15 September 2013

Every Day Is A Learning Process

Yes, the title above is actually my life's mantra...Every day is indeed a learning process for me. It really amazes me at just how many new things I can learn in a day! The learning process never stops for me - ever! From something complicated like the meaning of life ( am still wondering the answer to it though ) to something simple like I can actually use baking soda as a cleaning solution to clean stuffs :-P

Every day when I wake up from my beauty sleep, the first thing that will cross my mind is "what will I learn today?"...I'm just like a kid when I find new things to learn, especially when it comes to my passion - baking! I get all excited & at times I'll giggle non-stop! Really!

I was sort of that way recently when my dear friend, Edura, requested for some Elmo & Cookie Monster themed cookies :-P Mind you, fancy cookie making is sort of new to me. I think I do pretty well with cut cookies, you know those type of cookies that is cut out using cookie cutters. But cookie cutter patterns can be pretty basic & there really is not much choice available here. So it was quite impossible for me to find cookie cutters in the shape of Elmo & Cookie Monster.

Now, this is when I get to learn new things :-) Yup, after much googling ( there is such a word, right? ), I learned that I can pretty much create my own cookie cutters! Yipeee!

So here's the outcome of my "free-style" cookies :-P Do bear in mind that it's my first time trying this out so it looked pretty rough *guilty!* Hhhmmmm, with more practice & time, I'm sure I'll be able to master it ( hopefully! ) :-P

Chocolate Butter Cookies With Elmo & Cookie Monster Theme

Together with the cookies, Edura also requested for this Nuts 'Bout Nutella Cake :-)

Basic Nuts 'Bout Nutella Cake

To my dear Edura, thank you so much for trusting & allowing me to try out new things :-) Your support means the world to me! Thank you & I do hope that you've enjoyed the goodies. Big hugs to you my dear!

To my readers, remember, every day is a learning process. Bask & accept all the knowledge as it is precious!

Thank you for reading my post & much love to all! ✗o✗o

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