27 December 2010

His & Hers Engagement Gifts

I was so excited yet at the same time scared when I received this order from a lovely couple, Rexxa & Dilla...Their order thrilled me as I get to 'play' with more of my newly purchased baking tools :-P It also had my tummy tied in knots as not only will my goodies be part of their engagement gifts, but it is also my first time ( ever! ) baking for a Chef! Yes, Rexxa is a Chef attached to one of the prominent hotels in Singapore & when he sent me his email telling me of his intention, my jaw practically dropped to the floor! Me, a novice baker baking for a Chef?!!! I had to re-read my email several times just to make sure I got it right! He..he...

Rexxa told me that he wishes to order both his & Dilla's engagement gifts from me as they love what they saw in my blog...I admit that it was such an honor hearing that from Rexxa & Dilla...Nevertheless, it didn't help to put my mind at ease when they insisted that I do their engagement goodies :-P I was straight-out honest with Rexxa, saying that I am REALLY a novice baker & wonder if he might want to re-consider ordering from me...Not that I don't want to take their order, but again, me baking for a Chef? I somehow felt as though Ramsay Gordon is breathing down my neck ( seriously! )...He..He...

After much 'pep' talk from Rexxa & Dilla, not forgetting Rexxa coming all the way to Kuala Lumpur to see me & discuss on his order, I put on a 'brave' face & accepted their orders ( not without tonnes of warnings to them though! )...He..He...

For Rexxa's side, he wished to present Dilla with a set of cupcakes, decorated in red & gold...

Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting & Fondant Deco

The Groom-To-Be

Red & Gold Themed Cupcakes

As for Dilla's side, she wanted something different & opted for my new product, mini cakes...Her theme color was light blue & silver...

American Carrot Cake Flavored Mini Cakes With Cream Cheese & Fondant Deco

Love The Wordings On These Mini Cakes - Rexxa Loves Dilla :-)

The Bride-To-Be

To Rexxa & Dilla, my utmost gratitude for your support & confidence in me...It's such an honor being able to bake for the both of you & to be part of your special day...I do pray that the goodies turned out as good as what you have expected it to be ;-) 

Thank you once again & my sincere congratulations on your engagement, Rexxa & Dilla!


  1. haha!! that is really great articles bout mine..anyway ur cupcakes is extremely more than what I expected bfore...as a novice I dont think this cupcake is made with a novice skill but my cupcake is made with super higher detailed from a great colour,great wording to a great taste....what I can wrote down here is,I seen more and more cupcake produce in france continent where I was trained before by my pastry chef,across europe and japan..but I really love to give a compliments to k.rita that you stand as same level as any pastry chef that I am meet before...so what I can tell you..you done your job well and extremely marvellous....thank for your articles and make sure that you are really and well trained,mastering in technique for another storm to come down and knock your door..bcause I am set my mind up..to order around thousand pieces for my wedding!!!! until next articles....bye!!!!!

  2. Chef Rexxa, I'm totally speechless reading this comment of yours...For you to put me as the same level as any other pastry chef you've met before is beyond my imagination! I do have tonnessssss of skill to master ;-) Nevertheless, I'm just grateful that u have liked & enjoyed the goodies I've baked for you...My sincere gratitude for your encouragements & support & I look forward to baking more goodies for you ;-)


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