08 March 2010

Fancy Cookies

Fancy Cookies? What's so fancy about it?...Well, it's actually a new twist from my Gingerbread Man cookies. I'm diversifying my gingerbread cookies to some other flavoring such like plain butter cookies, chocolate, orange, vanilla & lemon. The birth of this idea actually came from a former colleague & a dear friend Ira...Thanks Ira for daring me to try something new with my cookies ;-)

Ira called me recently and wanted to order some gingerbread cookies without the ginger! Ha..ha...According to her, she loves the shape of my gingerbread man cookies but she's not too keen of ginger taste in a cookie. Hence she requested that I bake her butter cookies instead. And she wants it chocolaty!!...

Remembering the time we spent together at our former office, I know how much Ira lovesssssssssssssss her butter cookies! Each time we went out for lunch, we would always purchase some...The look on Ira's face each time she had her cookies - PRICELESS!!! Naturally I was quite jittery about this order of hers.  Of course I want to give her the best cookies I can ever bake!!

Here are some photos of Ira's order...I pray that she loves it as much as I love baking it for her ;-)

Chocolaty Fancy Cookies


                               Ben 10

                                                                                                                      Fancy Cookies


  1. Duhai kak rita, kiranya benarkah cookies ben10 ini saiznya kecil sedikit dari mr ballack? Jika jawapan anda ya, jadi saya ingin menempah utk wedding kawan saya itu. perisanya, chocolate. deconya 'A&Z 12.06.2010'. Jadinya saya ingin bertanya, sekiranya terdapat icing di bawah tulisan tersebut, berapakah perbezaan harga kasar dalam negeri? hehe-dila-

  2. Hi Dila...Thx 4 yr note. Will definitely contact you to discuss all d details kay ;-)


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