12 November 2011

Weird Yet Comforting

Friendly @ unfriendly...If you were to ask me which one am I, I would definitely say 'friendly' :-P Sometimes to the brink of being over-friendly! That's when you'll see me yapping away! He...he...he... :-P Something about meeting people just thrills me, though I'm not sure if the other party feels the same when meeting me :-P *blush* Yes, I love meeting up with people & making new friends. A fact that I'm so very sure those who have met me will vouch for :-P

Meeting new people is like an adventurous experience to me & I simply love ( love...love...love! ) the process. I've met various kind of people throughout my venture in cake baking...Some are very shy and it usually took me some time to break the ice :-P Some are reserved and makes me feel like I'm standing in front of a teacher when I did something bad *lol* Some are as friendly as I am & we would just hit it off, like two pods in a pea :-) How or who ever they are, I love them all & we usually end up as friends, much to me delight!


I've never experience something which I did with Dida...Never had we known each other before this & she was only introduced to me by her cousin via word of mouth, thanks to my Red Velvet cake ;-) The first time Dida contacted me was through my Facebook account, when she commissioned me to make her a Red Velvet cake for her hubby's birthday. 

As you all know, I always get nervous when making goodies for new customers *blush* I have to admit that I was pretty jittery yet excited about meeting Dida for the 1st time. Then the weirdest thing happened....You know how when you meet new people, you'll usually reserve yourself first ( as in my case, I did not want to scare the person away...he...he... ). You'll start by making small talks & gradually start to get to know the other person, right? Well, not in my case with Dida! The moment we met each other, we were like two lost sisters who just found each other! Honest to goodness, I felt like I've known her for ages & the funny thing is, I've never even met her before this! It's just so weird yet very comforting :-) So excited were we about meeting each other that we even shared a bear hug(ssssss)! *lol* Till this date, I'm still figuring out what made us hit it off immediately :-P Whatever it is, I'm not going to dwell into it...Instead, I'm just happy I found a friend in Dida :-)

Dida, it was & still is a pleasure meeting your acquaintance :-) I'm just so blessed to be able to call you my friend :-) Meeting up with you is always something I look forward to *word!* ( Yes, Dida is now a die-hard fan of my Red Velvet Cake! Yeayyyyyyyy! ) Much love to you dear!

Red Velvet Cake With Lemon Cream Cheese Frostings

 Dida's Gift For Hubby Dearie 

♥♥♥ Last but not least, a sincere note to all....Each & every one of you is a gem in my life & I love you all :-) From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your friendship :-x Hugssssssss! ♥♥♥

♥ Message from Dida 

"All of my guests 'tergila-gila' kan ur Red Velvet Cake. Sampai I kena sorrokkan kek tu sikit. Hahahahahaha!! Yang ada kencing manis pun boleh terlupa kejap. Ur cake memang classss!!"


"All of my guests went 'crazy' over your Red Velvet Cake. I had to actually hide & save some of the cake. Hahahahahaha!! Even those with diabetic seemed to forgot all about their condition. Your cake is indeed classy!!"

P/S : Honestly, this is the most memorable message I've ever received by far! I remembered laughing out so loud when I read it :-P It's just so plain funny & yet so sweet :-) Thanks Dida for sending me such a cheerful message :-) Muahhhhh!!

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