07 March 2012

Give-Away Alert!

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Yes, it's so true that I haven't been around here lately to update my goodies news :-( Been buried under layers of flour & I couldn't free myself long enough to update my post here :-P

However, no matter how busy I am, my heart is always with you, my goodies lovers So much so that while I was busy baking & rushing out my orders recently, an idea came to mind...Yes, I've decided to have a give-away contest. Yeayyyy!

It has been a long time dream of mine to share some of my favourite things with my goodies lovers but due to time constraint & unpredictable baking schedules, I've been postponing it far tooooooo long! Decided that it's been wayyyyyyyy to long, so here I am announcing it ;-)

There's a catch though for you to be able to win yourself my give-away...*Yup! Who says it's easy to get free goodies!* :-P

The catch - you will have to be a 'Liker' of my page, Ritz Passion to be eligible for the give-away contest. Easy peasy!

So head on to my page & check out the give-away contest updates as I will be running the contest from my page ;-)

Part Of The Give-Away :-)

Some ( yes! there's more! ) of my favourite things & what you'll stand to win ;-)

♥ From My Ultimate & All Time Favourite Store a.k.a My 2nd Home, Ikea - A Set Of Whisk & Spatula 

♥ From My Favourite Book Store , MPH - Easy Baking Cookbook 

♥ From My Favourite Supermarket, Cold Storage - Fackelmann Brand Muffin Pan 

You know how sometimes good news is always followed by bad news?...Ermmm, well, this is one of those times :-P

Sad to inform that the give-away contest is only applicable for those staying in Malaysia only *glum face* My sincerest apologies to all my oversea's goodies lovers for not being able to share my favourite things with you. As much as I would love to, I found out that the cost of shipping my gifts overseas are wayyyyyyyy so much more than the cost of all the items in my give-away basket :-P Sorry my dear sweeties! Maybe next time I can think up of another give-away that includes you ;-)

Hope this news of mine will bring some happiness & smiles your way ;-) Much love to all! ✗o✗o

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