14 July 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Umaira!

July seemed to be the month for birthday celebrations for most of my god-daughters...

Time sure flies by so fast & my 'kids' are practically growing up like the speed of light!! Which also means that I'm getting old like the speed of light!! Bahhh!! :-P Well, as people say 'Age is just a number', rite? I strongly agree with that quote!! Ha...ha...ha....

Umaira, my sweet god-daughter recently celebrated her 10th birthday...She may be 10 years old but she is so matured for her age!!! Each of our conversation always end up with tonnes of laughter!! Gosh, I simply adore her!! My favorite part about her is her smile....I love seeing her smile!! It just brightens up my day every time she throws me that big smile of hers!!!

To celebrate her special day, her mum, which is my very close friend, RS, ordered some cupcakes to add into her birthday menu...RS request was for a simple purple & pink coloured mini vanilla with butter cream  frosting cupcakes but  since it's my god-daughter's special day, I decided to do something special for her & 'upgraded' it :-P I even add in a special cupcake flavor....

Vanilla & Strawberry Jam With Butter Cream Frosting

Vanilla & Cream Cheese Frosting

To RS, thank you so much for your order...Congratulations too on your new born baby boy, Aydin...Yeay!!! Another god-son for me ;-)

To my sweet Umaira, Happy 10th Birthday Sweetie...All my love & kisses for you....Muahhhhh!!!

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