03 April 2012

Buried Under Layers Of Flour :-P

I know...I know! It has been AGES since I last blog about my goodies endeavour :-P My apologies to my goodies lovers for being M.I.A ( Missing In Action )...Not that I've jilted you but yours truly had literally been 'buried under layers of flour' :-P Yup, I truly was swarmed to the neck with goodies orders of late & only today managed to break free! I'm sooooooooo grabbing this little free time that I have to update you on my goodies news before my next order wave :-)

Today's goodies news has a special place in my heart...It's a cake order which I received from one of my bestie's brother, who's staying all the way in Malacca ( some 2 hours away from my place! ). Yes, my goodies are going places ( and leaving me behind! ) :-P Yeayyyyy! A huge mile-stone for me knowing that my goodies is working it's magic outside of Kuala Lumpur :-) *bliss*

Azrain, whom I had the opportunity to meet during one of my holidays in Malacca, sent in his request via my Facebook account. Oh! Talking about Facebook, just a quick shout-out to Rose Villa Holiday Homes :-) Yes, Azrain is the owner of this wonderful home-stay & if ever you're heading to Malacca, do give him a buzz. He's such a great guy & his home-stay are really a nice place to stay *highly recommended*

Anyway, back to Azrain's goodies...Azrain request was for a race/sport car theme birthday cake, a cake which he would like to present his son, Hariss, with on his special day. To tell you honestly, I was pretty nervous when I received this order *nail biting* My mind was thinking all sorts of things - how to make sure my cake will stand the journey...what deco is suitable for a boy...how do I go about creating car theme birthday cake...yada...yada...But what concern me the most was, how do I make sure that Azrain & family will enjoy the cake, not to mention having to make sure that the birthday boy love it! :-P It's pretty nerve-wrecking as Azrain gave me all the freedom from choosing the cake flavour, the fillings & frostings to the cake decoration...

After much thought & consideration, I finally decided to bake Azrain a Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Chips Filling & Vanilla Buttercream...Nothing could go wrong with vanilla & chocolates, right? :-P

And here's the cake which I did...

Race/Sport Car Theme Birthday Cake

Practically Went To Several Toy Shops Just To Find The Right Car :-P

Vanilla Cake With Chocolate Chips Fillings & Vanilla Buttercream

Happy Birthday Hariss!
Hope You Had A Blast On Your Special Day :-)

Yup! My Buttercream Gave Me It's Tantrum On That Particular Day...
No Matter What I Did, It Just Won't Go Smooth *Sigh!* :-P

To Azrain & family, thank you so much for choosing my goodies to grace your son's special day. It is indeed  an honour to bake for you & I sincerely hope that you've enjoyed the cake :-) Hope Hariss love it as well ;-)

To my goodies lovers, boy, do I have tonnesssssssssssssss of goodies stories to tell you about! I just hope I'm able to 'steal' some time to tell you about it :-)

Till next time, sending much love & have a goodylicious day to all  ✗o✗o

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