18 November 2011

Practice...Practice...& Practice!

Speechless ( serious, I was just lost for words! )...

Jaw dropping ( my jaw spent most of the time being on the floor, literally! )...

Over the top excitement ( and I mean, REALLY over the top excitement! )...

Yup! That pretty much sums up what I'm feeling for the past few days. Thanks to the magic of internet & Facebook, I had spent most of my time admiring the work of so many great cake artist/maker from all around the world. I was even blessed with the opportunity of making friends with some of them, much to my delight! A big thing when you're a newbie like me *glee*

Honestly, I just can't find the word that best describe their talent other than EXCEPTIONAL! Their goodies are just sooooooooooo incredibly superb that I can't help feeling envious ( in a good way of course! ) of their skills. It's just awesome! Heck! Even thinking of their goodies now STILL leave me speechless!

I would really, really, REALLY love to be able to make such beautiful goodies like them. Yet being a newbie in cake decorating, I know I still have a longgggggggggggggg way to go before I even have half of their talent :-P As the saying goes, practice makes perfect & I guess that's where I'll start ;-) Practice...practice....& lots of practice ;-) Wish me luck!

Practising On My Rose Swirls :-P

Made This Red Velvet Cake Just So I Have An Excuse To Practice My Icing Skills :-P

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  1. absolutely beautiful cake. The practice obviously paid off!


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