23 March 2010

Heartfelt Thanks!

Yes, it had been quite a hectic week for me...Orders to fulfill & new recipes to try out ;-) Nevertheless, I've thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my baking time...Love it...Love it!!! Thanks to my dear friends for all the orders....Muah! Muah!!!

My sincere thanks to my three 'sisters', Ms. Fran ( aka Yong ), Ms. A & Ms. D for their numerous brownies & cookies order. Your support means soooooooooo much to me!! Thanks sisters! Here are the brownies which they ordered for their dad's 60th birthday & cookies for them to munch on...

Almond Brownies

Peanut Butter Cookies ( left ) & Chocolate Chip Cookies( right )

              Peanut Butter Cookies

My thanks also goes to Ms. SA & her darling hubby, Mr. M for their continuous supports & their repeat orders....I sure hope they like my new recipe for the Moist Chocolate Cake...I had so much fun decorating the cake with loads of chocolatessssssss!! A bliss for chocolate lovers ;-) Owh! A note though, please pardon my writing skills on the cakes...I have to admit it sure looks like a child's writing!! I sure need to practice...practice...and practice...Another reason for me to play with those icings...He...he...he...

                                                                                                                            Moist Chocolate Cake

Another order by Ms. SA was a Strawberry Cheesecake to celebrate her niece's excellent SPM result...

                   Strawberry Cheesecake

I would also like to convey my thanks to Ms. Gee for her repeat order of the fancy Chocolate Cookies People. I sure hope her kids gonna love it :-P

To Ms. RS, who is a first timer ordering my products, thank you for your orders of the Almond & Marshmallow Brownies....And not forgetting your orders for the frozen popia...I pray that you enjoyed every bite of it ;-)

I would love to ramble more but I better get some sleep as I've another cake cuppies to bake tomorrow ( or should I say today since it's 4:28am now!! )...Till next post, have a great day everyone!!

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