21 December 2010

Confession Of A Novice Baker

Yes, I am a novice...A fact that I cannot hide when it comes to cake baking & decorating :-P So...so novice am I in this trade that I've never even attended any cake making or decorating classes! That's truly how 'green' I am! *blushing*

Nevertheless, my lack of talent & experiences have never stopped me from pursuing my love & passion for cake baking & decorating ( which honestly was only discovered recently! ) :-P I loved it when I get to play dough & experiment with all my baking tools :-P Though I have to admit that I do not know how to use half of the tools that I have in my storage! Ha...ha...

All the goodies that you've seen in my blog was honestly done out of my 'do-or-die' motto :-P A motto that I always use in challenging myself :-P

I greatly admire the work of all those talented cake artists & decorators, namely Peggy Porschen, Carol Deacon, Alan Dunn and many more...Their talent in turning a simple cake into such elegant & beautiful edible creations never ceased to amaze me...It just took my breath away each time I look at their hand-work...Gosh! If only I'm blessed with half of their talent *sighing*

I was looking through some gorgeous mini cake photos in the internet recently when I was suddenly hit by another one of my 'do-or-die' attack! :-P I just couldn't shake off the urge & after daysssssssssssss of 'psyching' myself up, I finally relented & talked myself into making mini cakes :-P

Here are my "I-didn't-go-to-class-yet-still-want-to-try" mini cakes...A warning though, IT IS my very first attempt at doing mini cakes, so please don't laugh okay ;-)

Mini Cakes ( Flavor : American Carrot Cake ) 

Trying My Hands At Doing Several Mini Cake Decorations

Was Trying To Create The 'Lace' Pattern Trimmings :-P

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