10 November 2014


When I first met this bubbly group of gals, the first thing that struck me was how wonderful their friendship is :-) And I just love that about them! They share everything together - laughter, joy, sadness, everything!

Friendship is one of life's greatest treasures...It is to me. It's something I value deeply. So when I was asked by these lovely gals to create a birthday surprise for one of their best friend, Syikin, I was indeed over the moon with happiness & truly honored :-)

These are the cupcakes I created especially for dear Syikin...

White & Blue Theme Birthday Cupcakes

Chocolate Moist Cupcakes With Vanilla Buttercream

And thanks to my dear Haley, I also get to share some of Syikin's beautiful moments with her besties :-)

The Sweet Birthday Gal, Syikin :-)

Am Loving The Look Of Glee On Syikin's Face - Priceless!

Syikin & Her Besties

Sweet Haley & Syikin

My sincere thanks to Haley & friends for always supporting Ritz Passion...Most of all, I wish to thank you wonderful dearies for your friendship & love ✗o✗o

Gosh! Call me sappy but I can't help but think of my dear friends while typing this post. It made me realize just how much I'm missing them. To all my dearest friends, no matter where you are, this is especially for you...

Best Kinds

The best kinds of people are warm and kind
They are always there and they never mind

The best kinds of people smile and embrace
They support you with strength and grace

The best kinds of people love and cherish

They lift you up when you're near to perish 
The best kinds of people share your joy
To laugh with you, to joke and enjoy

The best kinds of people stand up tall

No matter how hard they fall
The best kinds of people are honest and true
The best kind of person, my dear, is YOU.

Much love to all & I thank YOU for your friendship :-) It means so much to me even though we've never met & are just on-line friends. Have a lovely day all! ✗o✗o

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