07 December 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Aliya & Alisa!

I've always loved it when I received new clients & orders :-) My heart couldn't resist a little flutter each time it happened...Not only do I get to share my baking products, but it also gives me an excuse to 'play dough' & expand my imagination in creating the goodies...

I recently received a call from Sheena who wishes to order cupcakes for her darling daughter, Aliya's birthday...Aliya is turning 9 years old & according to Sheena, Aliya loves the color pink & blue...Sheena also requested that I put two names on the cupcakes as Aliya will be celebrating her special day with her best friend, Alisa ( Ain't that so sweet! )...

While taking down Sheena's order details, my mind was already running wild thinking of all the decorations that I'm going to do for Aliya's birthday cake cuppies ;-) I couldn't help flashing back & remembering the times when I was at that age...Oh! How I love birthdays during that age! I still do, though I don't enjoy blowing out the ever growing candles on my cakes :-P

Sheena's order was for a Vanilla with Strawberry Fillings Cupcakes & Cream Cheese Frosting...I was feeling like a kid when I did Aliya's cupcakes & here was the result :-P

Vanilla With Strawberry Fillings & Cream Cheese Frosting Birthday Cake Cuppies

Pink & Blue Theme Decorations

One Of My Childhood's Best Memories - Lollipop! :-)

Hope Aliya & Alisa Enjoyed The Lollipops :-P

I can't truly describe what a joy it was for me baking & decorating Aliya's birthday cake cuppies...It brought back soooooooo many sweet memories :-) I do hope this cupcakes will bring sweet memories to Aliya & Alisa as well :-)

To Sheena, I'm truly humbled that you've choosen Ritz Passion's goodies to grace Aliya's special day...My sincere thank you & I do hope you've enjoyed the cupcakes :-)

To sweet Aliya & Alisa, a warm birthday hugs to the both of you! Hopefully you've enjoyed the cupcakes as much as I've enjoyed baking it for you :-x

Happy 9th Birthday Sweet Aliya & Alisa!

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