & I do hope I'll get to meet my next lucky blog visitor soon :-) To those who's new with my blog, you can read on how to be the next Ritz Passion's lucky blog visitor here.

Much love to all!

Welcoming The Year 2012

Image Taken From The Wide World Of Web

Wowwwww! How fast time can fly by! Day in & day out, without realizing it, we are now entering the second week of the year 2012 already...

The new year starts of with a hectic baking time for me & I didn't manage to sit down long enough to type up my new year wishes to all my goodies lovers...I hope it's not too late to send each & every one of you a very 'Happy New Year 2012'!

The year 2011 has indeed been a great year for me & there are just so many things that I'm thankful for...I'm thankful for all the support & love rendered to me by all my family, friends, customers, loyal supporters & followers...I'm thankful for all the new clients & followers that came my way, be it via my blog, Email, Facebook or Twitters. I'm thankful for all the great cake artists that I have the honour of knowing through their blogs & Facebook accounts. I'm thankful for all the great things mentioned & highlighted about my goodies by all the bloggers & web-owners out there, be it locally or internationally...I'm thankful for all the encouragement & well wishes offered to me by all of you through-out the year 2011...Most of all, I'm thankful to Allah Almighty for blessing me with such great health, wisdom & patience to continue with my journey in this passion of mine. It was indeed a great year for me & I thank you all!

I pray with this coming year of 2012, each one of you will be blessed with much love, good health & lots of happiness. Hopefully you'll get to fulfil your new year's resolution as well ;-)

What's my new year's resolution? Why, to make more yummylicious goodies of course! :-P And to learn more of those cake decorating skills & tricks, which I know I still have tonnessssssssss to learn :-P

Sending much love to all & a Happy New Year! Hugs!

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