14 June 2011

Candylicious Cupcakes

It always amazes me what one can learn from a child.....One thing I always tell myself, never brush aside a child's idea, no matter how bizarre it seems :-) I learnt one such lesson when my dear BFF, Rozie, called me up & told me of her daughter's, Myra, special request for her birthday cupcakes :-)

Here's what Myra wanted in her cupcakes - lots & lots of chocolate, candies & marshmallows. Not forgetting a lollipop to go with each cupcake :-P Myra even hand-picked her choices of candies & marshmallows :-) My 1st initial thought was, 'Oh dear! I wonder how that's gonna taste like' :-P

Thankfully I was given some ample time to come up with a new flavor for Myra's birthday cupcakes :-) Boy! I do love it when I get to play around with recipes :-P After several trial & error, I finally came up with the perfect cupcake flavor ;-) A vanilla buttercake as a cake base with splashes of colors in it...Something I'm sure kids will be delighted to see in their cupcakes :-) I then top it up with a layer of chocolate ganache & finally decorate it as per Myra's wish - lots of gummy candies, Skittles, marshmallows & a lollipop :-) Truth be told, I loveeeee the taste! :-P It just reminds me so much of my childhood, you know those times when you're just so crazy over candies & chocolates ;-) Myra, you're such a genius! :-)

Candylicious Cupcakes Inspired By Myra

Vanilla Buttercake With Chocolate Ganache Frosting &
Topped With Loads Of Gummy Candies, Skittles, Marshmallows & Lollipops

A Child's Dream Cupcakes...

A Nice Burst Of Colors I'm Sure Kids Will Be Crazy About :-)

Hopefully I'll Bring A Smile To A Kid's Face With These Little Wonders ;-)

I have to admit that this is one project that I've enjoyed making :-) Makes me feel anything is possible where cupcakes are concerned :-) Extra special as I'm making it for my dear god-daughter, Myra...She's such a joy to be with, all cheeky & so lovable! Muahhhhhh! Love you sweetie!

To my dear Rozie, thank you so much for choosing me to make Myra's dream cupcakes a reality. I'm so humbled by your trust & confidence :-) Much love to you dear!

To my angel, Myra, happy birthday to you dear! Love you tonnes!

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