08 March 2012

New Things To Learn

Boy! Do I have tonnessssssssss of new things to learn when it comes to cake baking & decorating! I hardly finish touching base with the basic things & already new tutorials on cake baking/decorating are booming like mushrooms all over the internet :-P It's so hard to catch up when you're just a novice like me :-P Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get the chance to really finish learning all the basic things in cake baking & decorating :-P

I guess looking at all my previous goodies, one could clearly see what a true & true novice I am in this cake business *blush* Heck! Sometimes I would see works of an 11 years old in the internet & his/her work is sooooooooooooooo much elegant than mine! Infact, watching those Junior Masterchef Australia is enough to put me to shame :-P What an embarrassment! *double blush!*

Nevertheless, I'm so thankful with the little knowledge that I have...I guess it's just enough ( for now! ) to keep my passion going ;-) Honestly, what I'm most thankful for is the non-stop encouragements that my goodies lovers had been showering me through out my journey in this passion of mine...Yes, without all those love & support, I don't think I'll ever have the guts to move forward & try all the new things in cake decorating :-P

One such occasion was when I'm asked to make a cake with a cartoon character of Barney...The moment Dida told me of her cake requirements, my jaw practically dropped to the floor! :-P Yes, it may be the easiest thing to do for a much experienced baker. A piece of cake, as they might be saying but do bear in mind that I'm a novice & never did know the do's and tricks of any cake decorating :-P So how am I supposed to come up with a cake with a cartoon character on it?!! *dilemma*

I told my dilemma to Dida & had in fact suggested some edible or toys to be put as her cake's deco...Dida wouldn't hear any of it & insisted that I try my best to explore more on my cake decorating abilities. My reaction to Dida was, "Abilities? What abilities?!!" :-P In which Dida said, "Just try! Use my cake order as an experiment". So sweet of her, right? *muahhhsss to you Dida!*

Well, as much as I appreciate Dida's offer, I told her that I wouldn't feel nice if later on ( after I experimented my cartoon drawings ), her cake turns out NOT as per her expectation...And guess what sweet dear Dida said?..."It's okay, I'll accept the cake however it turns out. As long as you'll try"...

Thanks to such encouragements from Dida & so much of self's 'kick-in-the-you-know-where' moments, I finally managed to self taught myself another cake decorating method :-) Yeayyyy! Now I can scratch out another item from my 'I-need-to-learn-this' list :-P

Here's the outcome of Dida's cake, made especially for her son's birthday...

Barney Themed Birthday Cake
( Red Velvet Cake & Lemon Cream Cheese Frostings )

My 1st Ever Making A Cartoon Character :-P

Heyyy!! Stop laughing! I know it's not perfect but the important thing is that I DID try, right? *patting my own back* :-P Well, I guess I could do it better next time *wink*

To Dida...Dear, all I can say to you is THANK YOU! Thank you sooooooo much for your encouragements, for your support & most important of all for your confidence in me. For willingly giving me the chance to explore more on my cake decorating skills. I couldn't have done it without you sweetie...You are indeed the wind beneath my wings! Hugs!!

I'll end this post with a message which Dida sent me after receiving her cake :-)

"Ur cake memang superb! My son sangat teruja!! Sampai tak boleh control. Hahaha!! As usual, ur cake memang menjadi KEGILAAN & KETAGIHAN my family & guests! Harap2 bila we all ketagih lagi, u sudi buatkan"


"Your cake is indeed superb! My son was so excited that he's uncontrollable. Hahaha! As usual, my family & guests went crazy & addicted to your cake! Hopefully the next time we crave for your cake, you are willing to make it for us again"

Ain't that the sweetest message one could receive? :-) Thanks Dida! *a big smile on my face*

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