22 December 2015

Warm Fuzzy Feeling

I don't know why but it ALWAYS warms my heart each time I receive goodies orders from sons or daughters that wish to present their parents/moms/dads with a specially-made-to-order goodies :-) Just the thought of being able to make goodies for their beloved parents/moms/dads fills my heart with so much joy. A warm fuzzy feeling that fills my whole body...A feeling that I can't describe in words. Yeah, I guess I'm such a family oriented kind of gal. Family means the world to me :-)

Here's a cupcake set which I made especially for Liana's dad. She wanted to celebrate her dad's birthday & requested that I make some cupcakes with a Tiffany Blue color theme. Cupcake flavor was Orange Poppy Seeds With Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.

Liana, it was an honor being able to bake for you & your loved ones. I hope you've enjoyed the goodies :-) Thanks so much for the opportunity & for choosing my goodies!

Thanks all for dropping by & read my short post. Don't forget to make time for your family, no matter how busy you are cause we'll never know how much time we'll have with them. Enjoy every moment & cherish one another :-)

Take care & much love! ✗o✗o


  1. hi cntiknya kek.. perkongsian menarik. done follow, follow me back :)

    1. Auwww...Thanks so much for your kind words & for taking the time to visit my blog acu yuhan. Truly appreciate it! And yes, definitely will visit your blog & follow your posting :-) Thanks again & have a great day!


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