21 June 2011

Attacked By The Killer Technology!

Image Taken From The Wide World Of Web...I Simply Love Their Clips!

The darkest of cloud came to my shore recently...I could feel the malice that comes with it, haunting me...Hrmmm, how's that for my intro?...Yeah, I'm in my major drama queen moment! If you had gone through what I went through last week, I'm sure you'll be having the same sentiment :-P

Technology, whom I believe was supposed to make life easier, was my main nemesis the whole of last week...Heck! I think I'm still sore with it this week :-P Not sure what it has against me but technology sure 'attacked' me with a vengeance recently :-( First my laptop simply crashed ( much to my dismay! ) as I was goggling a project I was working on...I was pretty sure I'll be okay at first as I did back ups for my folders, only to realize later on that all folders were intact, except for my photo folders! All my photos ( yup! I meant ALL! ) including those of my goodies ( plus those I haven't uploaded to my blog! ) went missing! Despite my swollen eyes ( yup! drama queen cried her eyes out okay! ) for the past few days & various attempts by my darlings, it simply couldn't be recovered :'(

I really can't describe how it felt like, losing all those photos...It's just so frustrating as those photos were simply priceless to me, especially all those photos of my goodies. Some were even photos of my 1st trials goodies such like the Burger Cake, House Cake & a lot more cupcakes...*sobs*

Oh! It didn't stop there...As if it's not enough to make my life a total chaos, technology went a bit further by 'attacking' my mobile phone! Yup! It too went haywire & is now at the service centre for some TLC...Sigh! Not having a mobile phone is nearly the same as being stranded in the jungle - ALONE! *drama queen moment!*

Anyway, on a serious note, I am sending out my sincere apologies to all my friends & customers whose goodies photos were lost during my 'attacked by the killer technology' moment :-( Extra apologies to those goodies order I did not managed to upload to my blog :'( I do hope you managed to snap some photos of it for your personal keepsake...

To be honest, part of me is wishing that this is all a nightmare...That I'll wake up soon & my photos are all there :-P No such luck & I've pinched myself sore!

I'll leave this post with a few photos of the cupcakes which I did for Suraya & Maini. It's a gift for their cousin's engagement recently. These were taken from another one of their cousin's, Intan Norzalizawati, Facebook account. I'm looking forward to receive more photos from Suraya & when I do, I'll definitely share it here ;-)

My Cupcakes As Part Of The Engagement Gifts

Engagement Cupcakes - Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes
With Lemon Cream Cheese & Fondant/Sugarpaste Flowers Deco

To Suraya & Maini, what else can I say other than my sincere thanks for all your support & love! You have been one of the strong force behind Ritz Passion & I thank you from the bottom of my heart...Keep the love coming kay :-)

To the newly engaged, Fazira & "Jebat", my congratulations to you both :-) May your coming days be filled with lots more love & happiness from each other :-)

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