19 September 2015

Hens Party Cake

*Naughty mode activated!*

Yup, that was exactly what I did upon receiving Ms. Haley & Ms. Roe's order request for a hens party cake, which they are hosting for their dear friend, Ms. Mal :-P Making naughty cakes can be so much fun...but it can also bring out the devil in me, which is a big NO-NO! Ha...ha...Like seriously, my imagination can go wayyyyyyyyyyy wild! :-P

Honestly, I was all geared up to create some XXX hens party theme cake but luckily Haley & Roe 'warned' me in advance that they wanted something 'tame' :-P I guess they know how 'crazy' I can be! *chuckles*

Anyway, after days of figuring out the 'safest' theme for the cake, I finally decided to go with a simple yet sexy bikini set ;-) Haley & Roe had earlier on requested for a shocking pink color cake with zebra's print on it so I did my best to incorporate that onto the cake :-) Here's the final outcome...

Hens Party Cake :-) 

Fudge Cake With Vanilla Buttercream
& Full Fondant Deco

It was really fun making this cake actually...Extra fun as it's my first time trying out the zebra pattern. Hope I nailed the design! :-P

My sincere thanks goes out to Haley & Roe for giving me the opportunity to create their special cake. It is always a pleasure baking for you dearies! *flying kisses* In case I haven't told you before, thank you so much for your continuous support!

Owhhh! Haley was also kind enough to share photos that was taken during the party :-) Boy! Looks like they had sooooooo much fun! Million thanks Haley for sharing with us your photos :-)

The Girls Having Fun :-)

That's it for now & I hope you've enjoyed my post :-) Till next time, big hugs to all! ✗o✗o

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