29 May 2011

Burger, Anyone?

A word of warning to those who's about to read this post...Please be prepared to laugh your heart out the moment you see my photos :-P Just have to warn you as it's my 1st time ( ever! ) to make such a cake *blush* I'm very sure there are so many mistakes that I've done that might tickle your funny bones :-P Don't  say I didn't warn you ;-)

Truth be told...I've always had a soft spot for dear Ira :-) I've known her for a short period, yet our friendship seemed to hit it off nicely the moment we met, which was about 3 years ago ( Gosh! How time flies! ).

Few months back, Ira contacted me & mentioned that she wished to 'book' me to do a birthday cake for her honey bunny. I have to admit that it was pretty humbling to be thought of, what more to be given the opportunity to bake for your good friend :-) Thanks so much dear!

For the first few days after Ira's order, both of us practically had to wrack our brains looking for ideas/theme for the cake...It was a challenge to 'create' the birthday boy's ( I mean man's ) cake as according to Ira, her honey bunny's not the cake type of person :-P

It was not until the last week before the actual date that Ira let slip that her honey bunny's favorite food is burger! Ira actually suggested that I make something to that effect...We were thinking of using edible photos of hamburgers for the cake when it suddenly hit me! Why not make a cake that looks like a burger instead! Making a 'burger cake' is something I've been wanting to try for quite sometime & what better time to make it for my dear friend :-) My only worry is, I've NEVER done it before! Could I pull it off?!!

Luckily for me, Ira was game & gave me the 'green light' to go ahead with my 'crazy' idea :-P

Burger Cake - My 1st Ever! :-P

Vanilla Bean Butter Cake With Vanilla Buttercream/Choc Ganache
& Fondant Deco 

Burger With All It's Trimmings :-P

Yup! That's Real Sesame Seeds :-)

Loving The Lettuce, Cheese, Cucumber & Tomatoes :-P

As nervous as I was 'creating' Ira's cake, I have to admit that I had so much fun doing it :-) Not only did I manage to strike out another item from my "to do" wish-list, I also had the opportunity to do something special for a dear friend :-)

To my dear Ira, thank you soooooooo much for trusting me enough to 'create' your special cake. Your unrelenting support & encouragement means so much to me. I am truly humbled. Hugs!


  1. you know what? i love this cake so much, the taste and look, took me a week to finish it...i ate it lil by lil after every meal..gilaa..hahaa.. its tasty..the vanilla.. not too sweet the fondant.. BRAVO.. such crafty cake. i doubt anyone can make that such real looking HUGE burger cake..hehe

  2. Such comments from you means the world to me dear! I know how picky you are when it comes to food, hence knowing you've enjoyed my goodies just makes my day :-) Thanks so much for your trust & encouragements! Muahhhhhh!


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