21 December 2010

Creme Caramel With Vanilla Beans

Those of you who had been following my baking experience via this blog of mine, you'll know that I've recently 'cured' my phobia in using Vanilla Beans :-P Have to admit that I'm still going ga-ga over the usage of REAL Vanilla Beans! No more using essence for me ;-) To those who have missed out on reading about my new experience, do check this link to read more ;-)

As promised, here are the photos of my Creme Caramel which was infused with Vanilla Beans...It took me about 40 minutes to bake & one night to refrigerate it, yet the Creme Caramel was gulped down by three of my loved ones in a matter of 15 minutes! I kid you not!

I'm just happy that they have enjoyed it :-)

Creme Caramel With Vanilla Beans

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