08 October 2015

Button Fun Cupcakes

How do you create a birthday cupcakes for someone who's happy-go-lucky, jovial, fun & above all, a sweet kind of person? 

I was actually wrecking my brain trying to find the best design to truly reflect this sweet little lady when suddenly it hit me! Why not go for something that's sweet & fun, just like Ms. Haley herself :-) So I decided to come up with these button crazy cupcakes for her :-)

Sincere thanks to Ms. Syikin for giving me total freedom in creating the goodies design & for allowing me to go crazy :-P It meant a lot to me that you trusted me enough to come up with your special order. Thanks so much for your continuous support dear *flying kisses*

To Ms. Haley, I hope you've enjoyed your cupcakes, which I've specifically designed for you :-) Big hugs to you sweetie! ✗o✗o

Owhhh! Here's some photo of her birthday celebration which Haley graciously share with us :-) Thanks for sharing dear!

Hope you've enjoyed my post & till the next one ( soon I hope! ), sending loads of love to all! ✗o✗o

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