29 May 2011

Going Turquoise

For a novice baker like myself, apart from still finding my way in perfecting my cake decorating skills, mixing colors for fondant / frosting is still a feat I'm struggling with :-P I can't recall the hundredth of times I've mixed & matched my color gels to get certain color but ended up getting a totally different colour than what was intended! That's how 'erghhhhhhhhhh' my color mixing can be :-P

Sure, it's easy when one request for a yellow, red or even blue fondant deco. I'm totally happy with that...but when someone ask for such colors like maroon, aqua & in this case, turquoise, that's when my knees go weak ( out of fear! )!

Imagine then my nervousness when I received SHAR's ( she's actually ordering it on behalf of her BFF, Wan ) last minute order for an engagement cake with a turquoise color theme...Ngeeeeeeee! I literally did a quick Google search just to make sure I got the right color :-P Boy oh boy! As predicted ( me being lousy with the task! ), I went through some frantic moments adding this & that color gels into my fondant. Not an easy feat, I might add :-P Infact I think I've developed some muscles whilst kneading my fondant during those processes :-P

In the end, I'm really happy with the outcome, much more so when looking at SHAR & Wan's smiling faces when they picked up the cake :-P *patting myself on the back* :-P It's crucial to me that they like the cake as it's actually a special gift from Wan to SHAR's family. SHAR's sister is getting engaged & Wan wanted the cake to be a part of the special occasion. Sweetttttttttt!! :-)

Turquoise & White Theme Engagement Cake

Chocolate Moist Cake With Chocolate Ganache Fillings & Fondant Deco

Yup! Am Still Struggling In Perfecting My Fondant Flower Skills *blush*

To my long time customer & darling friend, SHAR, it's always great seeing you sis :-) Sure wish I could see you more often ;-) Thank you so much for your continuous support & I hope I'll be getting more from you :-) Hugs!

To my new customer, and of course my new friend, Wan...Big, big, BIG hugs to you dear! It's such a pleasure baking your cake & I sure hope you're happy with it :-)

To SHAR's sister, Ain, congratulations on your engagement! May your coming days be filled with lots of love, romance & happiness :-)

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