25 May 2011

Profession Of Love

Yup! I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyy behind on my blog's post :-( My apologies as I've been super duper busy of late. Not that I'm complaining as I get to bake lots of goodies during those hectic times :-) Loving those moments! It's just that I REALLY need to catch up on my blog's posts! Ngeeeeeeeee!

Talking about goodies, it is always an honor when my goodies were chosen to celebrate special occasions, especially when it is used to convey/profess someone's love for one another :-)

I'm such a sucker ( always was & always will! ) when it comes to love/romance, hence it was a great pleasure baking Didie's cupcakes in conjunction with her 'Love Anniversary' with darling fiancée, Faisal. Didie wanted to surprise Faisal & opted her goodies to be delivered to Faisal's office on that special day :-) Her order was for a set of Chocolate Moist cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache & edible logo of 'The Zon'. I was a bit curious on 'The Zon' edible request but Didie lovingly informed me that the place has a special meaning to them. Sweettttttttttttt! :-)

Oh! By the way, don't get confused with the dates on the cupcakes :-) It's not that this post was wayyyyyyyy outdated :-P The date actually represent the day Didi & Faisal's first fell in love :-)

A Gift Of Love From Didie To Faisal

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Chocolate Ganache & Buttercream Frosting

Cupcakes With Edible 'The Zon' Logo

'Love Anniversary' Cupcakes Delivered To Faisal

To Didie & Faisal, 'Happy Love Anniversary' to both of you :-) May all your days together be filled with lots of love & happiness!

A personal note to Didie, it was such a pleasure knowing you dear & thank you so much for choosing Ritz Passion goodies to celebrate your special day :-) Wishing you much happiness! Hugs!

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